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August 26, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What car insurance companies to choose?

Hello i am 21 years old looking for car insurance, but i cant afford the deposits most companies require straight away. What companies these days have a no deposit just monthly payments?

Thank you
Im in the UK by the way

Administrator answers:

None of them, they’ll all require a deposit.

Carol asks…

What are my options for car insurance?

I am 21 and recently got my license in CA. I don’t know anything about car insurance. Can I somehow be added to my parents’ insurance? About how much would it cost (ranges)? I won’t be driving right away but if I did, it would be with my mom’s car which is already insured. How would that work? We would both be using it. Any info would be helpful. Thank you in advance!

Administrator answers:

Your mother can add you on to her insurance as a second driver on her car. Since you are under 21 and have just received your license I don’t know how much that will cost you. It will all depend upon your age, driving record, and if you took a driver’s ed course or not. It probably also differs by insurance company.

I’m 25, got my license when I was 20, and have a squeeky clean driving record. I blew my engine up in my car. My mother added me onto her insurance as a 2nd drive the other day so that I can drive her car and it cost $8 extra. She has Progressive.

Good luck!!

Maria asks…

Did you know your insurance company can decide not to pay your claim?

You pay for insurance today but never see what was promised until the day there is a claim. You trust the insurance company. But what if it decides to pay less than the claim, or none of the claim? Does it refund your premiums paid, or return half your premiums if it pays only half the repairs on your car? Insurance operates totally opposite to normal business – it is based on laws that require both parties to act with integrity and honesty, and the insurance company is required to find a reason to pay your benefit, not deny it. The reality is, most companies try to take your money and find ways not to give it back.

Administrator answers:

Was it denied because

the claim below the deductible

was it a cover cause of loss(check your policy)

insurance does not pay for wear and tear – it actually will deducts from the claim it values as wear and tear

example my 2000 Ford died it was valued at $6,000
with 140,000 after deductions for milage and wear and tear (even the condition of the carpet) I got $3,500 – still owed $2000 on the loan (thank god for GAP) — They took my all premium – I got less than half a claim but the claim was paid correctly

I know not what you wanted to hear

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