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May 5, 2013

Thomas asks…

I want to bring my French registered (RHD) car back to the UK Can I get temporary UK insurance?

My English car is French registered and I want to bring it back to the UK. Can I get temporary insurance through a UK company to do so, until I re-register it here?

Administrator answers:

You can get temp insurance even for a day,is the car insured in France? If it is then that insurance should cover you.

James asks…

Who is responsible for insurance for test drives when selling vehicles?

I want to sell my van. I have insurance which covers only me as a driver, which I think is pretty standard in the UK. I expect potential buyers to want to test drive it, do I have to ask them whether they have insurance which covers them to drive my vehicle? If they have another vehicle their insurance may cover them to drive other vehicles, but if they don’t have other insurance, what is the usual situation? I imagine this must be a fairly common issue – is there a type of short-term insurance I can buy, or which I can expect the test-driver to buy for themselves, specifically to cover people wanting to test-drive vehicles?

Thanks very much for your help!

Administrator answers:

AS you are the owner you are responsible for making sure that anyone you allow to drive it is insured and the driver too is also responsible
IF you let someone drive your vehicle and they are not insured and they get caught YOU and THEY will both get fined and a minimum 6 points on your licences.
Not only do you need to ask about their insurance you also need proof.
Only a motor traders policy will allow anyone to test drive like that
A test driver could buy a temporary one day insurance themselves but this is not cheap.

Yes its difficult but there is no simple solution unless the driver has some cover from an existing policy on a vehicle they already have.
Note that a car policy may allow a driver to drive other cars not belonging to them, third party only but this DOES NOT INCLUDE VANS.
Any buyer not buying from a dealer will have this problem

Linda asks…

What expenses are involved in buying a car?

I’m going to buy a car from an auto auction. what expenses will i have to pay besides tax? like how much is the title, license and such?

Administrator answers:

In the UK you only need to tax it, insure it and pay for petrol and any maintenance costs you come across (tyres, brakes etc.) In the US, it appears the costs are largely similar but we don’t have to pay to register it we have the V5 which lists everything you have the ‘title’ which is like the deeds for a house., a license in the UK is about £40 these days in the US it’s probably a state thing like insurance (New Hampshire for example has no legal requirement for insurance, i’ve met a dude from there, he’s nice) .

I’m getting a bike it’s cheaper in many respects and can cut through traffic so can ignore traffic jams.

Sandra asks…

Can i use my french car in london for 2 years ?

I’m french living in london and i would like to use my french car here without going big logistic as it is for 2 years. I’ve seen a lot of french cars in london so it should not be so difficult , please let me know if you knwo the answer, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Its a bit of a double edged sword!!

Firstly the law in the UK states that a foreign registered motor vehicle must be re-registered in the UK within 6 months of importation. This can be dealt with on the technicality of going to France every 6 months to reset the clock.

Secondly, check with your car insurance provider in France that the vehicle is fully insured if outside of France for longer than 30 days. Most UK insurance policies allow you to drive outside of the UK for up to 30 days, thereafter different insurance is required.

Thirdly, if u are expected to be resident in UK for longer than six months, the law states that both you and the vehicle must be registered/licenced in the UK and UK originated insurance must be obtained.

There are thousands of vehicles driving in the UK and Ireland (mostly east european) that are technically not licenced, registered and consequently inthe event of an accident not insured either.

Dont cut corners using technicalities etc, if you killed someone of the road, or indeed had an accident that injured or killed yourself or a passenger you would want to know you were properly insured for everyone’s sake.

George asks…

Does anyone know how long I will be banned from driving? And how it affects my insurance?

Recently passed my driving test in November, I have since bumped another car – which is going through insurance. I have now also gained 6 points for speeding, (42mph in 30mph) then (41mph in 30mph). I know I will lose my licence, but does anyone know for how long, or do I just resit test?

Does anybody also know how this will affect my insurance premium, as it is already £68pm now.

Administrator answers:

Well, for us American people, it depends on the states laws. I was doing 72 in a 55 and got my license taken away for 30 days. But I really don’t know how the laws in the UK work. And yes, speeding tickets WILL affect your insurance.

Mark asks…

I would like to go to orlando can you advice on cheapest deals to look at please?

Hi my husband and I would like to take my three boys to orlando but would like to try to do it as cheaply as possible. Any tips please. Do you think we would need to take the hire car as insurance seems really high.

Administrator answers:

I would look at one of the charter airlines for the best deals on flights. Consider the flight only option and get options for car hire separately. I have used many times now because they fly fast 747′s from their own fleet and everything is included on the flight. They fly into Sanford too which I would thoroughly recomment, esecially if it is your first time. It is just SOOOO easy to get out of and lovely and quiet.
Look at car hire separately from somewhere like, I’ve used them loads and their customer services and prices are thoroughly recommended. I would not consider going to Florida without a car to get the best out of it. How would you do the Space Center and Busch Gardens on opposite coasts. Shopping at all those places spread out across the counties! Mall at Millenia, The Florida Mall, Lake Buena Vista outlets, Orlando premium Outlets, Festival Bay Mall etc etc

For accommodation, I would look on ebay for a villa. Last Sept we had an 8 bed (4 bedroom) villa for only £500 inclusive for the TWO weeks. You can save so much eating in and there is always a Wal*Mart (Makes a Tesco Extra look like a corner shop!) nearby for everything you could want.

Advice for the cheapest tickets etc – trust me here and read on…

Most of the shopping malls and Hotel receptions run a time share visitation system where you can save HUNDREDS of $$’s on tickets for everything. You can do ones with different companies too! You get a free breakfast if you start at 7:15 ,a tour and chat for no more then 90 mins, get your tickets and go! I saved nearly $1000 in September

These ‘tours’ are tightly regulated in the US by FEDERAL law, so nothing like the Spanish horrors of years ago. Just say the maintenance charges are too high (which they are) and that will suffice.

Another scam if you are really thrifty is you will have to pay to park at all the attractions now (a rip off I know). If you get a Flex ticket you pay one parking for the day and go to any participating park for free, the same day! The tip here is that Wet n’ Wild offers the cheapest parking and is only half a mile from Universal! So, drive into Wet n’ wild, pay to park drive straight out again and down to universal, show them the ticket and get in without paying any more!

Beware of anyone charging you for advice on saving money on tickets, the only saving will be them banking the fee you paid them!!! Also, beware of ‘special’ numbers, don’t believe that these are ‘copyrighted’, it’s just a phone number! There are loads of these on e-bay too and the feedback will tell you everything you need to know…

You will have a great time, I KNOW you will!

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