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Your Questions About One Day Car Insurance Uk

April 9, 2013

James asks…

How much would a new driver expect to pay for their car insurance (UK)?

I’m 16 and will soon begin driving lessons, and every company I go to online to find a quote asks for my name and address, and until I need the insurance i’m not going to enter them.

Does anyone have an idea how much a 17 year old would expect to insure a first car (something small like a Vauxhall Corso, Renault Clio et al)?

Administrator answers:

If you want an accurate quote then you’ll need to enter an address I’m affraid.

The quote will take the postcode into account and this can impact the premium significantly.

You could always enter some details close to yours but not exact. Some companies will hound you as soon as you get a quote, especially off the price comparison websites.

I agree with the set aside a day for quotes. The price comparison websites make it a bit easier, but not all companies are listed on them and any quote given needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as whenever I’ve used them the premium has gone up when I finalise the quote for some aspect that the price comparison website doesn’t take into account.

Some of the best companies aren’t listed so you need to go to them directly.

I’d imagine £1000 to £1500 a year for a standard Clio or Corsa with say a 1.0 or 1.2 engine.

Higher spec or any modifications would put the price up significantly.

Ken asks…

UK Car insurance that covers Europe for long period too?

I need to find a UK car insurance company that will insure me in France and Spain also. I need to renew my insurance in a few weeks but am aiming to move down to Spain in October / November and so need it to cover me in Europe for as long as possible before I will then have to buy insurance over there. This also applies to breakdown cover if anyone can help with this also. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You will probably find that most Insurance companies will only issue with a Green card for a maximum of 90 Days cover for your car being outside of the UK.
The best thing to do is get insurance as soon as you arrive in Spain – it isn’t much different to the UK and most will offer breakdown cover as standard.

The reason for this is that legally in Spain you have to import your vehicle after it has been here 6 Months and, if you are resident here, any insurance you have on a non-imported car (IE Illegal) will be invalid.


Mark asks…

Average living costs for a UK 16 year old girl on the following things?

Ok, I’m planning to move out at the age of 16 and go study at collage in Poole 3 day‘s a week and also have a few job’s on the go to! I’m looking at roughly the living costs (Rent, food, Car or transport, Car Insurance, TV Licence and Internet Bills ect.) Website links would be brilliant and any advice would also help! Also If I could get any help financially by the government for paying the rent as i won’t be earning much, about £7,000 a year?

Many thank yous in advance :) I’m figuring the earlier i start budgeting, the better
* Live with Friends but pay full rent and work up to be able to buy a car later on in September when I turn 17

Administrator answers:

Social services would have a lot to say about a 16 year old wanting to live alone.

You would need to show that you’ve been kicked out by your family and there’s no way of you getting back with them. It’s a long procedure. You would then be taken into care of your local authority.

You go to your college/schools near where you live. You don’t get to go running round the country before you’re 18 and allowed to live alone, such as for University.

The most you can do is live with relatives who can support you, if you really want to go elsewhere in the UK for school/college, but other than that..

Cars can be a few hundred pounds to many thousands – you can’t just ask for a ‘car’ and expect a specific cost. A bit more common sense is necessary.
Insurance is very high, especially now there must be gender equality. A young driver outside of London can expect to pay at least £2000 p/a for insurance.

Again, asking for ‘rent’ is ridiculous. I pay a lot more rent than some other people because I ask for a lot more. It can be a few hundred a month to thousands per month.

TV licence is around £150.

Internet etc. Depends on what you want. Do your own research like every single other person who wants to live alone.

Regardless of the above, you’re still too young to move away from home. If you feel you cannot live at home any more, you should be speaking to social services about getting kicked out. Other than that… Act your age :)

Nancy asks…

How much would a 21 year old be looking at paying for car insurance abroad?

It’s a right hand drive car.. I’d be driving in Europe for 2 – 4 weeks.. I’m male.

