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Your Questions About One Day Car Insurance

August 8, 2013

Lisa asks…

How long can you go without car insurance in Michigan before becoming high risk?

I just got screwed by my insurance place, and i want to cancel my policy immediately, but i won’t be able to get car insurance again for at least a week. How long until i would become high risk in Michigan?

Administrator answers:

If you cancel a policy, and do not have any insurance you are instantly a high risk, Yes I know you do not want to give any more money to the priviouse thief, but set up your new insurance, and on the day it kicks in, cancel the other insurance company, Some insurance companies are obviously supreme butt heads, do what you have to do, just make sure there is no lapse in coverage, and NEVER DEPEND ON SOMEONE OVER THE PHONE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.BEFORE. Notify them on the phone, keep track of day and time and who you talked to, follow it up with a certified letter, so there is no oops. My roommate canceled her previous insurance, for being a greedy thief, her new insurance said oh we will contact them, dont worry. (except the first insurance company says they were never notified, and want three months of insurance, THAT THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO. Do not take a chance, cover your butt, keep a copy of the letter for your records, just in case.

Sharon asks…

Do car insurance companies suddenly think I have reverted back to a 17 year old driver?

And a boy racer?

What’s with thte massive hike in prices? I’ve spent all day trying to get a decent quote!

So, does anyone know a decent car insurance company?

And please take time to answer this football question – Should your premier league club recruit Hargreaves on a “pay as you play” contract?
Lipi – In the UK. The clue has been in my name!

Administrator answers:

Try Tesco’s ins really good value i saved a bit going with them and they offer three different ranges depending on what you require. Companies like Diamond,bell,elephant and admiral which are all the same firm try to hog the market far too much for my liking,best of luck ;-)

Nope time for Owen to try his hand at something else perhaps :-)

David asks…

Why car insurance quotes go up late at night?

Just been look at car insurance for the last few days using comparison sites and I have been noticing the quotes go up and down by a few hundred pound depending on what time of day it is. Anyone know why this happens?

Administrator answers:

The prices are constantly monitored and vary according to the demand and the amount of business that the insurers are taking on

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