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January 15, 2013

Sharon asks…

Why Is my Car insurance claim taking soooo long?

Hi all

My car was stolen on 9th December and I still am waiting for a decision. My car has not been found and my insurers are requesting for a police report which will take up to 40 working days.

Does car insurance claims usually take this long???


Administrator answers:

In theory the insurance company wait a while so that the vehicle has a chance to be recovered.

If you are concerned about the length of the claim then you should contact the insurance company and point out their obligations to customers – especially under the FSA rules ICOBS 8.1:

Ken asks…

How long does a insurance company give you to renew your car insurance?

i live in walsall and i am on a holdiday in skegness. My car insurance is up the day before my holiday finishes. but unfortunately my wallet got stolen from an arcade yesterday so i have no credit cards to renew it online could u help please ?

Administrator answers:

Bit of an elaborate way to substantiate not having insurance isn’t it?

You should have received the renewal at least 3 weeks before the expiry date.

Apart from that I don’t believe that Skegness Arcades would still be open at this time of year.

Ruth asks…

Can a late payment on insurance lower your credit score?

I was late 10 days on my car insurance, after extension. Can this affect my credit?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know of an insurance company that reports your late payments to a credit bureau. However, insurance companies keep records of how well you pay your premiums to them. Late pays and cancellations could affect your overall insurance premium and your “insurance score”.

Of course, you must also consider what state you’re in and the laws that apply to late payments. In Georgia, 10 days late will get you reported to the department of motor vehicles who will in turn fine you for the oversight. If that happens a couple of times, the fine increases. A third time will get your registration suspended.

Linda asks…

Is it possible to give car insurance benefits to my boyfriend?

Im going out of the country next week, I will not be coming back until the first few days of january. My boyfriend is currently staying at my house and he has no means of transportation. (He is 20 years old, and his car completely broke down–our location is Dallas TX.)

I was wondering if it was possible to “add” him under my father’s car insurance plan, with him being a non-family member.

ANY information is helpful and greately appreciated.

Please, no dumb comments as this is of great importance to us.

Administrator answers:

All it would take is a simple phone call to your father’s insurance company to find out. I agree with the first answerer, but in any event, the insurance also follows the car, and as owners, the insurance company must indemnify you (cover you) if there is any liability.

Joseph asks…

how many days does it take for mail to get from illinois to minnesota?

How many days for a car insurance check to get from Illinois to Duluth Minnesota?

Administrator answers:

Two days usually, three days occasionally

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