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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

April 25, 2013

Maria asks…

Do you need Motorcycle insurance to drive on a permit?

Do you have to have Motorcycle insurance to drive on a permit?
Cause im gonna go buy my bike next week and do I have to have insurance to drive it from the lot to my house?

Administrator answers:

You need to have insurance before you take possession of a motor vehicle, let alone drive it on any kind of permit or license.

This is because bad stuff can happen at any time.

Most bad stuff happens in an accident, but it can get stolen, damaged, cause damage. If you own it, you are responsible, unless you got insurance first.

If police stop you for any random reason, they will probably need to see your
* license is correct for type of vehicle you driving (you do know that a different license needed for motorcyce, than for car?)
* ownership … You have right to be driving this vehicle
* licence plates properly registered to ownership
* wearing suitable safety gear like helmet
* proof of insurance

If any of this evidence is missing, the presumption is that you are driving illegally.

James asks…

Can I drop motorcycle insurance for the winter then pick it up in the spring?

I’m 17 and am looking for a motorcycle. My mom called our insurance company (Nationwide) and had a quote prepared and they said it would be an extra $70 a month. Seeing as how it gets cold here in Ohio i don’t really want to ride a bike in the wintertime. Would it be possible to drop the motorcycle part of the insurance during the wintertime and then pick it up in the springtime when I start riding again? I’ll also be turning 18 in February so I think the rates would go down.

Administrator answers:

Yes you can drop your insurance in the winter. I know how expensive Nationwide is. I had them for 2 years.

Steven asks…

How much would buying a motorcycle, insurance, and gear cost?

I appreciate any answers.

Here are some figures I have seen:

-$90 – $200 a year

Motorcycle gear
- New helmet and gear = +/- $800

- $500- $20,000 or more

Administrator answers:

The biggest variable will be your insurance, and $90 per year is EXTREMELY low, even for limited liability ONLY. If you are over 25, good driving record, married, with an MSF course under your belt and NOT starting on a 1000cc superbike, you can expect under $50/month for full coverage (required if financing through a bank).

If you’re 18, on a used Gixxer 600, with a ticket or two, expect $400 or so just for liability!

As for gear, expect to pay AT LEAST $500, but a mroe realistic expectation is to budget another $1000 for good gear, leather if possible, and the RIGHT helmet that fits properly. Some people are fine with a $200 HJC helmet, others can’t live without a $500 Shoei. If you have a $50 head, then by all means buy a $50 helmet.

The bike itself doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Your first bike should be a smaller USED one, so you can learn and drop it a few times without getting in over your head. Maybe $5000 tops. Then after you have a couple years’ experience, you can shop for your Wonder Bike. So do you want a small sportbike under $10,000 or an exotic $23,000 MV Agusta F4? Maybe a two wheeled motor home like a Gold Wing?

The future of your motorcycling life is up to you, but it all hinges on whether you start out right and live to see it.

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