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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

March 19, 2013

Jenny asks…

How much do you pay for motorcycle insurance?

I would like to know how much you pay for motorcycle insurance. If you could, in your answer, please state how much you pay, how old you are, and what size you bike is. Also say if it is a crotch rocket a cruiser….etc. I am seventeen and wondering what a roundabout insurance quote would be for me.

Administrator answers:

$75 a year liability cause it is a 10 years old motorcycle with Progressive

Lizzie asks…

Can you cancel motorcycle insurance after 6 months while still paying lease?

When you get a motorcycle financed and the bank requires the owner to get full insurance coverage on your bike. Lets say if I were to cancel my insurance after couple of months because of some reason and not have any policy for next year. Will the bank find out and penalize me until I get one?

Or can I get away with that?


Administrator answers:

The bike has to be insured. You would be crazy NOT to have insurance on a vehicle of any kind that you have financed. If it is stolen or damaged while not insured you still are responsible for the loan!!!!!

Chris asks…

Can I get Motorcycle insurance for a hired motorcycle in Thailand?

I am planning to spend two weeks in Phuket and intend to hire a motorcycle. Is there anyway i can get compriensive insurance for this?

Thanks Phil

Administrator answers:

Usually, wherever you are renting the moto-cyyy – will offer insurance as they at least want the value of the moto covered. What you need is first class insurance because if you are involved in an accident, you could be blamed for all damages ot everyone else involved.

Best advice – don’t attempt this feat here. Find another way if you are not familiar with the habits of the drivers here. If you are familiar with their ways, then you know that there are no rules of the road out there – and every time the rest of us do go out, we come back w/stories that start with “you’ll never believe what this idiot did!!”

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