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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Companies

May 29, 2013

Susan asks…

How much for motorcycle insurance?

I’m 35 and about to take riding lessions, I have a CLEAN driving record. What is a good insurance company and how much to insure a first time motorcyclist? Its going to be a crochrocket 800cc or higher. I live in Michigan. Also which brand should I consider?

Administrator answers:

It differs due to LOTS of variables you have not mentioned. The specific bike, your credit history, the levels of coverage you are looking for, and the laws in your state among other things all impact this. The best thing to do is to shop around. Check with Progressive, Dairyland, Bikeline, GMAC, AIG… I am probably missing a few. I would stay away from State Farm, due to their business pracitces & reputation for paying on claims.

Carol asks…

Is it possible to have car insurance with one company and motorcycle insurance with a different company?

I am part of a car insurance plan with my parents. We have 3 cars, and my younger brother and I are considered their dependents.

I am looking to buy a motorcycle, but the problem is if I get the motorcycle then we have to put one of the cars in my brother’s name, which would raise insurance by about $20/month because he’s younger and been in an accident.

So my question is this: can I keep the insurance plan the way it is with my parents’ company and buy a difference insurance plan with a different insurance company for my motorcycle?

I hope I explained that clearly enough. Thanks in advance for your help.
What about the company that I have the car insurance with? Would they have any problem and do something with my parents’ policy?

Administrator answers:

Of course you can insure the motorcycle with a different company. You can have a motorcycle with one company and the three other cars with three other companies. If you want to go that route and use different companies, there’s no problem doing that. Most people choose to use the same company because with each vehicle added to the policy, the bigger the discount.

Paul asks…

how much do you pay for motorcycle insurance each month?

hey i am new to motorcycle, and i want to know how much do YOU pay each month for motorcycle insurance. if i may ask what you engine cc’ are and whats your brand/year and insurance company….thx :)

Administrator answers:

I use to pay 300 a year for a 2006 yamaha r5 (600cc) through some insurance company that the finance guy recommended…only liability though, full coverage woulda been like 4 grand and thats just stupid

Maria asks…

Catch 22: Insurance company wants motorcycle training course but need insurance to ride the bike…?

How do I take the motorcycle training course if I need the insurance first to plate the biike and ride it? I live in Ontario, Canada.

Administrator answers:

Insurance is on the vehicle. Use someone else’s motorcycle or use one provided by the company offering the training.

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