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July 30, 2013

Charles asks…

Is it worth while importing a car from the US back to the UK?

I am looking to buy a decent car and thought with the exchange rate so favourable it may be alot cheaper buying my next car in the US. Does anyone know the practicalities of this and any problems I should be aware of? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure how much shipping from the USA is but from Japan it was a surprisingly reasonable several hundred pounds.

To clear the car through the docks, you will need to settle up with customs. They will charge 10% import duty on the combined cost of the car, shipping and shipping insurance, then they will charge 17.5% VAT on top of that (they tax the tax) to get your final bill to them.

The main thing once the car is shipped over is you will need to have either and SVA or ESVA (single vehicle approval, enhanced single vehicle approval) test done on it, depending on it’s age. Think of this as a MEGA MOT. The car is tested to ensure it meets UK/Euro construction regulations, they are notoriously thorough and picky. It is best to send the car to a specialist who will perform the necessary modifications to ensure the car meets UK regs. The lights are often problematic with American cars since their performance often falls short of UK/Euro regs.

I used this company for the SVA prep for my Japanese import. They also do American cars.


Don’t forget that lefthand drive cars also attract an additional premium on the insurance.

When the time comes parts availability via the internet shouldn’t be a problem but consider how easily they can be sourced in the UK as well, waiting two weeks for that little widget that is keeping the car off the road could be a pain when next day from the local dealer is not an option.

Jenny asks…

All documents are electronic, am I still legally allowed to drive my car?

My car is now MOT’ed, Insured and this morning I taxed it online at DVLA. All the details are correct and I am waiting for my Insurance Cover Note and now the Tax Disc. However, can I still drive my car legally in the UK, without waiting for the paperwork to arrive, considering the current Royal Mail disputes?

Electronically, I am all legal – it’s just I have no Insurance Cover Note or Tax Disc.

Administrator answers:

If you were able to tax it on-line, then everything about your car is legal. Although it might be considered an offence not to display your tax disc, if you are challenged by the police or traffic wardens, you will have to produce proof that your vehichle is currently fullt taxed, insured and MOT’d. You will be given something like seven to fourteen days to produce all of this proof, by which time, you should have received all of your back-up paperwork.. I wouldn’t get worried at all. You KNOW that you have done everything that is asked of you to ensure that your car is legal to drive. Relax..

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