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July 27, 2013

Helen asks…

Can you cancel your car insurance at any time?

I got into a good university abroad so I will be leaving in a few months. But my car insurance policy was just renewed a few months ago, can i cancel it? Is there a penalty? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Yes, And if you paid for the policy in full you should receive a refund. Just
notify your agent on what day you would like to terminate your policy

William asks…

What to do when not involving car insurance in car accident?

Ok so I hit someones bumper, my fault. I don’t have insurance but they do. Her car insurance called me the next day asking for basic info. A couple days later the car owner called me and said she didn’t want to go through the insurance company because it would take her too long to receive her deductible back. She said she was going to pay the deductible to allstate and get the car fixed but not go after me I guess, I don’t really get it, as long as I pay her back for the deductible. Would I still owe something to allstate afterwards or would I actually be able to walk away from something like this?

Administrator answers:

Kind of; it’s more like you still owe the women. She’s paying for Allstate, you’re paying her.

You wouldn’t own their insurance company anything, legally. You are not covered by insurance nor are you any way related to Allstate, so her insurance company is going to take care of her car and get it fixed up, she pays the insurance company the deductible, and you are going to pay the amount she paid the insurance company.

The deductible can be anywhere from $250 to $1,000. Depends on what plan she signed up with.

Jenny asks…

How to get car insurance as a self dependent college student in CA?

I need to look for cheap car insurance asap, I am a resident of Callifornia, I will get my drivers licence the 20th of this month and I need the car insurance before the 24th. I figure I have exactly one day and a half to do it so I can finish my car registration before the 24th , when the past registration is due, please help me !

Administrator answers:

There is no cheap insurance. If you are young, a first time driver, you will have to use one of those companies that advertise insurance with monthly payments. I don’t know who they are in CA. Call any local agent and if they can not help, they will refer you to someone.

Donald asks…

I just got a car insurance policy 3 days ago, and I already had an accident. What do I do ?

I just got a new car insurance policy 3 days ago and I just had an accident. What do I do ? Will the insurance cover me under short notice of me being a member ? This might sound crazy but im scared and unsure.

Administrator answers:

If you are insured, then you are insured, and they will cover you. I hope you informed them. If so, just let them handle it.

Michael asks…

Temporary Car Insurance Mercedes E Class 18 Year Old Male?

There is a meet at Goodwood Race Course at the end of the month, I was planning on taking the e class as the weather looks good and its good place to take it, however I’m really struggling to find temporary car insurance to cover me for the day, I can find annual car insurance relatively easily insuring my dad with his no claims and me as a named driver (comes to approx £1100 per annum) but I wont drive the car enough to make use of this insurance. I have looked high and low but none of the companies will insure me until I am 21 for temporary insurance. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

If it is your fathers car then you need to get him to add you to his insurance as a temporary additional driver. He can add you for a few days.

If it is your car you need to insure it in your name probably not simple.
No one is likely to give you temporary cover at 18 for a car like that.

Donna asks…

How does arbitration work between 2 car insurance companies?

I was in a car accident about a month ago. My car insurance agreed that the accident was 100% not my fault. The other car insurance company is trying to say that it was 50% my fault( which is totally ridiculous because the other driver was cited by police for failure to yield). Today i got a phone call from my car insurance company saying that my claim is now going to arbitration. What
can i expect to happen next? What can I do to prepare my self? I am very frustrated with this whole
thing. I know this car accident was 100% not my fault. I dont want to be blaimed at all.
I forgot to mention that i live in NY state.

Thank you,


Administrator answers:

I am guessing this is what used to be called, “Intercompany Arbitration.” And any signatory companies were required to arbitrate their disputes.

This came into play because insurance companies began to realize that going to war with each other over small property damage disputes was costing them more than they were gaining. So the idea of arbitration was appealing because it was quick and simple.

The company name was changed to Arbitration Forums.


Signatory companies have forms that they fill out, and they typically attach any transcribed recorded statements, photos, police report, and any other evidence that may be important. Then a panel of either one person or three people will review the documentation, and render a decision that is binding.

There are other ways to arbitrate disputes. But most disputes of this nature between insurance companies are decided this way. The people who serve as arbitrators are typically people who work at other insurance companies either as claim managers or supervisors, or experienced adjusters. And I think they volunteer their time, like one day every few months.

Robert asks…

When is the best time to cancel car insurance?

Car insurance is coming up to renewal. Found a cheaper company to go with for the next year. When is the best time to cancel, before the renewal date or just after?

I want to keep my NCB I have built up with them and move it over to new company for the next year, also if I cancel before the renewal date would this affect my NCB that I have built up with them?
[@DR + Mrs Bears face] What if the company is going to do an auto renewal?

Administrator answers:

Don’t cancel. That will lead to early cancellation charges, and loss of NCB.
Just phone your current insurer and tell them that you do not wish to renew.
This is different from cancelling the policy.
If you have an auto-renew set up, make sure you tell them at least a week before the renewal is due.

Then make sure the new policy starts at the same date and time that the old one ends (or 00.00 the next day if the old policy ends at 23.59).

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