Just a rough estimate would be great. I tried contacting my insurer but their having problems with they’re call centres apparently…

Administrator answers:

Your normal UK insurance should cover it, mine does for up to a 90 day trip but you must inform them of when and where you are going
Don’t forget to take proof of ownership, MOT, Insurance
and stuff like Spare light bulb kit , warning triangle and 2 of them for ~Spain, Hi Vis vests one for every seat belt in the car, spare gallon of oil unless you read the language, spare glasses if you wear them, first aid kit, as from June 2 breathalyser kits for France legal for France english ones no good unless passed for france

Carol asks…

Why do we put up with so much crap in the uk? and do nothing about it?

I lost all faith in the UK many years ago, ive been to many country’s and we really have it bad and yet we just put up with it. I have already made preparations to leave this place and that day cannot come fast enough !. With student fee, endless taxes, fuel costs, car insurance, the list continues..

What are your view on why English people are so willing to bend over and take it?, when the fuel prices raised in France there was an uproar.

Administrator answers:

I’ve been to many other countries too and this is where I have come back to. It isn’t all bad, as you must know.

Susan asks…

What are the laws on towing a car in the UK?

Hi guys i need to take my car to MOT but i dont have tax mot or insurance. I was going to tow it there with a towing bar but apparently you need to have tax ect, can any one comfirm this? Would i need insurance to drive my car to MOT?

Administrator answers:

Technically you’re not even allowed to tow it, you’d have to put it on a trailer. I don’t know what it costs but you could possibly get temporary 1 day car insurance.

Some people think they can drive ANY car on fully comp insurance even if the vehicle is uninsured but in reality the car being driven must be insured; there may be some policies that allow it but I’d check carefully! If you know someone who has such a policy then great, they can drive it for you to a pre-booked MOT.

David asks…

My UK company wants a copy of my driving licence. I do not drive a company car or travel on business?

I work for Eon uk who have recently requested copies of drivers licences for all their employees. I dont drive a company vehicle neither do I need to travel on behalf for company business. What is their business with our licences?
All employees produce valid ID before starting work. They are pursuing drivers only. If they know you do not have a car, they are not concerned!

Administrator answers:

Their concern is that if you have any company property in your car, possibly the notes for the next day’s work for example, you could be considered to be driving on company business, and their insurance might get involved after an incident. Also they are allowing you to drive on and off their property (car park) and they need to know you are legal to drive. It’s a side effect of the compensation culture where the alleged victim tries to sue anybody and everybody even remotely connected with an incident.

Steven asks…

Does UK car insurance cover the driver or the vehicle?

If I drive my partners car am I covered? Similarly, if I go and buy a 2nd hand car to ‘do up’ am I insured to drive it back to my home? My insurance is due for renewal in a few weeks time and I’ve seen quotes that list “driving other cars” as one of the features of their insurance.

Administrator answers:

Allways the driver
never the vehicle

a policy will cover
policy holder only
policy holder & spouse
policy holder +any driver
policy holder+ named driver(s)

Your own policy may let you drive
vehicles not registered to you
(with the vehicle owners permission)
but this is getting rarer these days

but even if your policy is F/Comp
you cover is limited
to T/P only

the safest thing to do would be to contact
you insurance company/broker
for clarification

good luck
best wishes

Maria asks…

Can I alter a car insurance quote after just a few months having paid an annual premium?

I have a provisional license and I receive my first car in a few days. I want to get insured to drive it and I’ve entered that I only have a provisional license on the quote. I want to pay an annual premium to get the best deal, however I’m going to have a full UK license in just a few months time. I’m happy to stick with the same insurers for the next year, but can I alter a quote after a few months having paid an annual premium?

Administrator answers:

I’m in the same situation, I rang my insurers and they assured me that they would just amend my policy when I pass and that there will be an increase in the amount which will need to be paid (in full no matter the amount because you have set the policy up as an annual one) But other than having to spend more money there is no hassle and it can all be done with a phone call.

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