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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Rates

April 22, 2013

Maria asks…

How much would a motorcycle license be in Madison/Huntsville AL?

I’m seriously considering getting my motorcycle license and I’m just trying to figure out the expenses. I plan on taking an MSF course of some sort. For one, learning to ride/be safe and for two, I hear it usually makes insurance rates go down a little bit. So if anyone knows of one in the Madison/Huntsville area please let me know. I hear Harley is wayyy over priced so preferably not there UNLESS they are truly the best.

Administrator answers:

You will need a WERA / AMA approved test passed to do any racing in the US.

You dont need a road licence to RACE on the track.

Good luck.

Thomas asks…

What’s a good insurance company for motorcycles?

I live in Halifax, NS and looking for good insurance rates. Also, what type of insurance should I get? Full coverage? I would like to insure my soon-to-be 2000 Kawi Ninja 250.

Administrator answers:

I use GEICO for my bike. My car insurance does not do motorcycles.

John asks…

How much is motorcycle insurance monthly i live in los angeles and am 21 i berely gonna start riding a 1000cc ?

motorcycle….i know is powerful but i know someone that started in a 1000cc and hes doing fine

Administrator answers:

This is Yahoo! Answers, not Yahoo! Insurance.
No one except an insurance agent or an online insurance company can answer your question. There is no such thing as a rough estimate or an average cost. Hundreds and hundreds of variables are taken into consideration when insurance quotes are calculated.
Why are you unable or unwilling to contact insurance companies for rate quotes?
If you are considering a 1,000 cc sport bike, expect to pay over $4,000 or be denied coverage.
Your “someone you know” is learning bad habits starting with such a powerful motorcycle.
Articles below are required reading.

Donna asks…

Do you have to get a class c drivers license if you get a moped?

What are insurance rates for a moped-are they higher?

Administrator answers:

I think you’re asking about an M class designation on your license (M for Motorcycle). In California you don’t need one, but it depends on the engine size (CCs or cubic centimeters).

Take a look at your local DMV site.

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