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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

September 7, 2012

Thomas asks…

Im 17. How can I ride a powerful motorbike in the UK?

I really want a proper motorbike…more than 125cc and I want to know how i can get around the system. I don’t have a license and have never rode a bike before. What tests do I have to do and also how much would insurance be?
yer kind of… i just don’t want a bike which sounds whiney and horrible or one that looks like a scooter. Can i do the CBT at 17?

Administrator answers:

You don’t have a licence and have never rode a bike and yet you don’t want a 125 cc bike.

This sounds suspiciously like you just want a powerful bike to brag about.

In the UK, you have to do your compulsory basic training (CBT) before you cna go out on the road. If you don’t want to ride a 125 cc bike then you need to keep doing lessons and do the direct access test. That way you can ride what you like without having to be restricted.

I live in northern Ireland and things here are different (we don’t have to do the CBT but don’t get the chance to do the direct access test). At the moment I am driving a restricted bike and although it is not powerful enough for long distance riding, it is perfectly adequate at the moment for commuting.

The insurance is dependant on your age, where you live, what sort of parking you have for the bike, and the engine size of the bike. For a 125 cc bike, it is reasonable, but if you get a larger one then I’m afraid you will it very expensive.

My advice is to get some lessons and some feedback from your instructor before seeking out powerful bikes. A 125 cc bike can hit 60 easily which is more than enough speed to kill you. With a bike you don’t get second chances like you do in a car.

Chris asks…

Where can I find all information about riding a motorbike / motorcycle in the UK?

I have been driving all these years but due to cost wish to start using a motorbike instead. I want those ones that look like a moped but with larger wheels or actually like a dirt bike but on road. Does anybody know what sort of bike this would be? Do I have to pay tax, get permits, insurance etc. Can somebody tell me where to find these things. I just want a decent looking bike to get me to and from work around the area etc.


Administrator answers:

Go to the dvla online

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