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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Cost

May 26, 2013

Betty asks…

how much does motorcycle insurance normaly cost?

im 17 and im going to buy a yamaha r6 or a honda cbr600rr this month and im wondering about how much insurance would cost. the website quotes take forever to get so id just like to know how much other bikers pay for their insurance.

Administrator answers:

It’s really hard to say because it depends a lot on the amount of coverage, your location, age, riding experience and type of motorcycle. My guess for someone your age with such a high powered bike, if you live anywhere near a major city, you’re looking in the ball park of at least $2000/year for liability alone. Have you taken an MSF course? That will usually give you a discount of 10-15%.

If this is your first bike, I would advise getting something less expensive and without fairings to beat up at first. You could probably sell the bike in a year for pretty much what you paid and then get the supersport you want. The fairings on new bikes are so expensive, just dropping it by accident at a standstill could cost you $1000 in repairs.

Richard asks…

How much does motorcycle insurance in Texas cost?

I’m 16 and plan on buying a motorcycle and getting my license soon, how much would I pay a month/year?

Administrator answers:

Since you’re under 18 and can’t get your own insurance yet, only your parents’ agent can tell you. Call him/her for figures.

Paul asks…

how much will my motorcycle insurance cost?

I have my permit
1990 cbr600
18 years old
cheapest possible
nothing on my driving record
bike is in my name

Administrator answers:

There aint no cheap ins. For you bud, your age group, and crotch rockets are the reason everybodys ins. Has gone thru the roof……… exp. An balls to the wall……..splat……..

Mary asks…

How much would insurance cost for a motorcycle?

I’m 16 and I live in va. I was wondering how much insurance would cost for a 600cc and a 250cc. A sportbike. Like the ninja 250. But I’m trying for a 600cc, either yamaha r6 or a ninja 650r. Thanks

Administrator answers:

At your age full coverage would probably run about two to three hundred a month depending on your adjuster, usually sport bikes tend to be more expensive than a cruiser. No matter how well you drive and obey the law its an important factor on your age. Unless you get your parents to insure it then the price should drastically drop. But if your looking for just a liability coverage should not be more than 150 in price anyways. Just get a quote from geico or one of the well know agencies out there. They all have diff prices too… I had liability with them on a katana 600 cc 2001 and ran about 120 for it…. A month that is

John asks…

How much does Motorcycle Insurance cost in Ontario, Canada or in your area?


I’m planning to get either a Motorcycle License or a Private Aircraft License.

I know for a fact that the minimum cost of a Private Aircraft License is around $10,000 CND for ground school, 40 hours in an airplane and your examination. From then on its around $120 CND for an hour in a Cessna.

My question is, How much is a Motorcycle insurance? I heard its a lot and that is the reason why i’m choosing between these two licenses.

- I am 16 (17 in December)
- Grade 11 (86% avg)
- Toronto, ONtario
- I have my g1 and so far no tickets or accidents
-Planning to get either a 2008 Ninja 250R or Honda CBR125R


So how much will insurance will cost me?

Administrator answers:

My insurance is $96.00 a year for full coverage thruogh Geico.
I live in Illinois.

Nancy asks…

How much will it cost in motorcycle insurance for a 17-18 year old?

Sport bike insurace per month for beginner in U.S?

Administrator answers:

The only way to know is for you to either contact your insurance agent/broker and/or surf some of the many online insurance quote websites and enter in all your own information and that of the bike model(s) you may be interested in.

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