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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

July 11, 2013

Joseph asks…

Is there a big difference between a 250 and a 600 motorcycle INSURANCE?

Let’s use for example a Kawasaki Ninja 250r (ex250) and a Yamaha 600 (or cbr 600 or ninja zx6r)
will the gap be big?

My last question was incorrect, I meant the Insurance not only the motorcycle engine.

Administrator answers:

Yes, huge difference.
But why ask us?
Contact insurance companies for rate quotes.
No one here can give you an average, or a rough estimate. There are hundreds and hundreds of variables. My insurance would decrease if I move 8 miles to the next county.

Nancy asks…

How do I insure a 6 year old sport touring motorcycle?

I want to buy a 2006 Kawasaki 650R, a sport touring motorcycle. It is worth abouot $5,300. I got a quote from my insurance for full coverage. It was $835. I’m 51 years old and my record is totally clean. Should I eliminate the collision and accident forgiveness to save money? As long as the accident isn’t my fault would I be okay? What about gray ereas like parking lots and at malls? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I pay 95 a year full coverage for the same bike. You need to get more quotes.

Laura asks…

If I finance a motorcycle can my dad buy the insurance and list me as the only driver?

Just trying to cut some cost because it would have to have full coverage and every quote I get is $250+ a month(except Dairy land cycle which is $143 a month). Would that help at all?
I’m planning on paying him to pay the insurance company if that makes sense. I’m just wondering if I would get a cheaper rate or not?

Administrator answers:

Your best bet is to have dad put you on his policy under your name, this will likely cut your rate in half, if the bike is financed you have to pay full coverage until its paid off. I don’t know what the lien holder is going to want. If your dad cosigns for the loan you need to find out if they have to add him on the title to, or just you. With you on the insurance he has no liliabilityf he is one the insurance his name is tied in with everything you do, especially in a crash. Or if you decide to out run the cops one night they might be hanging out in the living room with your dad waiting for you to come home like me.

Charles asks…

How much will insurance be on a motorcycle for a 18 year old?

My friend wanted to know. Its a 600cc bike && we live in North Carolina. Can anyone give me an estimate of how much he could be paying for insurance?

Administrator answers:

That’s too general a question since rates are different from county to county and coverages vary.
Call a local agent for a quote and make sure you understand what coverage you’re getting. Be sure you buy medical coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Remember, accidents are usually not the cycle’s fault so you have to be prepared to cover yourself in case the person that hits you doesn’t have any insurance or doesn’t have enough. In the event it’s your fault or just your vehicle involved there won’t be anyone else to collect from so you need to be sure you have the coverage you need either way. You should also look into buying life, disability and long-term care coverage.

Susan asks…

How much would motorcycle insurance be for me?

I am 19 years old and would be getting a used sport bike. I have only one blemish on my driving record (a minor at fault accident 2 years ago). Also, I will be taking a safety course through the DMV. Thanks for the help…
Haha figured that there would be too many factors. Thanks for the input anyway!

Administrator answers:

Unanswerable question due to too many variables.
Only way to answer your question is for YOU to contact insurance companies for rate quotes.
There is no average cost. But since you are under 21 and looking at a sport bike, your insurance will be expensive.
Good Luck

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