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August 17, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Can a police officer destroy a car insurance producer? or pass it off as being legit?

If I was asked to produce driving license and car insurance documentation and it was invalid, can a police officer destroy it?

Administrator answers:

I assume that you are in the United States? In the US the laws vary a bit from state to state.

You were contacted by the police on a traffic enforcement stop?

The police officer asked for your driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration?

Here’s the part I don’t understand from your question.
- Was your driver’s license invalid? In my state if your driver’s license is suspended the officer is required to take it and return it to DMV
- Was your driver’s license fraudulent? This is a felony and you would need to be arrested and the car impounded
- Was your insurance card expired? Normally the police wouldn’t seize an expired card – they would just issue you the court summons and you would bring a non-expired card to court along with a statement from your insurance company that you insurance was valid on the day of stop.
- Was you insurance card fraudulent? Sometimes a felon will create a fictitious insurance card to avoid paying for the real card, this also would be a felony and require you to be arrested and your car impounded.

While your original question is vague I tried to answer for a variety of scenarios.

Richard asks…

How much will 2 points effect my car insurance?

I am 17 years old. I live in New Jersey, got my license 6 months ago. I was driving through Maryland and I got a speeding “citation” worth two points. My parents do not know about the speeding ticket, but I already paid it. How much will it effect my Geico car insurance rates? Also, I just received the advisory notice in the mail today, called the MVC and they just said it was pretty much a piece of paper saying I got a ticket….

Administrator answers:

Points on your license and points on your insurance are two completely different things. However any possible change to your premium due to the ticket will not be taken into account untill your next policy renewal. You will recieve paperwork about 30 days prior to your renewal that will show the new 6 month premium and all the payments. How a ticket affects a policy is different for all policies if it is even going to affect the premium at all. My advice is to watch for your renewal paperwork as it will show all the changes if any.

Daniel asks…

Car Insurance Question Will I need to be with them for the full year?

I have just taken a car insurance out but I know I will need to cancel it within 5 months, does anyone know if they will let me cancel it within this time or do i need to remain with them for the full month. Also I paid a deposit say I cancel within 20 days, will i get that deposit back?

Administrator answers:

Usually car insurance is an annual renewable contract – in other words you have agreed to take out a policy that lasts a year and you are obliged to pay for the year. This would normally apply even if you are actually paying the premiums monthly.

In practice you probably won’t need to have to pay for the full year. There should be cancellation terms within the policy so check your policy document. If still in doubt check with the insurer or broker (if you used one).

Helen asks…

Anyone know car insurance company that accept no claims discount over 2 years?

Hi, does anyone know a competively priced car insurance company that accepts no claims discounts if it is more that 2 years since expiry of my previous policy. It seems most insurance companies have a 2 year limit and then you have to start from scratch. I’m only 20 days over too!! Please help I’m getting quoted extortinate prices!

Administrator answers:

Online isn’t probably the best way. Try previous insurer first then a broker. They wil be best placed to arrange a deal. You may for example only get one years discount!

David asks…

Which bill should get paid first? Car Insurance or last credit card debt payment?

I get paid approximately $400 a week. Which bill should I pay first? The car insurance was supposed to be paid on the 15th of this month.

The outstanding credit card balance was supposed to get paid last month. I also will get paid on Friday. Should I just pay the outstanding credit card payment, which was already in collections or pay my car insurance?

Administrator answers:

Car insurance, or don’t drive…

OK, my auto insurance has NO GRACE PERIOD. If it is NOT paid by midnight of the last day of the coverage period, it cancels! You MAY have already LOST your insurance. Call your agent to find out the status. NO driving if your insurance has lapsed or you could get into even hotter water…

Pay the insurance immediately, and the rest if any is left over, goes to the credit card.

Betty asks…

Do I need car insurnace before I buy a car?

I am planning to buy a used car in a different state. I have negotiated with the dealer a fair price but the car isn’t officially mine as it is pending a successful test drive. Assuming everything goes well I want to drive it off the lot the same day. Don’t I need car insurance of some sort registered to the car beforehand?

Administrator answers:

Insurance company’s require details of the car like engine numbers make and model, you could ring around, they may offer you a cover note which will cover you for damage when you pick up the car and when its home you call up and convert to a policy by paying the premium for the insurance.

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