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Your Questions About One Day Car Insurance Uk

March 4, 2013

David asks…

Why shouldn’t young lady drivers in the UK pay the same for their car insurance?

Today is the first day that cheaper car insurance has ceased for the young lady driver in the UK , according to European equality laws , a driver is a driver and nothing to do with their sex. It hasn’t been proved that young lady drivers are any safer anyway but they may that little more hesitant but that could cause problems in itself. What do you think?

Administrator answers:

Should be the same, equal rights, you can’t have some and not others.

Richard asks…

is it possible for me to get temporary UK car insurance on my mums car, whilst my mum already has a policy?

i just need to borrow my mums car every weekend for the next three months, is it possible to put on temporary car insurance that will not affect any insurance she already has on the car.

Administrator answers:

If you wwere over 23 you could get temp insurance even if she has cover on it.
You cannot get temp cover that lasts for 3 months – 1 month max and once a year on the same car
The only way to do this is to be a named driver on Mums insurance as it would be cheaper that if you could do 2 days a week for 13 weeks

John asks…

Car Insurance: What are premiums, legal fees and voluntary excess?

I have been trying to get car insurance quotes online but I dont understand what the above terms mean

Also if my road tax (UK) is not due for renewal till thursday can i buy it today? Will they adjust the date for me.

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you for your time

Administrator answers:

Premiums: What you pay for the insurance.

Legal fees: Insurance companies will pay your legal fees if you are sued over an accident. Some policies may offer extra cover for other legal fees, such as defending a traffic citation by the police.

Voluntary Excess: Amount of damages you pay out-of-pocket. For example, if you have £500 Voluntary Excess and are involved in an accident, you pay the first £500 and the insurance company picks up the tab at that point. The higher your VE, the lower your premiums.

Road tax always expires on the last day of the month. You can renew any time during the month. If you do it by mail or on line, you’d best do it TODAY or you may not have it by Friday when you MUST display the new disc. You can renew at any Post Office and they’ll issue the new disc on the spot. The new disc will expire one year from the expiry of the old one, or 31.07.2009 in your case if you get a 12 month disc.

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