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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Companies

April 15, 2013

Robert asks…

Do you pay for motorcycle insurance all year round?

I have my M1 and am taking the m2 course in may but I will not be riding by myself until June. The insurance companies want 4600$ a year (18 male,Ontario). Do I still pay 4600$ for the remaining few months I can ride or does that cover me until June o next year? Someone please explain. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Both of my motorcycles are covered by a 9-3 policy.
9 month full coverage, 3 month fire and theft. I reside in the Chicago, Illinois USA area.
What kind of motorcycle are you considering? Given the large premium I suspect you are considering a 600 cc or larger sport bike. Do you really wish to be paying that much money just for insurance?
If my statements are true, consider looking for other rate quotes or choosing a different style of motorcycle at least until you are 21 years of age.
Good Luck

Susan asks…

Does mercury auto insurance, offer motorcycle insurance?

Im about to buy a motorcycle. If not do insurance companies insure bikes with a salvage title?

Administrator answers:

Yes they insure people and bikes

George asks…

Trying to Find Motorcycle Rental Insurance?

I’m opening a motorcycle rental business. I need someone to insure my motorcycles when they are rented out. I’m in MD. This is a relatively new industry. The only insurance companies I can find, require you to join an association and that association requires one to use their $15,000 liscensing software. I’m not even sure if this is legal, but in the mean time, I need insurance!

Administrator answers:

State Farm and Allstate do not write in MD. Call an independent agent in your phone book and see if they can help you.

Thomas asks…

will my car insurance go up if i was speeding on my motorcycle?

i have two different insurance companies, one for my motorcycle and another for my truck. I got a ticket for speeding with my motorcycle, will this effect my truck insurance as well?

Administrator answers:

Not very likely (but does apply to different states) if you get points your insurance rate will go up. If you have two policies for each, and if it does go up, it will only affect the policy by which the bike is on. Hopes that help!

Jenny asks…

i got a traffic ticket on my motorcycle. will my car insurance go up?

i live in North Carolina.
my motorcycle insurance is with Geico.
my car insurance is with Nationwide.
the ticket was for “passing on the right”.
assuming i am found guilty in court and receive a point on my license, will it just be my motorcycle insurance that goes up?
or will it be my car insurance?

i was told that there is now a law in NC that prevents insurance companies from double penalizing motorists for a ticket, meaning that one insurance company cant penalize you for higher car insurance if your motorcycle insurance company already has, and vice versa.

could someone explain this to me? what’s going to happen to me?
check my stats, i always select the best answer.

Administrator answers:

Defend yourself in court and you will be gravy baby.

Donna asks…

Can anyone recommend a good insurance company for motorcycle cover?

I’m buying a sportsbike and the two quotes I have are HUGE! I’m also a new rider…

Administrator answers:


In which country!!

Chris asks…

Do you need insurance on a motorcycle in Florida?

I read online that if you own and have the title of the motorcycle you do not need insurance . But i never believe what i read on random websites so I’m asking here. The insurance companies are giving me insane premiums even though i have a clean driving record. My question is,is that accurate that i dont need insurance to ride in Florida.?Thank you everyone in advance.

Administrator answers:

No, you don’t. I’ve been riding for 15 years or so. It absolutely is not required.

Lizzie asks…

Motorcycle insurance question?

How expensive would insurance be for a 20 year old guy for a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R? I live in CT btw. No speeding tickets or any points on my license. What do you think? I know that isn’t much to go on, but anything you can tell me would be great.

Or if you could tell me some insurance companies that for free quotes, that’d work too.
Also, is a motorcycle license course a difficult one? More importantly? Is learning to ride a motorcycle difficult?

Administrator answers:

Nobody here on Y/A can give you an insurance quote but any Insurance company can give you an insurance quote.
Riding a motorcycle is a bit more difficult than driving a car and a whole lot more dangerous.

Steven asks…

Where do insurance companies sell totaled motorcycles?

Do these companies sell these vehicles at auction? Sealed bids? Where can I get information on how to purchased totaled bikes?
For an answer to be valid, I need the name of a company, contact information, not just they sell them or they smash them… looking for a place to buy them.

Administrator answers:

I think they get smashed into little cubes and shipped off to China…

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