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May 23, 2013

Jenny asks…

Can I use my family’s car insurance when I am a resident of another state?

My mom has been helping me out with my car insurance. I am living in Connecticut as a student but am planning on becoming a resident. I am originally from Illinois. Will her coverage for me in IL still apply when I switch residency?
I am going to change to CT plates because I am becoming a resident.

Administrator answers:

Once you become a resident of CT, you’ll need to change your plates, driver’s license AND insurance there–usually within 30 days.

Thomas asks…

Is my car insured if I am behind on payments?

I have missed to consequtive car insurance payments, I had an accident a few days ago. I payed my car insurance in full the next day after the accident.
I never recieved any notification for my insurance company stating that my vehicle insurance would be cancelled.
For the record, I like in Australia and generally make my payments monthly.

Where do I stand? Did I have insurance or not?

Administrator answers:

Who are you insured with? There are some insurance companies who are more understanding than others when it comes to matters like this.
Many Insurance compaines will have a grace period, and generally if you miss a payment, they will send you a letter telling you that they will re-draw the money on a set date (usually 2-3 weeks) and if the money does not clear at this stage you will be uninsured. Other companies will just send you a letter saying that you are no longer covered.
Did the staff ask you if you had had an incident before they accepted the money for your insurance? They should do this if you were out of cover at any stage.
All you can do is call the claims department, explain the situation, and see how you go. I know of people who have been able to claim even though they were temporarily out of cover, but it really depends on which company you were with, and whether the claims officer is willing to make an exception. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

does getting stopped by the police affect your car insurance?

i got stopped by the police a couple days. i had my car insurance and everything. He took my license plate number. . will getting stopped affect my car insurance in any way?
i got a citation

Administrator answers:

Getting convicted of a moving violation will increase your risk factor with insurance and could raise your rates. Just being stopped will have no effect.

Paul asks…

What happens if someone who doesn’t have car insurance hits a BMW?

Someone without car insurance hit my car. Luckily it won’t cost much but just say they had hit an expensive car and actually wrote it off, how would they pay for that?
This is in Australia.

Administrator answers:

Well, here in the U.S. The victim’s insurance would cover the repair costs and then go after the party that hit the car. They are given a chance to make installment payments but if they get behind they will find themselves in court where a judge will likely seize any or all assets of that person and award them to the insurance company.

Happens every single day…

Donald asks…

Would I need car insurance before purchasing a used car from a private dealer?

I’m 18, I’ll be 19 by the time I purchase my first car & I was wondering do I need car insurance before I buy the vehicle. I’ve never done this before so I have no idea how this works.

Administrator answers:

You don’t insure something you don’t own. I actually did try to do that recently. I bought a truck out of state. Told the insurance agent I was buying this truck so I could drive it home.

I got the insurance the day after I drove it. I was careful and safe.

Ruth asks…

Do I need to buy car insurance before driving a used car that I purchase home?

I am thinking about buying a car. I won’t know if I’m buying this used car until I go look at it. How do I drive it home, if I won’t have car insurance at the moment that I buy it?
Is just seems sort of crazy to buy car insurance before I actually own a car.

Administrator answers:

Depending on the coverages you currently have on any existing vehicles, those coverages will extend to the vehicle for 5-30 days depending on your state and of course coverages. That means you would be covered until you bind the vehicle at your local insurance agent’s office. Once you take possession of the vehicle, you can always call your insurance company, and they can extend the coverage over the phone. It’s a simple process really.

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