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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

August 27, 2013

Ken asks…

Can I push a non road legal motorbike on the side of a road if the engine is switched of?

Administrator answers:


contrary to the opinions of others the Law you ask about states otherwise.

“Can I push a non road legal motorbike on the side of a road if the engine is switched of?” – No

Someone attempted his opinion on the use of the word “use”.

If we take the aspect of No Insurance the law on that comes in Section 143 of The Road Traffic Act 1988.
The act states “(1)Subject to the provisions of this Part of this Act—
(a)a person must not use a motor vehicle on a road or other public place unless there is in force in relation to the use of the vehicle by that person such a policy of insurance or such a security in respect of third party risks as complies with the requirements of this Part of this Act,…”

You see the term is ‘use’ not drive or ride.

To determine what the law means by ‘use’ you need to research ‘Case Law’.

One legal opinion states “It is important to note that the concept of ‘use’ is an extremely wide one and that it is not necessary for an accused person to actually drive a car for them to be deemed as ‘using it’. ” For car read motorcycle.

So no insurance.

If you follow some of the case law research through you will find there is a case to make for you ‘driving’ the motorcycle as it has been held that if you have control of the propulsion and steering you are driving!

Mandy asks…

what is the best 125cc bike for me?

this is going to be quite long but bare with me…
i will use this bike for short to medium distances regularly but needs to be ok for long ones too.

key factors for me,

small budget
fast but not mega speed
good fuel economy
cheap insurance
dirtbike sports or tourer styled.
nice looking!

have been looking at the honda varadero, kawasaki kx, honda xr125, honda nsr. so any similar bikes would be useful to know about


Administrator answers:

Some one ask me, how fast is a 125 cc bikes in Sentul? To answer that question lets find out who the fastest man ever ride a 125 cc bike in Sentul. That man is none other than Valentino Rossi which won the 1997 Indonesia GP more than a decade ago.

First introduced to the UK in 2004 as a replacement for the popular Honda NSR125, the Honda CBR125 is a 4-stroke 125cc learner legal motorcycle. It has fast become one of the most popular entry level motorbikes in the UK, even gaining the title of the best selling motorcycle of 2005.

Technical Specifications of the CBR125

* Max Power: 13 B hp
* Displacement: 124.7cc
* Dry weight: 115Kg
* Seat height: 776mm
* Wheelbase: 1294mm

The Honda bike also features an electric start for easier use, a 6-speed gearbox and disc brakes at both the front and back wheels.
Partly due to their popularity and volume in circulation, Honda CBR 125s are relatively cheap 125cc motorbikes, brand new or second hand. Many used motorbike dealers will sell them, or at least point you in the right direction to finding a CBR125 to buy. Being well-built they tend to be relatively long lasting, therefore making them a good buy and ideal for a learner motorcyclist.

Michael asks…

Roughly how much is motorbike(moped) insurance for a 16 year old UK?

I’m 14 and im gonna start saving up to get a motorbike Im hopefully gonna talk my dad into paying for the CBT and splitting the cost of the bike, ill pay for the Provisional and insurance. So roughly how much is insurance per month for a 16 year old on a 50cc as a first time rider

Administrator answers:

It was a couple of years ago now but i had a moped when i was 16. That only cost me £150 to insure. I managed to pay it monthly at £11 a month because i had it coming out of my mums bank account. I used if that helps.

In addition the following year i didn’t get a car due to insurance cost. But went up to a 125cc enduro bike and lexham only charged me £190 for the year and allowed me to pay monthly because i hadnt missed a payment.

Hope it helps

Robert asks…

Is it important to have insurance?

Is it important to have insurance for a motorbike? I was thinking of buying a 125cc learner bike. How much would insurance, mot etc cost roughly
What kind of equipment would i need for the bike

Administrator answers:

Any kind of motor vehicle in the UK requires insurance by law and if you get caught without insurance you will get points, a fine and your vehicle seized at roadside.
The cost depends on a lot of variables (your age, where you live, how long you’ve held your licence etc etc) so you’d really need to get some quotes. Maybe try a price comparison website like

Mark asks…

companies that insurance a british motorbike for a spanish resident?

Administrator answers:

If you want to insure a motorcycle try using – it’s a bike insurance comparison website.

Maria asks…

I want to get a motorbike or motorscooter and do a tour of these countries – what kind of licence do I need?






Administrator answers:

You need a FULL licence for whatever you are riding. Provisional/learner is not legal outside UK. Make sure you have proper insurance and either breakdown-recovery policy or enough cash to abandon the bike and fly home if things go wrong.

Betty asks…

Can i ride a geared bike ?

I am almost 21 and I live in the UK. I passed my scooter cbt last week. Can I ride a geared 125 motorbike, or do I have to do another cbt?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can ride a 125 geared bike. The one CBT covers both 50cc scoots and 125s. Don’t forget L plates, MOT, tax, insurance and a helmet.

Jenny asks…

We used to have the safest roads in Europe. What can be done to make our roads safer?

“A decade ago Britain had the best road safety record in Europe. By 2006 it had fallen to fifth place behind Malta, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway. Even Germany and France, countries where the road death rate was traditionally much higher, have almost caught up with Britain.”

Administrator answers:

Personally, I would like to see offenders made to retake their test after being convicted of offences such as driving without due care, reckless driving, drink driving, excess speed (50% more than the speed limit), traffic light offences, no insurance etc. Must drivers on the roads only learn to drive once, when they are young and seem to think that because they’ve passed a test they are instantly a superb driver and can never learn any more. If they had to resit their test some 20 years after passing it, they’d get a bit of a shock. It would also serve as a deterrent.

I’d also like to see something come in like the motorbike licence where you are limited to the size of engine you can drive until you’ve done the appropriate training. It’s bonkers that an 18 year old can pass their test in a Micra and immediately go out and buy an Impreza.

Helen asks…

Shall I get a motorscooter, Motorbyke or a car?

I’m a first time driver living in the UK (I’m not money loaded either) What would be more convenient a car, a motorbyke or a motorscooter.

Thank you so much

Administrator answers:

If you like to ride a motorbike then you will need to pass your CBT (compulsory basic training) which is a one day assessment course. Once you have passed that then you can ride a 50cc moped without L plates and can carry a pillion passenger for the life of your Driving Licence. You will also be allowed to ride a motorbike up to 125cc whilst displaying L plates (can’t carry passengers or use motorways) and you must re-take your CBT every 2 years unless you obtain your full/restricted motorcycle licence. As for what to get, that all depends on your needs and your budget.

If you just need some cheap transportation to/from work/college travelling a short distance, then a 125cc motorbike would do. You won’t have to pay the London congestion charge, parking is generally free everywhere, cheap road tax and insurance, cheap to service and repair and very good fuel economy. On top of that you can easier filter through traffic, but it does has it draw backs as well. You don’t have a protected shell which means that you are more vulnerable to injury in a crash as well as all the elements of the weather and you will feel every pot hole going.

If on the other hand you need to travel great distances or you need to carry passengers and/or shopping, then a car is ideal. However you pay a lot in car tax, parking, congestion charge as well as insurance if you are a young driver. If it’s an older second hand car then you may find you have to spend a lot on petrol as well as carrying out repairs in order for it to pass its annual MOT test as well as servicing.

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