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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Rates

June 22, 2013

Jenny asks…

What is the best starter motorcycle for me?

Im 190 lb, 6’1”, iv never rid-in a real motorcycle before just dirt bikes and small kid motorcycles. I was wondering what is the best starter motorcycle for me, I like choppers but there usually expensive and I didn’t want to spend more than $5,000. It’s only for transport around a small town and just to get to school. What is the best bike? It would also be helpfull it is big and heavy it would help bring my dad to allowing it since he is sort of against it.

Administrator answers:

We see this question pretty often, but the family angle is new. So let me start there. If you are going to seriously compromise the relationship with your father, work on that before taking the plunge. Show him that you’re serious about safety by taking the Motorcycle Safety Class before shopping. Check into insurance rates. Ask him questions about coverage. Show him that you’re safe in the car. Don’t get any speeding tickets or drive with a heavy foot on the accelerator. Bottom line, best to prepare him by showing dad that you’re ready.

Beyond that, there are limitless choices in motorcycles. Big and heavy isn’t a great place to start since once they start to tip, there’s no stopping them! Light and fast – the Honda CBR, Suzuki GSX-R, etc – are not the typical best first bike as they are very powerful and can do more than what a new rider is ready to do!

So starting small is not a bad way to go. Go sit on a few and see how they work for you. Try a few on – you can usually sit on them but not ride them – and remember what you intend to do with the bike. I like the Ninja 250 and Ninja 500 right now. Personally, I got back into riding on the Suzuki SV650 – but took it VERY easy at the start. But good to start with something manageable in size and move up when you’re ready. Otherwise life can be too short! Good luck!

Susan asks…

Looking to buy my first motorcycle, any suggestions?

This is going to be my first one, all I know so far is that I want a sport bike I don’t like cruisers that much, I don’t care that much about power cause I don’t really drive fast anyways, but I do need to make sure I’m going to get a decent insurance rate, I’m planning on buying brand new since I’m having problems finding used bikes in my town, any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Why not go with a cruiser? Crotch rockets tend to be expensive to insure.

Nancy asks…

Can a motorcycle be your only means of transportation?

I am thinking about buying a motorcycle but not a car. What are the pros and cons of only having a motorcycle?

Administrator answers:

Pros: Better gas mileage, lower insurance rates,fun to ride, faster in traffic, cheaper than a car, easier to find parking, and you can look really cool when you’re not even trying to.

Cons: Rain sucks on a bike, other motorists think you are invisible, no air conditioning, no heat, cops like bikes a lot more than cars, road hazards become 10x worse when on a bike, the wifes gonna hate it.

BUT….I’ve been on my bike as my sole means of transportation for almost 2 years (and I have a car, I just choose not to drive it), and I have no regrets….wouldnt change a thing….except maybe the mileage.

Donna asks…

If you have to have a Motorcycle License to buy a motorcycle, how do you get a license without a motorcycle?

I’m wanting to go and buy a new bike but I don’t have my motorcycle license and I have only limited experience. So, I need a bike to practise and then to go and take the test to get my license. So, how is it possible to buy a bike without having a motorcycle license first?

Administrator answers:

The rules on this will vary by state. Some places you can buy a bike without having a license and in other states you cannot. If you want to practice though the best thing to do is to check out the motorcycle safety courses offered by your state’s Department of Transportation. These courses are also offered at local colleges. They are usually held once a week (mostly either Saturday or Sunday), and sometimes are free, but sometimes a fee is applied. The best part is they provide the bikes for you to use throughout the training course, and upon completion of the course you can get your license. Completing one of these courses will also lead to lower insurance rates for you.

Sandra asks…

How much will motorcycle insurance be for me?

I’m 17, I’ll be 18 in 4 months. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, I’ve never had any wrecks in a car, never even been pulled over. The bike I’m getting is a 2012 Honda CBR250R. The bike cost $4300. My insurance will be through fame bureau. I don’t have any medical problems. Never had any tickets, warnings it anything like that. So could anyone please tell me? Thank you for all your help.

Administrator answers:

You have asked an unanswerable question.
The ONLY person that can answer your question is an insurance agent.
Hundreds and hundreds of variables are factored into a rate quote.
If insurance will be through Farm Bureau, why ask us?

George asks…

How much will the costs be for UK motorcycle insurance, all taxes, MOT license?

besides the motorcycle, what will the total cost be for getting myself on the road, if I already have a license?

Administrator answers:

Road tax varies from £15 to £66 a year depends on engine size.
MOT is £25 and applies from 3 years from first registration and is annual
Insurance will depend on your age, value of the bike, engine size and thus insurance group of the bike, where the bike is kept overnight, what security devices are fitted and how high the rate of vehicle crime and so the risk is in the area you live. Another factor is what you intend to use the bike for – travel to place of work costs a little more than just leisure rides. Insurance will therefore cost anywhere from £50 to £1000 and not possible to tell you more than that as we do not know enough about you.
Try putting your actual details in and get an acurate quote in seconds.

One more thing – you will need a good set of protective clothing. Boots, jacket, gloves, helmet and so on and something to keep you warm and dry if you intend to ride in the cold or wet – Budget £500 minimum and spend a little more if you can for good stuff.

Welcome to biking – not cheap but worth every last penny!

Robert asks…

How much would it cost to insure my motorcycle?

I plan on buying a Suzuki dr-z400s and I’d like to know what some people are paying for their insurance. Or maybe just what I would be paying. I’m 16 years old, Male, and I have a clean record. I’m not sure what kind of insurance I would get but probably just liability.


Administrator answers:

Try to search it on the net, go for an online quotation so that you can compare different insurance rate. Try to visit this cheap insurance site for your useful reference.Goodluck

Mark asks…

How can I get good motorcycle financing with bad credit?

I had perfect credit up to a year ago, when personal issues required me to file bankruptcy. That was in January of 2007. The bankruptcy has now been discharged. Anyways, I am looking at a Yamaha YZF-R6S. I have more then enough to pay for insurance and the monthly payments, but there is no way that I will be able to get financed by the dealer. Can anybody tell me any places that I can go that may work with my credit score of 579? Also, if anybody else has any other bikes 600cc and up that they would recommend, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You filed bankruptcy, and now you want a magic bank to finance you with poor credit? It’s not gonna happen. You FILED BANKRUPTCY, and it stays on your credit report for 7 years even if it was discharged. Banks don’t care what your problem was, all they see is the bankruptcy, and they don’t owe you squat.

You might try a credit union, but you’ll have to open an account with them first before they’ll grant you financing. They have FAR better rates than a dealer anyway, but YOU will probably be staring down the barrel of a 14% finance rate (at best) regardless.

Lesson learned: don’t file bankruptcy and expect everything to be OK afterwards. It tells people that you can’t handle money properly.

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