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Your Questions About One Day Car Insurance

August 14, 2013

Sandy asks…

Can an insurance company use anyone’s debit card on there system to renew a policy?

I paid over the telephone for a days cover on a neighbours car insurance about a year ago, I have since been charged a full years cover without being informed because the policy holders debit card did not work?

Administrator answers:

It’s supposed to be that the name on the card matches the name of the policyholder.

Clearly, it wasn’t set up that way. And, for the record, you can’t pay for insurance for “one day”. You will have to contest this charge with your bank.

Steven asks…

How much is car insurance for a range rover sport 2010?

I have a friend how is looking to get a 2st hand range rover sport 2010 but Is worried about the insurance.

What is the range of car insurance prices

I just want a price range if there is anyone out there how has a range rover sport.

My friend has been driving for 5 year and has never had an accident.

Administrator answers:

No idea.

Insurance depends on
- Country and eventually state
- car (diesel, petrol)
- mileage
- where you live
- where it’s parked during day/night
- …

The only thing you can expect, that it will be quite expensive, given that Range Rovers are new 65000$ for basic models. Given that with the right engine and options, you can easily get up to 100.000$. After 3 years the car’s value will still be extremely high. This results in very high insurance costs.

Lisa asks…

I planning travel to Australia.So if I bought a camping van how can I get car insurance without address?

I plan to travel for 3 month in different state in Australia,so what about car insurance? Any one know?
Any information I will appreciate.

Administrator answers:

Over here In the USA I did something similar I rented a place for my camp trailer and then went and re
nted a po box so what happens is when you write out your address like so
your name
your street address
your po box number
your zip code.
In the usa the postal meter read the line above the zip code which is your post office box then automatically sends the mail to your post office box. NOW if you move you go do a temporary change of 90 dats or 30 days you can forward your mail temporarily as you travel around. You just have to make sure that if you do a temporary forward for say 10 days that before the 10 days is up you give new directins to where you are traveling. If the post office has forms similar to the USA you should be TEMPORARILY able to travel across the country and back. The key is not to make a forwarding mail temporarily never permanent. OR have someone pick up your mail weekly and give them a call once a montt or so and forward the important stuff ahead of you to general delivery which in the USA means you have to pick it up

Helen asks…

How can i get car insurance restore?

This what happen i went away from vac and i left my family member money to pay for my car insurance and they didnt do that. Is there a way for me to get my car insurance restore back on. Dont care if i have play plenty or anything but just want back on.

Administrator answers:

Yes, call your insurance company. If it hasn’t been 30 days, they should be able to reinstate your policy no problem.

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