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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

April 6, 2013

Ken asks…

can you trust online insurance quotes for motorcycles?

now im planning on getting my first motorcycle and it is going to be a 600cc sportbike which is outrageous for a 19 year old. I have used online quotes, but when i talk to the people i know that have bikes they say that’s a crazy price for coverage. And provide me with a price they suspect it will be and a few of them are about my age and have 600cc sportbikes that say their insurance isn’t that much.

I have only had one offense since i got my actual license and that was a my fault accident a little over a year ago. No speeding tickets or any other tickets. Just that one. I have my endorsement and took a MSF safety course to help.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

It has been my experiance that a local agent is the best way to go for motorcycle insurance. They can get you discounts and are there when you need person to person answers.

Chris asks…

Where would I be able to find cheap motorcycle insurance in Ontario (Niagara Falls)?

I have been looking around for motorcycle insurance have not had a quote for less then 7500 a year. My record is clean, no tickets etc…

Administrator answers:

Insurance companys don’t want to write bikes in Ontario. You could try at Insurance Hotline as they compare the rates from all companies licenced to sell insurance in Ontario.

Steven asks…

Why is progressive motorcycle insurance so cheap?

I got three quotes from three different insurence companies for a 2005 Honda 1100cc Sabre with under 2000 miles for $6300, all three with the same type of coverage. The first quote I got from State farm they gave me a quote for $650 for the year, the second was Geico they gave me a quote for $462 for the year, the third was Progressive they quoted me with only $220 for the year with the same exact coverage as the other 2. I am 36 years old have been riding a motorcycle for about 2 years and I am buying this 2005 1100cc Sabre. Why is Progressive so much cheaper, has anybody else used Progressive and are they a good insurance company. It just sounds too good to be true.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know why? But they are! Weird huh. My buddy is 36 and has been riding for a bunch of years and got his for like $110 a year! THAT’S CRAZY! He keeps telling me to switch I’m sure I will soon.
I assume because they are such a big Company that it makes it easier to give better quotes. Kinda like, why sell a few policy’s a day for $300 when they can 20 policy’s for half that and still make big bucks! I don’t know just my thought on it anyways.

Maria asks…

How much is motorcycle insurance for a 21 year old?

I’m 21 and I’m gonna get a motorcycle I just wanted to know how much some of you 21 year olds pay for motorcycle insurance

Administrator answers:

Insurance cost varies depending the size and style of the motorcycle, your riding experience and several other factors. You’ll have to talk to an insurance agent or get a quote from an on-line web site like Progressive or Geico.

Donald asks…

What was your first motorcycle insurance quote in California?

I just have received two; Progressive:1,071 plus per year full coverage and geico: 5041 I was given a quote at a dealership once for 550 for full coverage with progressive, don’t know if they just wanted me to leave with the bike the same day or if it was the real deal, back then though I didn’t have a license, I also have passed the MSF BRC1. what should I be expecting?

Administrator answers:

Yikes thats a shit load of money! Maybe because your looking for full coverage? My cousin only paid about 220 for the whole year

Carol asks…

How much would I pay for motorcycle insurance?

I am 19. I have had insurance for 3 years and never had an accident or a ticket. I am looking f
at either a 2001 cbr f4i or a 2007 ninja 250. Which would have a lower insurance cost and what can I expect to pay for each? Thanks
The insurance I have had for 3 years was car insurance. I am going for my bike permit next week.

Administrator answers:

The only way to find out, is to call your insurance company. They will give you a free quote, but the F4i is going to be more expensive….but its a WAAAAY better bike than the 250 as well.

James asks…

Would I need auto insurance if Im driving a motorcycle/scooter with a Motorcycle Instruction Permit in AZ?

I am thinking about purchasing a Yamaha Vino (2004-08 model) and also I will be obtaining my Motorcycle Instruction Permit. I would like to know if I would need any form of auto/motorcycle insurance while practicing with my permit. If so, how much would it cost me per month (rough estimate)? I am 16 years old btw.

Administrator answers:

Call your local police dept for the law.
Call an insurance agency for quotes if necessary.

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