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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

February 18, 2013

Helen asks…

How much will I pay for motorcycle insurance?

I’m 18 years old with no tickets on my record. The motorcycle I’m looking at is a 1999 Honda Rebel 250 with 14k miles being sold for $1000. The full coverage insurance I have on my 06 Acura RSX is from a cheep company that wont cover motorcycles, so any quotes or suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Probably depending on what insurance you get between 100 and 400 bucks a year

John asks…

What do you know about motorcycle insurance?

I spoke with my auto insurance agent this morning (at American Family). She said the following:

1. Full coverage insurance on an everyday 2004 (500cc) Honda Motorcycle would run me about $130/year.

2. I can’t get any kind of coverage on a sport bike until I’ve had my motorcycle license for 10 years; and even if I did, it would cost me $1,000/year.

Please tell me everything you know about motorcycle insurance. Do I even need it? I want to buy a used sport bike (600cc or less) and spend around $3k for it. If something happens, it’s not like I’m wrecking a $20k new car or even my primary transportation – and the cost to fix it wouldn’t be that bad. Even if it was, at $1,000/year for insurance, I might as well just take my chances, right?
I’m a 22 year old male. I will be taking the motorcycle safety course in late spring or early summer this year. I will then get my motorcycle license.
My issue is that I CANNOT GET insurance for a sport bike, even if I was willing to pay $1,000. They said I need to have a license for 10 years and I’m not willing to wait around for a decade.

Who will give me coverage on a sport bike for cheap being an inexperienced rider?

Administrator answers:

I rode for 12 years and always found Dairyland to provide great coverage at very low costs. Give them a look, it may be worth your while.

George asks…

Can you get car insurance and motorcycle insurance on the same policy?

I have insurance on my car but i havent had insurance on my bike for about a year. i was going to get with my car because i needed to renew my tags but they told me they dont cover motorcycle. i was wondering if there is a company that covers both?
I asked the companie that insures my car and they said they didnt know. maybe i will check out geico.

Administrator answers:

I have AAA insurance, the truck, the mustang ,the R.V.and the3 bikes are all insured as a package.

Ruth asks…

What insurance should I get of a motorcycle?

so I’ve been really considering buying my first motorcycle, and I was wondering what insurance company is the best to go with for insurance, and how much it costs, also what are some things to consider and be wary of when buying motorcycle insurance? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

A cruiser will be the least expensive. Depending on the state you on a new cruiser 800cc or less on a new bike if you are over 25 your price could be as cheap as 200 per year with comp and collision. If you get any bike where you lean over the gas tank with comp and collision you could be looking at 1800-3500 per year.

Progressive is the largest insurer of motorcycles. Check there first and then look at GEICO.

Maria asks…

How much is farm bureau full motorcycle insurance?

I’m thinking about buying a new motorcycle and was wondering how much the insurance be on it. (Since it’s going to be new I must buy full coverage). If any of you have Farm Bureau then I would like to know what you guys pay for it?

Administrator answers:

Call Farm Bureau and ask THEM. They are the only people who would know.

Thomas asks…

How much does motorcycle insurance cost in MA?

How much should I expect to pay for motorcycle insurance on a cheap bike in MA? (I’m in cambridge.) I know it depends on a variety of factors, and I could call an agent and get a quote, but I’m just looking for a rough estimate.

Administrator answers:

Check Progressive or Geico Ins companies. They will give you a quote on-line.

Jenny asks…

How much do you pay in motorcycle insurance?

How much do you pay in motorcycle insurance? Do you pay once a month or?

Administrator answers:

I pay annually. $350 Canadian. Full liability, collision, fire, theft etc.
That’s for a 2007 Honda 750.

David asks…

Can i put my motorcycle insurance under my car while i am an occasional driver?

I live in Canada, Ontario. I am wondering if i can put my motorcycle under my dads auto insurance which i am an occasional driver on the same policy? Does he need to approve of this if it is possible or can i do it on my own? I do not want to pay a grand for a 4 month ride.

Administrator answers:

I know of no insurer in Ontario who will add motorcycle to an automobile policy. Motorcycles need to be insured under their own policy because the cancellation table for motorcycles are different than they are for cars. Plus even if by some freak chance your dad’s auto insurer would insure a motorcycle on his auto policy the motorcycle would have to be in his name.

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