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July 6, 2013

Donald asks…

Car insurance claim, loss of concentration leading to a serious accident?

If a person has a serious accident due to loss of concentration while driving, with no other factors or parties involved, would they expect this to be covered by their insurance (fully comp).
The only factor of the accident was loss of concentration. Would insurance cover damage to the vehicle?
This is under UK law.

Administrator answers:

It seems to me that the factor that contribute to an accidnet are less important than what actually happened. Playing the blame game does no good after all there are many things that contrubute to accidents that we dont yet understand. Human error is just that A mistake was made and it led to a unsatisfactory ending for sure as the vehicle is severely damaged however this is why we pay insurance. There are many factors that can be contributory such as being over tired. Lack of sleep . Tough day at the office. Stress in the home life and or work place. So its not just one particular thing. For all you know a tire was low and this could have led to a loss of control. Thats what insurance is for.

Nancy asks…

Need to find out what happens if someone is stopped for driving your car without license or insurance?

Need to find out what happens if someone is stopped for driving your car without license or insurance?
A friend of mine took my car keys and drove my car without my knowledge. They got pulled over by the police and revealed they had no licence or insurance. They have been given 7 days to produce the valid documents which obviously they cannot do. They will get a fine/points but will this affect me? Will I get any penalty/points or is this purely their responsibility/problem? The police contacted me to ask whether the friend had stolen it, to which I said no. I said they’d taken it but that I’d left it on their driveway with my keys at their house as I’d had to rush out. Does this affect me negatively. Many thanks for the advice. (Only UK law please).

Administrator answers:

Unless you tell the police that this person took your car without you saying it was ok. Then you can also be charged, taken to court and get a fine and points.

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