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May 14, 2013

Donald asks…

Assuming the same level of coverage, are all car insurance companies going to be equally willing to pay out?

In other words if you go with a “cheaper” car insurance, will you be sorry if you have an accident?

Administrator answers:

In this competitive insurance market, you typically get what you pay for. Claims handling will be quicker and easier for you if you have a well established company. Most companies will pay what the policy owes. The difference lies in the amount of time your claim takes, the extent of your involvement (work you have to do), the efficiency of the company handling the claim and the staffing that the company has in place for accidents, storms, etc. Some companies will pay claims that they legally don’t owe in order to win over more business. State Farm and Allstate paid claims which they did not legally owe (off premise power outage, prevention of using home by a civil authority DUE to damage in the area) to insureds during last years hurricanes. When a catastrophic event occurs, these companies use these quick claim payments outside the policy, as a marketing tool for more business.

Also, if you have cut rate insurance, there is a reason. The service adjuster will typically have less education, lower salary’s, less innovative technology, and more claims to adjuster ratio then others. They are typically overworked and you should not expect a call back the same day you leave the adjuster a message. They have to make the cost of somewhere. Adjuster’s will have a caseload of 100 to 600 claims. Anything over 200 is more than one adjuster can handle. I am an adjuster that works on contract basis, so I have worked at many insurance companies over my career and have seen these trends.

Betty asks…

Car insurance companies willingness to pay a claim?

I’ve been looking at several different car insurance companies to compare rates and services. I’ve never had a claim in the past, but I was wondering if anyone had positive/negative feedback they’d be willing to share about any specific companies and how they handled a claim. I’ve been warned that some companies are pain to work with when you do file a claim, but maybe that was just a few rare circumstances with the people I’ve already talked to. Thanks for you input.

Administrator answers:

We have State Farm and they are very fast with clam payments. When our car was totaled last year, (while it was parked in our driveway, no less), the adjustor went to the lot the car had been towed to the day after it happened, to check it over, and brought a check to our house the next day.

Donna asks…

Has anyone had Wawanesa car insurance and had a car accident when you thought you were covered?

I was in a car accident a few days ago and without my knowledge my car insurance policy was terminated. I had it reinstated 2 days after the car accident but I am wondering if I will be covered for the day of my accident.

Administrator answers:

In order for an accident to be covered, the policy has to be inforce on the date/time of the accident.

The claims adjuster will do an investigation into the coverage and the accident. However, most likely this will not be covered.

**not legal advice – only an attorney can give legal advice.

Maria asks…

How to cancel car insurance after paying ?

Hi everyone,
I’ve just bought a car insurance from Access Insurance Company this morning for a period of 6 months.
The effective day will be from 11/20/2012.
But suddenly there’s some reason that I change my mind to use All State Insurance.
So, is it possible for me to cancel Access and get a full refund ?
It’s been 4 days until the effective day.

Administrator answers:

Yes it’s possible. In fact it’s very likely.

As soon as you possibly can, contact Access and tell them you want to withdraw your application as of the inception date and do it in writing. It’s called a flat cancellation. Since they haven’t started insuring you yet, it should be no problem. Ask for an official cancellation request to be e-mailed or faxed to you as soon as possible, then sign it and send it back right away.

Insurance companies don’t like doing that, but they have to do it so tough noogies for them! You have the right to cancel the contract at any time without prior notice, so go ahead and use it.

Laura asks…

How much would car insurance cost on average?

How much would car insurance cost on average for a 19-year old male, living on his own, drives about 40 miles a day and has had no traffic violations. what would the cost per month be?

Administrator answers:

Anywhere from about $100 to about $800 per month. Depends on where you live, what kind of car, how much coverage you want/need, etc. No way to give an average, call your insurance agent for correct quote.

Jenny asks…

What happens if you buy car insurance with wrong DOB?

What happens if you buy car insurance with incorrect DOB and few days later you call them to correct it but no one answers and then you forgot about this.

Could you get in trouble for wrong information, even if it was a error and you forgot about it due to something else important going on in your life?

Administrator answers:

You could be charged with fraud.

Gaining insurance by deception.

You policy will be invalidated so you could get charged with driving with no insurance.

Your premium will certainly go up if you’ve told them you’re older than you actually are.

You could get points on your licence and have to retake your test.

Now what was so important going on in your life at the time?

Lizzie asks…

Where can I get car insurance and pay the down payment with a check?

I had a fraudulent check card item post and they froze my card for 30 days and I need to get car insurance and all the local companies can’t compete with the online deals.

Administrator answers:

State Farm – that’s how I paid my initial premium – and set up a plan where my checking account was debited monthly – no charge for doing this, btw.

William asks…

How much will my car insurance be when I turn 23?

I hear your monthly car insurance payments go down significantly once you’re 23. I turn 23 in a few months and currently pay $65/month. How much can I expect it to be after I’m 23?

Administrator answers:

A lot depends upon several factors of which I’ve listed below. Also, different insurance companies might apply different “point values” to each of these factors to arrive at your premium payments. Only your insurance company can give you the best answer. In my early days, the cutoff was 25 years old.

Your gender
Your age
Where you live vs where you work
Education level & grades
Marital status
Type & age of car you drive
Safety features on the car you drive
Driving record
Credit score & history
Gaps in insurance coverage
Lapses in insurance due to non-payment of premiums
Claims history
Driver education classes
Add-ons to your coverage
Multi-car discount
Multiple policy (car + home)
Criminal record
Miles driven per year
Car alarm (comprehensive rates)
Where you park your car (street vs garage (coll/comp coverage)
Use of vehicle for business/work vs pleasure
The insurance company you choose
Income level
… And a few other minor factors

Sharon asks…

Is there a way to filter out all the annoying car insurance ads?

Yesterday I badly bruised my shinbone when I lunged over the coffee table to get at the remote to change the channel when one of them (this one was Amica but there are five or six others) came on for about the twentieth time in an hour. I figure that the networks have some kind of running incentives contract with them to run the car insurance company with the most annoying ads the most every hour of every day. I can’t stand them.

Administrator answers:

Not really. Just use the mute button whenever they come on like I do. They have to pitch their crap constantly because everyone knows that the biggest scam out there is insurance. You pay pay pay into it and never get anything back and then when something happens like an accident and you have the nerve to file a claim they jack up your premiums 300% because you are now high risk.

Insurance = scam.

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