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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

April 5, 2012

Richard asks…

motorbike insurance?

Is there a problem with getting motorbike insurance on a bike that has a restrictor i.e been restricted?

Administrator answers:

No but tell them its not full out put it might be cheaper

Lisa asks…

What is the best and cheap motorbike insurance I can get?

Hi everyone. I’m buying a motorbike soon and wanna know the cheap and best motorbike insurance I can get. I’m 17 and getting a 125cc motorbike and just wanna know the cheap and best I can get thanks you.

Administrator answers:

The best will not be the cheapest.

The cheapest will not be the best.

Which one do you want?

Betty asks…

Will my no claims bonus from my motorbike insurance carry on for when i decide to get car insurance ?

Iv decided to get a motorbike as they are much cheaper to insure, however, will my no claims bonus from my bike insurance carry on for when i decide to get a car and insure that ? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

No sadly
they don’t carry over insurance company rip off really

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