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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Rates

August 21, 2013

Chris asks…

How much should I expect to pay for motorcycle insurance?

I am a 21 year old male living at home in Pennsylvania. I just received my motorcycle license (again, after letting it expire), and I am looking to buy a 2013 Honda Shadow Phantom. The insurance policy on my truck is squeaky clean, and I plan to purchase full coverage. I’m looking for the least expensive full coverage policy from a larger company that I can trust. Keep in mind, I know there are many variables, but I’m just looking for a ballpark figure. Any insight?

Administrator answers:

Check with Markel Ins. I have low rates with them.

Paul asks…

How much will motorcycle Insurance be for me?

I’m 17. Wanna get a SV650s. I have one speeding ticket on my license which I’m sure will affect my rate. I was just curious if anyone knew a ballpark of how much it would be. Let me know if you need more info

Administrator answers:

I noticed you wrote ballpark in your question description so here you go mate…
Fenway park
4 Yawkey Way Boston, Massachusetts 02215, United States
+1 617-226-6666

Steven asks…

Help getting rid of speeding ticket or keep it off of record?

I got clocked going 50 in a 40 zone by a hidden motorcycle cop in WA state. I don’t mind paying the fine, but I need to keep this off of my driving record so that my insurance rates don’t go up. What should I do or use in court?
-my car is a manual transmission, is it possible that the radar clocked me wrong because I was increasing my RPMs to shift gears?
-the cop crossed 5 lanes of traffic to pull me over, there was nobody else around so I was clearly not a threat to anyone
-this is my first time ever getting pulled over or getting a ticket
-there were several cops out today and many getting tickets, it is clearly the end of the cops cycle to full fill their quota
what is my best way to keep this off of my record?
I know several people who have gotten their tickets removed completely
I also can get this ticket deferred as long as I do not have another violation within a year, but I have read that you should only do so as a last resort.

Administrator answers:

-Radar measures speed, not RPMs. It doesn’t matter what speed or what gear you are in.
-The court only has jurisdiction over the offense you are charged with, not the officer’s conduct. The judge won’t care how many lanes he crossed.
-You don’t have to be a threat to get a speeding ticket, you only have to be speeding.

Quotas are unconstitutional and illegal. If you can prove that, you have an excellent defense.

The best way to keep a speeding ticket off your record is to ask for traffic school or community service in exchange for a dismissal.

If you know several people that have tickets removed completely, you should be asking them!

John asks…

What motorcycle would be a good jump to a higher class from my 2007 Kawasaki 650R?

Right now I’m riding a 2007 Kawasaki 650R Ninja. Sometimes I think about moving up to a higher class. What bike would make a nice jump from my 650R? Taking into account cost of ownership and insurance costs. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Depends on what you like about riding the 650R. If you like sport bikes, the obvious move would be to the 600 class of sport bikes. You will more than double your HP and performance. Of course, insurance and many maintenance costs will increase – especially tire costs.

If you like long distance or touring, moving to a bigger bike, like a BMW or Triumph 800cc bike or a Triumph Sprint, Honda interceptor or a bigger bike like Yamaha’s FJR1300 or Honda’s ST 1300.

If you want more power with better insurance rates and still have the feel of your 650, look for something like a Suzuki Bandit, Yamaha FZ8 or a Ducati Monster.

Lots of bikes out there. Go to dealerships. Sit on the bikes and ask questions.

Susan asks…

At 17 and a half in California can you get your motorcycle permit without having to take drivers ed first?

I already have my motorcycle its a 1980 Honda Goldwing. I’ll be 17 and a half tomorrow and I’ve been wondering If I can get my motorcycle permit without taking the drivers ed course.

Administrator answers:

At 17 and a half you can get the permit without drivers ed, but you can’t take the drivers test until you are 18.

It’s a good idea to have drivers ed though, it will pay for itself in lower insurance rates.

Ken asks…

How to convince your parents to let you buy a motorcycle?

Hi, I am 16 and a half right now, and I would like to get a motorcycle. My parents are usually open to things like this as long as they know that I will be using it for the right purposes. Believe it or not, I do not have the urge to do stupid crap on it all day like some kids my age might. The three main reasons I want a motorcycle over a car are: 1) Gas is much cheaper 2) They are less expensive to buy in the first place and 3) I just love the excitement of it. The model I have in mind is a used 2011-2012 Kawasaki ninja 650r. I have looked at the new ninja 300 but I would end up getting rid of it too soon. One of the big points of buying a slightly larger motorcycle is so I can stick with it for 5 years or so. I will be taking the MSF coarse, buying gloves, jacket, helmet, close toed shoes, plus jeans and for the first month or so I will limit myself to 50 mph roads to get used to it. I will probably ride it around in a parking lot for the first week or so. So if you were me, how would you go about convincing your parents to allow you to buy a motorcycle?

Administrator answers:

Unless you are old enough to live on your own, there is now way to convince your parents. They are not less expensive. A set of tires on a bike can cost you as much as a set on a car installed. You will not limit yourself in any capacity, either speed, or distance more than likely. I say this from experience. Anyone who’s ever rode knows this. A 650R is not recommended for any age beginner. Let alone one at 16. You say you will limit yourself to 50 but that bike will do 50 in first gear, so that’s not reality. The death and crash rate for your age group makes the insurance the highest you will ever pay in your life. I rode a 500CC for the first 2 1/2 years and was still learning on it. It’s nonsense to say you’ll outgrow it. There is just too much to learn on a bike for that to be true.

Donald asks…

Getting motorcycle license in chicago, under the age of 18?

I have a license already, and I want to get a motorcycle license. It’s for a vehicle thats more than 50cc, but less than 125cc. How would I get this license? Certain motorcylce classes in chicago require you to be 18 or older. However it will be a long while before I turn 18.

Administrator answers:

Well first off you would get a class L license which is for a motor driven cycle less than 150 c.c. Of displacement. You need to get to the Illinois Secretary of States Drivers License Facility and pick up the rules of the road book. On page 9 (2009 edition) you will find your answer. I would type it for you but there is a lot of different choices to choose from. You can also go on and find the information there. I would HIGHLY SUGGEST you take the Illinois approved motorcycle class when you get a chance. They are great instructors and give you a wealth of knowledge, keep you safe and the class my lower your insurance rates too. But word to the wise….find out when enrollment is and SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY. The classes fill up fast (Like less than a day after they are announced) and they are offered in certain areas. Chicago is one of those areas with the classes but fill up real fast. I have taken the class and it was well worth it.

William asks…

How does motorcycle insurance work?

Ive been thinking about getting a motorcycle , but people have been telling me about how people can steal it. Im getting one anyway, with a gorilla alarm system, but if a person were to steal my bike would i get my money back from the insurance or a new bike ? what would i get?

Administrator answers:

What you’ll get depends upon the policy coverage. Comprehensive coverage covers theft. If the bike is stolen you’ll get a check for the value of the bike minus your deductible. You won’t “get your money back” nor will you get a new bike from the insurance company. If you can keep the bike in a garage you’ll get a better rate with many companies.

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