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Your Questions About One Day Car Insurance Uk

June 5, 2012

Joseph asks…

Can 17 year olds in UK get short term, like for one day, car insurance?

do any1 kno wer i can get car insurance for short term like 1 day or a week or something??

If yu do pleas tell me th website link. Ta.

Administrator answers:

Age 21 is the minimum for anything like that.

Maria asks…

Is it possible to buy car and leave UK in one day?

I would like to ask if its possible to buy car in UK and go abroad in the same day without problems? I’m thinking about coming to buy car in UK but i don’t want to stay there for a long time. Do i need to wait in UK for some documents or can i go home with previous owner documents. If i can, what documents previous owner should give me? I want to drive only trough UE.
What about insurance? Can i drive using previous owner insurance or have to buy new?

Administrator answers:

Yes as long as you fill in the “export” slip for the vehicle.

No you cannot use the previous owners insurance as they are not the owner once you buy it, this invalidates their insurance.

You must insure the vehicle or you are commiting a crime.. Get caught and you risk a fine, driving convictions, court, and more than likely the car will be crushed along with recent laws for uninsured/licensed vehicles.

Best bed is taking out 1 week cover insurance, most insurers will provide, but it can be a bit pricey.

Advice, dont buy a uk vehicle, you will pay a lot more than it would cost you in the rest of the EU, you will need it taxed, insured and have a valid licence to drive the vehicle even if only in the uk for a day. Chances are if you don’t you’ll get caught by any one of a hundred ANPR cameras on police vehicles around the ports of the uk when leaving, if that happens and your not perfectly legal, the car is crushed.

Helen asks…

How often Can You make a Windscreen Insurance Claim for one Vehicle in One year (UK car insurance)?

Ive just had a replacement Windscreen fitted as an insurance claim with the Norwich union. Three days later after the local Council Resurfaced a local road the Windscreen got hit by a stone thrown up by a car be driven way to fast for the newly surfaced road…the Question is How many such Windscreen Claims is you Car Insurance Company likely to Honour in any given year of fully Comprehensive Insurance. I feel a bit of a pratt Making a claim only 3 days after the first claim, but Neither of these Incidents were my fault but just accidental damage. as it is the first Claim cost me a £60 Excess payment and the next one will cost £60 just thec same…
I dont need Adverts…

Administrator answers:

Depends on your policy sometimes 3 sometimes 5 some unlimited but then next year would be limited

Sandy asks…

Do I need 1 day car insurance?

I found this site – – now I am confused. I am driving my friend to Gatwick airport in his car and then driving it home, where it will sit on my Drive until i pick him up again. I thought I would be covered by my insurance policy to drive his car third party. The site said that my insurance might no cover me as a lot of companies have dropped this type of cover. Is this true? I don’t mind taking out one day insurance but i don’t want to waste money that could be spent down the pub. Anyone know about insurance? I am with Norwich Union at the moment. Ta.
I think Katie is correct. On the insurance facts page on the same site ( it says
‘Read your insurance small print. Many companies have changed the conditions of their fully comprehensive car insurance. In some cases you are no longer insured to drive another car third party. This they say is to cut the cost of premiums. If you find out your company has done this, then at least you are at the right site and can find a company that offers 1 day insurance.’ Don’t ask why i was reading insurance facts – i am bored at home today.

Thanks Katie.

Administrator answers:

I looked at as suggested. The facts page is sort of interesting in a weird nerdy way.

Why don’t you just ring your insurance company up? It might be a bit quicker and you might get an accurate answer.

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