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February 26, 2013

Richard asks…

Wot licence have I got for completing my CBT?

I have my full uk car licence. i did my cbt and passed the other day, but when i go to get a quote on the insurance website, it says TYPE OF MOTORCYCLE LICENCE: full uk, provisional uk, moped, EC, international, what one do i select

Administrator answers:

Provisional still the CBT is only training that is required for you legally to ride on the roads, you must still display front and rear L plates.

Mark asks…

Crash on UK roundabout, what who is liable? Where do I go from here?

I was crossing a roundabout in a hire car (in the UK) no one was to my right & I could see a vehicle to my left had stopped, I then went to cross the roundabout & the vehicle to my left had pulled out. I swerved round the roundabout to try & avoid him, but he still managed to smash in to the side of the car. All my airbags went off & my GF was injured.

The hire car company are now saying I have to pay the £700 excess because (apparently) the insurance companies have decided it’s a 50/50 accident. I’ve told them I want letters from both insurance companies stating I am part liable. That’s how far it’s gone for now.

But even if the insurance companies state that I am part liable, I don’t want to pay a penny for some idiot smashing in to the side of me, would I have to go to court?

Some advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated
11 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
The only witnesses to come forward are myself my GF & the third party from the other vehicle. & although their are no other witnesses, I would have thought the damage to the two vehicles would have spoken for itself. I can’t understand how any Insurance company would just roll over so easily, when it seems a straight forward case

Administrator answers:

I am afraid you must have some independent witnesses. I once had the front wing of my car chopped by a “boy racer” on a roundabout when he came from behind and swerved across me. He claimed I had pulled out hit him. I couldn’t prove it and it was 50/50, even though I had legal cover.

Ken asks…

Can any one tell me what what should I do ……… will I get points and penalty?

a visitor from canada has driven my car and got couple of speeding tickets same day. He drove 37/39 miles/hour in a 30 mile zone thinking that it is 40 miles zone.I did enquire about his licence and insurence before leting him drive and he replied yes and I trusted. I have given his details to traffic when letter came to me. Now trafic dept saying that canadian driver licence holder can not drive in UK untill you add them in your insurance.I was unaware of this fact and the visitor .Now they have written to me that this will go in the court as this car belongs to you and you permitted him to drive and he was not insured. You will get up to 12 points and fine up to £5000/= pl advice me further.
some one saying from the dept ….. if you say that you were the drver then you will get only 6 points and 120 fine. i am confuse at one hand I have already given the name of that friend (he did not reply to trafic yet)on the other hand if I give my name for the thing which I have not committed….. it will damage my credibility??? and sound like a lier.
pl pl advice me or direct me ….. should I stick to fact or take the advice of person from the department.?

Administrator answers:

You should have looked at all possibilities before you let him drive. You say ‘…I was unaware of this fact…’ Ignorance is no defence.

Linda asks…

Offer Letter from Dacos Offshore?

I applied for a job on Naukri for a company by name Dacos Offshore – a UK based company.
Few days down the line I received an offer letter onto my mailbox with ridiculous salary figures.
In all possibilities this could be a spam. Tried googling but found no info.
Has anyone had a similar experience?

I am attaching the mail below:

With reference to your application with us, as screened and evaluated by us, Dacos Offshore Ltd are pleased to offer you a provisional appointment as Testing Engineer,We are desirous to having you work with us after this assessment by us as we see your skills as value addition to our company and our clients respectively.

We have faxed a copy to PRICOT CONSULTING IMMIGRATION SOLICITORS bearing your name.We advice that you make contact with them and process your Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number as this will enable the company (Dacos Offshore Ltd) to sponsor and provide you Visa,Works/Residence Permit Papers including your flight ticket and one month upfront salary in other for you to settle your local expense before you embark on your trip to UK as this is in regard to Uk employment law and company agreement.

It is expected that you join us as early as possible but not later than one (1) Month, beyond which the offer would be in abeyance, until a new date may be considered by us.On acceptance of this Appointment you are to submit the following referenced documents below to us:

1. One (1) Passport Size photographs

2. Job offer acceptance letter and copy of dully signed Job Contract

3. Copy of birth certificate

4. UK Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number

This Offer of Expatriate Work contract is contingent upon the fulfillment of all the above referenced engagement provisions within the time frame allotted to it.Kindly, acknowledge the receipt of this offer and if acceptable to your expectation, sign the agreement copy as a token of your acceptance and return same to us within Four (4) days of acceptance.You shall be eligible to receive the benefits/compensations indicated in the main terms and Conditions which shall include:

* Health/life and disability insurance.
* Sick leave
* Vacation days
* Allowances
* Car/travel and telephone expenses
* Other Normal and reasonable expenses will be reimbursed on a monthly basis per company policy.
* Bonus effective upon your completion of 90 days of employment, and based on the formula determined by the company.

