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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

August 24, 2013

Laura asks…

How much does a motorcycle cost?

I’m talking the whole package. I live in Maryland and know I need to get a special certification on my driver’s license. How much is that, plus the driving class? How much is the insurance?

I’m not looking for a harley type. Just a used racing-type bike. Nothing special.

I’m 20 years old, and have been driving since age 17. I’ve had one traffic violation, a speeding ticket of 64 in a 55. Other than that, my driving record is clean.

Administrator answers:

Its hard to tell you because it depends ona lot of factors, try this site

here you can get quotes from different companies in your area.

Ken asks…

Tips for getting motorcycle insurance lowered?

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get your insurance lowered. I called a few companies for rate quotes and they told me over 4,000 a year simply because of my age, and that I have had one accident. If you have a good company, please recommend, along with your age because that plays a big factor.

Administrator answers:

The high quoted rate is probably on a new cycle in order to cover possible loss or collision damage. The lien holder demands that you have complete insurance coverage on the bike. Had you purchased the cycle outright, you could insure it for the minimal amount of public liability insurance.

And then there’s the type of bike and size which also determines the rate. Any sports or rocket bikes in the 750ccs and above will warrant high premiums. You can lower you rates considerably by choosing a 500 cc bike.

If your parents already have insurance on their vehicles, you can easily piggyback your bike onto their auto policies; which is often a very low rate for cycle coverage.

Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

What is a good beginner street bike for me?

I am 19 with no motorcycle knowledge and decided it was about time to learn, im not looking for anything new, just something i can lay down a few times in the learning process thats affordable. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The 250cc motorcycle was designed with the beginner in mind. I have 26 years of riding experience but I do own a 250cc Honda Rebel, among other bikes. The 250 is much easier around town. But, not a good bike for the highway. It does have flexible blinkers and other features designed specifically to keep the bike from getting damaged when you lay it down. Mine has been laid down many times due to lending it it beginners to learn on and test on. But, you are not limited to a 250. The three safest styles of bikes are Cruiser, Standard, and Dual Sport. A 650cc Yamaha v-star makes a good first time bike. Like most cruisers the engine produces predictable low rpm power. Making it easier to learn how to use the clutch. Most cruisers don’t come with a tackometer as the engines tend to lose power just before they redline. Letting you know without looking that you should have shifted a little sooner. The only bikes you stay away from are Sport and Supper sport from 600cc on up. These bikes are deceptively powerful and unforgiving to newbee mistakes. Before you buy any bike get a free insurance quote at

Susan asks…

Motorcycle front wheel bent out of line to left of handlebars?

Just yesterday I was in a small accident, where a white van reversed into the front of my Honda CB 250. When the handle-bars are straight and you look over-head at the wheel, the wheel is facing slightly left. Due to there being no witnesses (and me not wanting to have anything on record for my future insurance quotes), should I attempt to repair it myself, take it to a shop, or is it still legally ride-able? I phoned my insurance company and the opposing party said he denies liability, so I doubt much is going to get done given that there are no witnesses?


Administrator answers:

The bolts that hold the fork tubes in the steering yolks need to be loosened a little and then the front end gently twisted into line.
Do not attempt to do this without them loosened as this could damage/bend them. As long as the fork tubes are not bent it is an easy fix.

Sandra asks…

Would a Motorcycle make a good first vehicle?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little obsessed with motorcycles. But honestly, would it make a good first vehicle? I’ve never driven a motorcycle before, so I’m not sure if they’re difficult to maneuver. Is Motorcycle Insurance less expensive than car insurance? Is it difficult to become certified to drive one?

Administrator answers:

Are you are real rider, or a poser?

— quote, Mad jack —
Definitely a car for your primary means of transportation. A motorcycle is more of a toy.
Motorcycles suck in bad weather. They suck in the rain, especially if it is cold.
Motorcycles suck if you need to carry stuff.

My bike gets pickled and stored from about early November to late April for the winter.
I’ve not been on my bike for over a week because it’s been raining here. Bummer
— end quote —

Real riders ride in the rain. Posers think that motorcycles are toys, just something to go play. It really steams me when people tell me that I am riding just for fun, that my motorcycle is not my primary transportation.

Rain? There is gear rain that will keep you dry. Cold? Bundle up — do you think those in snowmobiles freeze? Cannot carry? I can 30-40 pounds of groceries. More important, I can carry a case of 24 bottles of beer. Motorcycles *are* practical vehicles.

Good first vehicle? A motorcycle is *safer* than a car. It is smaller, easier to drive, has no blind spots, can slip out of hazards that a car would get trapped. The statistics that show motorcycles is because those who think motorcycles are toys to play and race. They don’t care about safety because it is just a toy.

If you can ride a pedal bicycle, you can ride a motorcycle. The insurance on a Corvette is more than the insurance on a Scion iQ. The insurance for a sport bike is more than the insurance for a 250cc cruiser.

Carol asks…

Motorcycle crotch rocket types for a beginner?

I have recently wanted to start riding motorcycles. I want the crotch rocket style though. I have been looking at kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycles because I have heard they are a good beginners bike and they are the style I enjoy.

My question is what other motorcycle brands or types that have the crotch rocket style would be good for a beginner? I also would like them to try and stay under the $11,000 price range if possible.

Thank you very much for any help.

Administrator answers:

Have to ask, why a sport bike??
Best sport bikes for a beginner are the 250R Ninja or the new Honda CBR250R.
You should not be spending $11,000 on a new bike as a beginner. Either of the bikes mentioned can be purchased for $4,000 or less on the USED market. More so with the 250R Ninja.
Forget anyone’s advise on a four cylinder 600 cc sport bike or bigger. Terrible machines for the beginners. Why anyone would believe it is A-OK for a beginner to start on a 150 mph road racer is dead wrong. Insurance could easily run over $3,000 for a 600 sport bike. Not true of either of the 250s in my answer.
First, take a beginner’s training course. Then get insurance quote on ANY motorcycle you are considering. Budget about $1,000 for head to toe riding gear.
Articles below are required reading.
Again, why a sport bike? If you look at the many videos on YouTube you see the vast majority of sport bike riders that are engaged in stunting destroy their bikes. Those bikes don’t deserve that fate.
Lastly, it is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than ride a fast bike slow.

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