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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

August 18, 2013

James asks…

Is it cheaper to own a motorbike or a car for a 18 year old in the UK?

Or a moped?

Need something that will travel 15 miles there and 15 miles back (college)

Administrator answers:

2 wheels seriously cheaper!

You could buy yourself a 125cc, do you CBT, buy helmet, gloves ect and insure it for less that what some young people pay just for car insurance!

Oh not to mention big MPG figures and cheap tax!

The bad news? You get wet when it rains :(

Robert asks…

How much does a basic motor bike cost to buy and run?

Administrator answers:

It depends how basic – we’ll assume you’re in the UK, as you haven’t said where you are. If you want a simple 125cc bike, which you can ride with L plates if you’re over 17, it could cost you from £500 to £2500 to buy the bike, and about £100 to take your Compulsory Basic Training course. Road tax was less than £20 per year for a 125 last time I looked, insurance could cost you a couple of hundred a year to start off with. You’ll need decent clothing and a helmet, budget up to £200 to get that all sorted and then fuel – thankfully 125cc motorbikes tend to be very frugal with petrol, 90 miles per gallon is not unusual. Don’t forget other running costs such as servicing and tyres. The bigger the bike, the more it will cost.

William asks…

Questions about getting a motorcycle?

Im 16, live in the UK and have recently started college. I was thinking about buying a motorcycle as an easy way to get around. Im applying for jobs to fund petrol fees and if im lucky my mum and dad might help me buy the actual bike aswell. But I have some questions.

How old do you need to be to buy a motorbike?
Roughly, how much is the insurance?
Is Honda a good motorcycle company?

Administrator answers:

“How old do you need to be to buy a motorbike?”
You can buy a motorbike at any age.
However, you cannot ride a motorbike on the road until you are 17 years old.

“Roughly, how much is the insurance?”
Roughly, between £100 and £1,000.

“Is Honda a good motorcycle company?”
I’ve no idea, because I’ve never worked for them.
However, the motorcycles they produce are some of the best in the world.

Susan asks…

Where can i rent a motorbike 125cc for 18 year old in spain. i am from the UK?

Where can i rent a motorbike 125cc for 18 year old in spain. i am from the UK.

can i use my British provisional licence? or do i just need cbt or a full motor cycle licence.

also do you know any website that do this. if not in Spain anywhere in Europe which has nice rides for a week. thanks

Administrator answers:

You will need a full driving license for a start. It is all down to insurance, no one will cover you with a provisional license , or full license you have held for less than a year.

Check with both your travel insurance and your motorbike insurance for cover before you go any further. You are almost certain to have difficulty getting cover for medical treatment if you have a motorbike accident anywhere abroad.

Donna asks…

Help on selling motorbike back to the dealer?

In november 2010 i bought a Yamaha wr125r (2010) it cost me about £2700 although I think I got some discount. After a year I could no longer afford the insurance so had to put it into storage where its been sitting for the last 2 years, Now I’m in desperate need to pay my bills.

The bike has about 3000 miles maximum
I have had to replace a side panel plastic bit when I came off but no damage was made to the bike itself. I’m going to clean it up this weekend but I’m wondering how much I should expect for the bike once it’s in good working order. Also how fast would the dealership be able to give me the money for my bike ? Also I’m still paying £25 a month until this November because I bought the bike on finance will this effect me in anyway?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to answer my question

Administrator answers:

First thing you need to do is to find out what the current wholesale and retail price is on your bike. If you lived in the USA, I’d suggest using Kelley Blue Book ( , but I’m sure there is some similar on-line price guide in the UK that you can use.

The dealer will offer you wholesale or less for your bike. You could advertise and sell it yourself for near retail and keep the difference. You’ll have to work out the details on paying off your loan with the bank.

Paul asks…

How much would insurance be for a 125cc motorbike in the UK? Just a ball park figure.?

Administrator answers:

Too little information to be able to even wildly guess. It will depend on your age, the age and value of the bike, where you live and how the bike is stored at night (garage, driveway etc.), any existing no claims bonus…. Etc etc

rough figure for a 17 yr old will be anything from £800-£1200 possibly more if you live in a high risk area.
Rough figure for a 45 yr old would be probably £100!

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