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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

July 20, 2013

Mary asks…

Driving an uninsured NH registered motorcycle in other states?

In NH, motorcycle insurance is not compulsory. Would it be legal to drive it in another state?

Administrator answers:

As soon as you cross that state line you have to abide by there rules…………….and no ins. What so ever, I dont think so……….consider the helmet law, from state to state…………

Joseph asks…

Im a 16 year old and got my drivers license how long should i wait to get my motorcycle license?

Since im 16 and got my license. if i wait will the cost of motorcycle insurance go down? if so by about how much?
So might as well go ahead and just get it now and just pay the high prices and maybe do the MSF course to get the 10% off. But thats probably the best i can do?

Administrator answers:

Once you turn 19, the cost of motorcycle insurance will go down…but not by much. The only time you really see insurance prices drop is when you turn 25.

Keep in mind though, the longer you have insurance, the more the price goes down each year due to experience (assuming you have to tickets or accidents).

Either way, unless you are going to wait till you’re 25, it’s going to be expensive at first when you have no driving experience.

Daniel asks…

How do you start an Insurance Company in New Jersey?

Looking for the amount of capital required and then investors, FOr a Motorcycle Insurance Co ,only in the state of New Jersey or Del.

Just need a direction to head to

Administrator answers:

The company will need to apply, show an adequate amount of capital, experienced personnel to lead the company, and satisfy other requirements. Once approved, the company must have a “Certificate of Authority” to transact business in any state where you’ll issue policies. Start here for NJ:

For information regarding DE’s process, go here:

George asks…

What is the penalty for a red light ticket for a 16 year old with a motorcycle permit?

I was riding my motorcycle to a friends party and I think a red light camera took a shot of me running a yellow light. It was around 8:30pm, so it was also at night. I have purchased my own motorcycle insurance and I have already passed the motorcycle training program required to get a license as a minor.

Administrator answers:

That is a bad ticket, considering, if you accept the fault they could also ticket you for riding at night with a permit and possibly suspend your rights to ride until 18 years of age (worst case scenario). If I was in your shoes, first thing, go get your license ASAP. Go to court after you got it passed and before the ticket is due. Plead not guilty, pay the fine and schedule a date to see the judge.Dress well. Explain to the judge that this must be some kind of mistake and see what happens. Do not lie to the judge. If he/she does not dismiss the charge, politely ask to attend traffic school. Best of luck!

David asks…

What is the name of the song in the Geico motorcycle commercial?

I keep seeing a commercial for Geico motorcycle insurance and I like the song in it. The commercial shows the two cavemen riding up to two hot girls on their motorcycles. They see a billboard for Geico and turn away, leaving the girls confused. The words in the song are something like “don’t wanna hurt you……it’s just a matter of trust.” Does anyone know the name of the song and who does it?

Administrator answers:

The Sounds – Hurt You

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