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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

July 29, 2013

Laura asks…

how would I go about getting my CBT?

I live in the UK and want to get a CBT its like a motorbike license only you can only ride 50 cc to 125 cc how would i go about getting one I am planning to get a 50cc scooter and am 16 in 2 months also what insurance policys would I need and tax etc
also overall it will it cost a lot
I meant will it cost a lot

Administrator answers:

I’d go online and ask a female if she would be willing to perform CBT upon me.

George asks…

Has any scooter rider out there had experience of towing a small trailer behind the bike?

Administrator answers:

If you are in the Uk
Squire Sidecars make trailers for motorbikes.
F2 motorcycles ( advertise on the Web) sell these and market towbars for bike and scooters too,
the PAV scooter trailer is available and many designs are shown.
Most scootering mags ( scootering , scooterist, TAG) all run articles on these.
There is a design offered on CD on the internet that uses a small roof box ( as available from halfords) as the body with indespension units for the wheels.
In UK you mustn’t exceed 1 metre wide or a design weight of 60KG lighting is minimal and only nees to display the rear and repest the rear tail and brake light combination if the vehicles lights are visible above. WARNING triangles are also required and it is illegal to tow on L plates so you need a full licence. Most insurance companies won’t insure the trailer other than 3rd party and not the contents..

James asks…

On avarage how much does it cost to pass your uk motorbike test?

Administrator answers:

THE COSTS, Provisional licence: £50.00, (Compulsory Basic Training) CBT: £115.00 (includes all instruction, bike & clothing hire, bike insurance, fuel etc) Theory test: £29.00, Practical test: £60.00, Provisional to full licence: FREE.
Did you know that there is going to be a new practical motorcycle test, which is being introduced from October 2008 to comply with European Legislation & will be done in two parts. Find out more here: (Click here for the DSA’s webpage on the New 2008 Motorcycle Test)

Chris asks…

Can I drive a motorbike in Germany with a UK provisional license?

Administrator answers:

No as the insurance company wont cover you to ride abroad un less you have a full license

Nancy asks…

In the UK what is the difference between a Motorcycle Licence and a Moped Licence?

Administrator answers:

A moped is usually classed as an outfit less then 125 cc and can be ridden on a CBT without having to take a full bike license, this can be taken at 16 but you will still need full tax insurance etc …. A motorbike license can not be given until you are 17 and you must have a CBT certificate before earning it. In the UK the motorcycle test is in 2 parts, and will allow you to ride a bike over 125 cc on any road ( you can not ride any vehicle under 250cc on a motorway or some a roads)… If you have a driving license acquired before a certain date you are able to ride up to 250cc on a cbt (i think) but you will have to check the latest legislation

William asks…

Motorbikes in the UK, what tests do I need to take.?

So my dad has this 125 cc motorbike in the garage he say I can drive it but what tests do I need to take? Some people tell me I just have to pass my driving test (which I am planning to do soon), some people say I need to take a CBT test regardless. If I take the CBT test would I still be required to wear L plates or do I need to take a motorbike test?
Any help will be great and I’m from the UK =)

Administrator answers:

Yes you need your CBT and a provisional licence and L plates and insurance, to ride any bike larger than a 125 you will need to pass your test. The CBT only lasts for two years if you pass your bike test during the two years you progress the next stage, if you do not then you have to retake the CBT.


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