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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

June 5, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Can a 17 year old in Canada get motorcycle insurance?

Can a 17 year old in Canada get motorcycle insurance without having their parents to sign anything?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can they don’t care who’s money they take its just you will need someone with a valid DL

William asks…

whats the name of the song on the geico motorcycle insurance commercial with the cavemen?

whats the name of the song on the geico motorcycle insurance commercial with the cavemen?

Administrator answers:

Hurt You_The Sounds

David asks…

I got a speeding ticket in my car. Would that affect motorcycle insurance?

Im looking to get a motorcycle. Would a speeding ticket in a car affect motorcycle insurance.

Administrator answers:

Yes it may…

James asks…

How to go about getting a motorcycle, license and insurance…?

i am from kansas and am going to get a motorcycle. can i get a permit? do i get a motorcycle first, then a license? how can i get a license first if i dont have a motorcycle?

what is the order of getting a motorcycle, insurance, license? what do i do first second and third??

Administrator answers:

First: motorcycle insurance
second: permit
third: license

Susan asks…

Motorcycle insurance for covering me medically?

I need motorcycle insurance that will cover me medically 100% no matter who’s found to be at fault in an accident. Does this sort of thing exist?

Administrator answers:

Yes, it does. Talk to your insurance agent.
I have liability coverage on my bike, not comprehensive.
I have an additional medical rider that covers medical in case of an accident with an uninsured or under-insured driver. The limits I’ve heard of are always in dollar amounts. I don’t know of any insurance that is unlimited – as 100% coverage could be.

Mark asks…

What is the base minimum of insurance required in Colorado?

I know that we need liability insurance, but is there a minimum on other types of insurance? Specifically, house insurance, RV insurance and boat insurance. Oh, and motorcycle insurance. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Auto liability, and workers compensation.

Any vehicle on a public roadway or public water is required to carry liability. Any employer is required to carry workers compensation. Besides that, everything is voluntary.

So, there’s no law that says you have to carry homeowners insurance. HOWEVER. If you want to borrow money to BUY that home, your LENDER will require it, and you’ll agree to carry it, or you won’t get the loan.

Richard asks…

What are the requirements that minors need on a motorcycle?

Do you have to have motorcycle insurance? and do you have to get a special licence plate?

Administrator answers:

It depends on you state or country, Here in Arizona you can get a motorcycle license at age 15, You will need insurance and will be required to wear a helmet for ages under 18. No special plates or registration needs.

Mandy asks…

Do I need a motorcycle endorsement for a 150 cc scooter in utah?

I am thinking of buying a scooter to save money on gas. I just want to know how much it is really going to cost. If I need motorcycle insurance, or a motorcycle stamp. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

150cc is no longer “small” bike / scooter.

You will have to settle for 50cc to go with just driver’s license.
Anything that goes fast enough for hwy speed, will require full motorcycle license and insurance. And that’s for your safety too.


Good Luck…

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