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June 29, 2013

Helen asks…

Getting car insurance with a suspended license?

I posted this question a couple days. I thought I would share my information. My son (not having a valid Drivers License) was able to obtain car insurance through a reputable insurance company. We went to the DMV and got his new registration for his car, and showed proof of insurance. He has 45 days to show he paid his tickets and his license was reinstated. Just thought I would share this information.

Administrator answers:

SR-22 or a non-owners insurance

Paul asks…

Can you get temporary car insurance for say a month?

I just got my car but i cant register it till next week. I got a permit to drive it but I do not have insurance, so I heard you can get temporary car insurance for a month. Im not really sure though.. HELP!

Administrator answers:

There is nothing like temporary insurance, its just normal insurance. Just get insurance and call the insurance company anytime to get it cancelled and pay for just the days when your car was insured. This applies to any change of policy also.

HTH, Aski

Carol asks…

What happens if i do not pay my car insurance this month?

I have to pay my car insurance by tomorrow. I do not have the money since i am having car troubles. I have not worked this week because of my car troubles. So i do not have money. What will happen if i do not pay my car insurance this month? Can i just pay the whole thing next month? Will that affect my license or registration? I live in California. Please i just need some info!!!

Administrator answers:

You may get a warning in the mail that if you don’t pay it in 10-15 days it will be canceled, but that is all you will get.

Chris asks…

Will my car insurance still be valid when I go away to college in a different state (from Michigan to Oregon)?

Me and my dad are on the title of the car; I am the assigned driver on the car; My dad pays the car insurance under his policy-he has his house and three other cars insured with AAA. While in Oregon, I am thinking of switching my residency to be considered an in-state student and maybe even buying a house. Anybody been in this situation, or have any knowledge on this? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If you get a job right away in oregon you would be considered a resident, or spend more than 30 days in state, you would be considered a resident. You can register the car in oregon (license plates registration, smog cert and new title, = about $150 for two years. If your dad plans to keep the car, then you come down in it, find one here and send his back,) or rent one here, find a car, go to school, find your house whatever. I have lived all over oregon, I really liked both Eugene and Portland and have lived in both long term. Best of luck,

Richard asks…

Missing direct debit insurance payment, what does this mean and will my bank charge me?

I was depending on my work to pay me a day before my payment of car insurance. I checked my online bank statement today to find I havent yet been paid, therefore did not have enough money to pay this months car insurance.

My bank statement says that the money was paid out, but on the same day was paid back in again as I didnt have enough money.

Is there any charges for this reversal and how will this effect my insurance?

Administrator answers:

Oh, yes, it counts just like a bounced check, as far as your bank is concerned.

Your insurance will ALSO charge you for a bounced check, and send you a cancellation notice on your policy. You’ll have to pay via money order, or some other way that doesn’t involve the possiblity of your payment bouncing.

Charles asks…

Can I add someone on my car insurance for 15 days?

I’m going on holiday at the end of the month for 10 days and was just wondering if I could add someone on my car insurance for 10 days? or what’s the least amount of days in can?
I’m the main driver on the policy but my dad is the 2nd driver, but I was going to see how much it would cost to put my brother on my insurance just for the time in on holiday?

Administrator answers:

Most state insurance policies have provisions for “permissive” drivers, however, under age drivers may be another matter depending on which state you live. Your best bet would be to ask your agent or broker and get your answer from the “horses mouth.” r

John asks…

How do insurance companies work out what to charge?

I thought it was to do with risk. Car insurance, value, place kept, power of vehicle. Drivers, age, experience,pevious record etc. So how come when I go on line or telephone I get such wide varisations, even from same company on a diffrent day? Seem to me to be more like the stock market!

Administrator answers:

As far as I know, the premium is based exactly on what you have listed. It’s the amount of risk involved considering all the various “parameters”.

As long as you give them the same details each time they should give similar prices. I suppose these “equations” do have somewhat of a variation in the values they produce but it shouldn’t be 100′s of pounds.

Have you tried using the insurance comparison websites like moneysupermarket and confused? Also did you specify the same car each time?

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