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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Rates

March 23, 2013

Mary asks…

What is a good insurance company for my motorcycle in Boston?

I have a motorcycle that I have to register in Boston.. problem is that I need to get it insured first. I know that theres a fixed insurance rate in Massachusetts so many insurance companies don’t do business in the state… does anyone know a decent company around the area?

I also wanted to know how much I would end up paying for the minimal insurance package… a few people have mentioned it coming up to around $200 a year, does that sound about right?

Administrator answers:

The Premier Ins Co. Insures motorcycles in MA. I know, I have them for my bikes. Your premium depends on your riding experience and the bike itself. The more time you have been riding the less the premium. As well as if it’s a new bike or old. You need to contact a local insurance agent to get that info.

Sandy asks…

How much is insurance in canada for a motorcycle?

how much is the average insurance rate in canada for sports motorcycles?

….per year or per month?

Administrator answers:

Welcome to kanetix, your online source for Canadian insurance quotes. Kanetix’s motorcycle insurance quote comparison service brings consumers together with insurance companies in a one-stop shopping environment. Check with these peope.

Ruth asks…

For insurance, will a total loss raise my future insurance rates more than a repair? Any idea by how much?

I filed a claim on my motorcycle, I have read you can do some negotiation in terms of if your bike is considered a total loss versus just needing repair — EG telling them that certain damage is inconsequential towards the vehicle’s safety and it’s something you don’t care about — like maybe one small scratch on an otherwise fine fairing, or by getting your own estimates from shops to contest their estimates.

I was just wondering what the longer term consequences on my insurance rates might be for it being repaired or considered a total loss.

Administrator answers:

Either way you don’t get to tell the insurance adjuster that certain damage is inconsequential toward the motorcycle’s safety. He determines whether it will be safe and whether it’s a total loss. You will be rated for the accident and your insurance premiums will go up for the coming 3 years. I’m half way finished with my ratings because I had an accident and totaled a 2 year old truck when a U-Haul trailer jackknifed. It doesn’t matter whether it was a single vehicle accident, an at-fault accident, or another vehicle caused the accident. Your insurance company will screw you on the rates.

Carol asks…

How much would insurance be on a honda shadow for someone who is 16 years old?

I really want a motorcycle because of the good gas mileage but ive heard that insurance rates are pretty expensive for a 16 year old even if it is something like a honda shadow or honda rebel that dosen’t have a whole lot of power. Is this true? If so around how much would it cost?

Administrator answers:

Rates vary depending on where you live, but men under 27 years of age pay more. In my state 16 year-olds are restricted to 250cc for a year.

Your choice of bikes is good but you might talk to your folks about insuring it and listing you as secondary driver. You’d still pay but it would be less if its in their name.

Steven asks…

is it worth it to report accident to insurance company?

My mom hit my parked motorcycle because she didn’t see it,
It still works good but the frame cracked.
My mom says Its best to report it to her insurance company
but I hear insurance rates can go up so maybe it can be worse?
She’s my mom so It feels like I loose either way.

Administrator answers:

The best thing to do is to work out which option will be cheaper – fixing it yourself or getting the insurance company to pay but then her payments to them increasing. However, if she has no claims discount protection then it might not cost anything as well as not affecting her premiums. (assuming they have this there in the US too)

Charles asks…

How will this traffic ticket affect my insurance premium?

I’m a secondary driver on both my parents’ cars and on my dads motorcycle. Today, I was given a ticket for doing 117 in a 100kmh zone while trying to pass slow moving vehicles. Anyway, i’m 19 years old and this is my first ticket; how will this ticket from an asshole officer effect my insurance rates upon renewal?

Administrator answers:

It should increase the total premium around 25 percent.

Laura asks…

How much is insurance on a gas powered scooter?

I am 19 years old and wanting a gas powered scooter for local commuting and riding around college. How much does insurance on one of these run? If you do not have one currently insured then don’t answer because I know it is not the same as motorcycle insurance since scooters only get up to 45 mph. Thanks!
p.s. “who cares” I work for the state department full time and have the money for insurance. I am just wondering how much it runs because I like to be responsible with money. If the costs of insurance make up the savings in gas then it is not worth getting one.

Administrator answers:

OK, I’m an agent and have insured them, but don’t currently have an insurance policy covering one, because I don’t own one.

But, the rates are based on what coverages you want to buy, how old you are, where you live, your credit score, and what your driving record is like. It could be anywhere from $300 a year, to $3,000 or even higher.

You can get a quote from, they write scooter insurance – although not in all states.

Mark asks…

Does anyone have a moped and pay insurance for it?

I would like to get a moped when I get my driver’s liscence in a few months or so. Does anyone own a moped and pay insurance for it? I’ve heard it’s much higher than car insurance. And also, would the insurance rate be higher for a new driver, rather than one who has had a liscence for a few years?

Administrator answers:

Moped insurance is the same as motorcycle insurance (as in you get a motorcycle insurance policy). The premium you pay is based on the year, make, model, and cc’s of the moped as well as your age, where you live, and driving record. Moped insurance is usually considerably CHEAPER then auto insurance. The policies I’ve sold usually run from $75/year to $200/year for a 49cc moped with full coverage and a middle-age driver.

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