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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

February 12, 2013

Helen asks…

What is the cost of motorcycle insurance?

I currently am looking into buying a yamaha v-star 650cc. I have been to the progressive website, but i do not wish to grant them access to pull my credit profile (just dont think its neccessary for quoting insurance). So now i am asking everyone. I will be 25 in August, I am married, and have an excellent driving record. Does anyone have an estimate price for full coverage insurance for Louisiana. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I pay $125/ yr. For my 2006 Sportster 883

Mary asks…

Who should a check out for a decent Motorcycle insurance quote?

I have called around. And I k ow they are expensive to insure, but I have got some ridiculous quotes so far for my 08′ hayabusa. Anyone have any ideas?
No its not my first bike. I had gsx-r’s before. A 750 and a 1000. But I also lived in Virginia then. I had Geico then but Im in Michigan now, and Geico doesnt insure motorcycles here.

Another thing… must be ridiculous to insure the busa then, becaause I did check with progressive online and they quoted me 230 a month

Administrator answers:

I have State Farm and it’s pretty cheap. I also have 4 cars and a house through them and got many discounts.

You bought a bike before checking this? Is this your first bike? An 08 Hayabusa?

If it is your first bike, call your life insurance agent and get your will in order.

Laura asks…

Motorcycle insurance quote?

can you get a quote without entering a social security number? i dont want to give it out

Administrator answers:

Yes the company I work for I do Not need you to give me your social but when I hit the get credit report which gives me an insurance credit score not your fico score. At this point your ss number comes up and all but the last four are blocked and can not be retrieved, but if you want your identity toatally secure you are screwd everything is on the net if you know where to look purchase an identity theft option with your homeowners or auto policy if it is offered.

Lizzie asks…

Question about motorcycle insurance in the UK?

I just got a quote for the motorcycle I intend buying when I pass my test. Seemed a bit excessive at almost £900. I’m 23 and have ridden a 125 for a year with no claims. The bike is insurance group 13.
My question: Does the fact I don’t have a full license yet and haven’t bought the bike affect insurance quotes?
I will have a full license by the time I actually get insured, I’m just doing a bit of forward planning.

And I’ve used a few comparison sites to get the quotes.

Administrator answers:

Because you don’t have a full license then this will certainly be reflected in the high premium costs. Like with cars, beginners are deemed high risk and therefore charged more. The premiums will come down when you have ridden for a few more years (without claims) and have achieved your full license. Also where you live and store the bike effects the premium amount.
If you can’t afford full insurance then go for 3rd party (this depends on what your license requirements are so check first). If you are caught by the police without insurance then your motorcycle can be legally seized.

Steven asks…

Motorcycle Insurance..?? Who is really reasonable1st Time Rider?

I’ve search and request several quotes for motorcycle insurance from the more well know insurance companies, but there all estimate $200 to $215 per month.. and I have my ryders liences.. Does anybody have any suggestionsggesions for better deals.

Somebody hit me up>> thanks
I’m a student, and I’ve received one speeding ticket within the last five years. My record is pretty clean. Looking for full coverage. who is your insurance company?

Administrator answers:

Shop around. Progressive seems to be pretty good for young riders.
Insurance for men under age 27 is pretty high everywhere, though.

Sandy asks…

does progressive insurance usually stay true to their online quotes?

i got quoted 107 a month for motorcycle insurance on a 1998 Kawasaki zx6r, no comperhensive, just collision, the bike has 25k miles. Shouldnt insurance be cheaper than that because i dont want to buy the bike and find out the insurace is more than i can afford!

Administrator answers:

The quote can change based on your specific information.

Usually when you do an online quote- it does not have information on your credit rating or driving record. Both of these can increase the cost of the policy. If your credit rating is good and you do not have accidents/tickets/moving violations – then the actual price should be pretty close to the quote. However, if your credit rating is bad or you have accidents/tickets/moving violations then the rate can be higher than the quote you got.

All the quote is – is an estimate based on the limited information you provided.

Lisa asks…

Where can I find cheap motorcycle insurance in florida?

I am looking to finanace a bike, and need to find some insurance. Most of the quotes I have gotten have been at least $400 a month. I am trying to find something a lot cheaper. Do you have to have full coverage when financing or can you just get basic coverage like collision or something like that?

Administrator answers:

WOAH! Sounds to me like you’re looking to insure a “crotch rocket”!!

Back up, re-group and reconsider buying a cruiser. Your age and riding experience (ON THE ROAD) count a lot also.

A good rule of thumb is to remember this: the closer you have to get to the horizontal position to ride the bike, the HIGHER your premiums will be! So, the closer you come to an upright riding position, the LOWER your premiums will be.

Yamaha had a program that if you finance LESS than $10,000 – they were NOT requiring physical damage insurance. YOU are STILL responsible for the damage (AND the loan value) if something happens to the bike. You are actually “self insuring” which is the CHEAPEST way to go, but, not always the most economical!

Look around for an independent agent in your area that specializes in bike insurance. In FL, look for the Specialty Insurance Agents logo and you should be able to find someone to help! There are several companies that specialize in or have competitive M/C insurance rates – Progressive, Dairyland, AIG, Foremost, American Modern Home, GMAC (in some States) just to name a few. The is also an internet provider that is something like BIKELINE (sp?)

Good luck, ride RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!

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