You are required to contact the PRICOT CONSULTING IMMIGRATION SOLICITORS whose contact details are given below for expedited processing of your Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number that must be presented to us within Ten Days of receipt of this offer letter as an indication of your readiness to resume with the Company.

Name:Mr. Malcolm Bowers
Tel: +44 (0) 701 112 1562

Note, failure to provide the Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number On or before the 27th March,2012 could be considered to mean your lack of readiness to resuming with the Company and unwillingness to abide with UK Public/work safety Guideline, and will result to the nullification of the Appointment.

Note that it is your duty to bear the cost of Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number as this will enable the company (Dacos Offshore Ltd) to sponsor your Visa material,Works/Residence Permit papers and flight ticket including one month upfront salary in other for you to settle your local expense before your embark on your trip to UK.

For further clarification regarding your appointment with us, you are advised to contact the GM, Operations office through and also,the above-mentioned documents should be forwarded specifically to:

Dacos Offshore Ltd
Mr.Kerry Fulcher
GM, Operations
Phone:+44 (0) 7045 786013,+44 (0) 703 595 4334

Any expenses involved in the processing of the Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number and other contingency will be reimbursed by the Company after five working days including One (1) month upfront salary to enable you to settle your local expenses before you embark on your trip to UK on Employee’s early notification and substantiated with an official receipt of expense.

I, on behalf of Dacos Offshore LTD hereby congratulate you on your appointment and hoping for a mutually rewarding working relationship with you.

With Best Wishes,
Marthins lawrence
Recruitment Department

Administrator answers:

The scam is popular.
There is no job. Just a company that will charge you horrendous fees for paperwork.
You can do visas, etc on your own.
They could also send you fake checks (that could bounce weeks later)
And they will ask you to wire money to them.
Good lord, the website was created less than a month ago.
I should have checked that first. You hit a scam.

Lisa asks…

Car upholstery question?

I am probably buying a new car soon. I don’t really like the seat upholstery options on the cars I like however (boring hard dark cloth mainly), and in the past used to love alcantara/softer cloth styles they don’t seem to do anymore, or even leather seats.

I was wondering if a car does not have as an option leather seats, is it possible to negotiate it with the dealer and he could get a specialised company to have the seats reupholstered in the UK (or even at the factory somehow) before delivery of the car (for an extra cost)? Is that of practice?
Would that affect the manufacturer warranty (I am hoping not as it would be done through the dealership garage)?

One of the cars I like has a nice cream dashboard/seat cloth free option which I would like, but I am worried it would get dirty in a couple of months as where I live it rains a lot so when getting in and out, being wet myself, dirty shoes, etc, I am worried I would dirty the car quickly. But the alternative is pretty miserable and dark. I would be happy to buy it and have the seats reupholstered one day if needed, but if that was before the end of the warranty:
- does it affect the warranty?
- and in general, whether done at the dealer straight away, or 1-2 years down the line, does it affect the insurance (is it considered “tuning”/a modification)?
- do you know if it is possible to use fake leather on car seats or is that just a stupid idea and it would not last long term (or melt, as the seats will have heated seats functionality)?

Many thanks for the info.

Administrator answers:

Alcantara is just vinyl, a very good grade of vinyl but it is still vinyl.Vinyl is faux leather. So yes their are custom shops that do that, you could also buy Recaro seats. Most dealers have access to custom shops and it should not affect your warranty. Their are some very nice seat covers in leather and vinyl. Why not just buy a car you like?

James asks…

where can i get a car seat restraint that actually works?

i have 2 autistic children who are 4 years old they still need to be strapped in a car seat whilst in the car however they hate being strapped in they will do anything to get out of their restraints and one even came close to dislocating his shoulder to get out of it we have tried several restraint adaptors including the securap and thomson protectavest but no matter what we try and how tight we pull the 5 point harness they can pull their arms out and once they have done that they can easily pull themselves out of their car seats does anyone know where i can get a 7 point harness that would go over their shoulders to under their armpits then across their hips and inbetween their legs i have looked every where and i cant believe that no one sells them surely this would be a much safer harness that the standard 5 point one i found one on a disability aid website but they dont ship to the uk and charge nearly $400 each i presume that they would be funded in america by health insurance or something but i dont have that sort of money to spend on something that chances are wouldnt work anyway i am scared out of my mind that we will have an accident one day when they arent strapped in and they will get seriously hurt. if anyone has had the same problem and found a solution to it please let me know, thank you

Administrator answers:

The E-Z on or Ride Safer Travel Vest (RSTV) would be my suggestions.

Post your question at where CPSTs (child passenger safety technicians) who really know their stuff, and some have experience with your problem can answer your quesiton

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