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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Cost

March 14, 2013

Laura asks…

About how much would motorcycle insurance cost for a new driver-age 16- in ontario?

Administrator answers:

’bout a million dollars

Seriously, insurance rates are determined by where you live, the bike you’re insuring, how much insurance you buy and more.

Although 16 and 17 year olds have almost the biggest risk and therefore have the highest insurance rates, most insurance companies offer some kind of discount for having gotten good grades.

I said ‘almost’ the highest risk as it could be worse. Some new drivers have had tickets as well as accidents. They’re at a higher risk.

In time you can also get ‘good driver’; discount, usually after three years of no tickets or accidents. You also get a slight discount when you renew. As you get older, as long as you maintain a good record, rates go down (unless inflation matches counters it).

Check out the link below. Progressive has a very good reputation. You can get quotes and do business with them on line.

Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

Motorcycle Insurance?

Does motorcycle insurance cost more than car insurance would or is it about the same?

Administrator answers:

It is definently cheaper, but it really depends on how old you are, what state you’re insuring at etc. My car insurance is like $150 a month for full coverage. For my motorcycle it’s like 400 a year for full coverage. You should also ask if your current insurance company offers discounts. I went through AAA and they gave me a discount on my insurance because i have 4 cars with them, and homeowners insurance with them. And im only 20, some companies charge like 3K a year for insurance if you’re really young, im just lucky i got hooked up =]

Paul asks…

about how much will motorcycle insurance cost me?

i am 18 and have been driving for around 1 and a half years (car) and would like to get a motorcycle, i’ve never missed a payment, have never been in an accident, and have taken the msf course

my first bike will most likely be a used kawasaki vulcan 500cc or a used yamaha vstar 650cc
my current car insurance is under statefarm so this will most likely my motorcycle will be under them as well

Administrator answers:

I have State Farm for both car and MC. My MC insurance is $400 a year but I have significant discounts multiple policies, multi-car, clean driving record, and 30 years of driving experience. I suppose you’ll pay significantly more but you should get a discount for having car insurance with State Farm.

If you had a B or better average in school and are planning on going to college, see about getting the good student discount (if you don’t have it already).

Don’t forget to budget for safety gear.

BTW, My entire family (parents, brothers) have State Farm. Various family members have been in accidents and we’ve had ZERO problems getting State Farm to pay for repairs and/or assist with co-ordinating with other insurance companies (both for accidents where it was my family member’s fault and when anther driver’s).

Jenny asks…

How much will motorcycle insurance and registration cost me per year?

I’m a 20 year old male and this will be my first motorcycle. I only have a permit right now but plan to get my licence immediately after registering and insuring my bike. Will that make a difference? I’m going to get like a 600 cc sport bike. I don’t need an exact cost. Just shoot me a good range to expect. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Registration will differ from state to state. I pay about $45 here in Texas. Insurance will depend on your driving record, the value of the bike and what kind of coverage. I pay about $200 per year, but a younger person could expect to pay more.

Lisa asks…

Dose car insurance cost more then motorcycle insurance for minors in CA?

Administrator answers:


William asks…

how much would you expect motorcycle insurance to cost me?

i live in san diego county, i’m 19, i’ve had my license for about a year (i have one crash on my record from when i was in a car on my permit, with no injuries), and i want to get a honda rebel 250 cruiser.

Administrator answers:

No one here has the slightest idea of what some insurance company may charge you for their insurance. You simply need to call around for quotes

Nancy asks…

Can insurance cost less on a motorcycle with a restriction kit ?

I want to know will insurance cost less on a 600 bike if you put a restriction kit on it. Also will it make a 600 a good first bike to start on. I know some motorcycle licenses have 33 HP limits and people still can get 600′s and put restriction kits on them to keep the power down to make them good first bikes.

Administrator answers:

The answer depends on the country you live in. You forgot to tell us the most important thing.

Michael asks…

How much does insurance for a motorcycle cost?

I currently don’t own a motorcycle but am curious the cost of insuring it. I live in Vermont so I would only be riding it from June to September. I would probably be riding a 2002 Yamaha YZF R6.

Administrator answers:

The price of insurance doesn’t go by month usually. They pro-rate the insurance knowing that you will only drive certain months. In other words, if you were to cancel the insurance over the winter time, you would only save about $5 / month. I keep it on over the winter in case it’s stolen or something happens to the shed that its stored in.

Insurance for motorcycles is similar to cars: age, size of engine, year of motorcycle, accident/traffic record, and sometimes you can get a break if you attend a motorcycle riding school (which I did and highly* recommend).

Check out progressive ( to get an estimate. I pay about $180 a year through state farm but I’ve got an older cycle and am in my 30′s.

Donald asks…

Motorcycle Insurance cost in Ontario?

I know it depends on a lot so I’ll give you as much info as possible:
age: 18
bike: honda cbr125r
driving(car) record: spotless
-the bike will be kept in my house overnight, and I’ll only be using inner city (for work, school, social..)

So guys I just need a rough estimate, doesn’t have to be exact. how much would it cost be per year?
Also, is insurance less if you’re female like with car insurance?
thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

More of a guess, but I’d say $500 to $1000 a year. Rider training will help. This is a small bike but has a full fairing so that tends to add to the price a bit. Get real quotes before you buy a bike, and ask what would make it cheaper for you (so call, don;t get internet quotes). I’d say price a couple of bikes and a mid size scooter just for comparison. I know the CBR looks good, but you might wait and make it your “next” bike if the insurance cost is high. A couple years of accident free riding and your rates will drop quite a bit. Primmum and Kingsway are two insurance companies.

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