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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

July 21, 2013

Laura asks…

well im 13 and want a dirt bike for my birthday but dont know any farms to take one so any farms in the uk?

that allow motorbikes?

Administrator answers:

At 13 you will need to have your bike taken to the race track , MX track, off road centre etc on a trailer because you cant ride it on the road to get there.

Just use Google to find the off road centres etc.

Ooh before you do, ask your parents if they have enough money for a MX bike, all your kit, under 16 insurance, a trailer, a tow bar for the car, money to get you riding & the free time to take you.

Donna asks…

Can I use my parents insurance to add my Motorbike (Im 17 with Provisional)?

My mum has a car and I was wondering if she can add another vehicle to the insurance, as I’m getting prices off £1500 for my insurance and I can’t afford that as the bike itself costs £1500!

Is it possible to add my bike to my mums insurance?
Its a 125cc bike and I’m 17 with a provisional license

Administrator answers:

Your mum will need to call her insurance company to find out, but most insurance companies don’t usually insure cars and bikes on the same policy.

Have you tried getting some quotes from The Bike Insurer… Http:// – they offer an online comparison service for motorcycle and scooter insurance. I have always got the lowest quote through this site.

Also try Lexham Insurance brokers as they are good for young people on 50cc-125cc machines – (they usually offer a better price over the phone but if you get a quote online they will usually email you afterwards with a lower price).

When you get quotes, make sure you try all levels of cover (Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) and Fully Comprehensive) as things are not always as they seem. Sometimes Fully Comp can be cheaper than TPFT and even 3rd party only insurance. It’s all to do with statistics so try all types of insurance cover to see which is the cheapest.

You could also try using some of the other popular insurance comparison sites…


Good Luck! ;)

Betty asks…

I’m 16. How do I progress on to a 600cc Motorbike?

I’m currently 16 years old, and live in the UK.
I have passed my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and got my Provisional License.

I would like to know how i’d progress onto, say a 600cc Bike when i’m 17.

I understand I need to gain my Full Bike License, however it’s all very confusing. Could someone please explain, in detail, how I progress through the different stages.
Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

You simply need to get a full license. It costs about £500 and allows you to ride anything upto 600cc, if you want to progress on from there you need to have been riding for a few years but to be honest i doubt you will even get insurance on anything bigger than a 600 until your in your late 20′s anyway and if you do it will cost far too much to be worth it. I no a lad that got an r1 when he was 22 and it cost just as much to insure as it did for the bike brand new

Linda asks…

Do I need to tell insurance I now got full license?

I passed my motorbike license yesterday and I want to know if I legally have to tel my insurance company.
I told the insurance company of one of my moped and had no charge but for my motorbike the insurance company want to charge me £50 admin fee.
Do I have to tell them because I don’t see a good reason why to pay those £50 or is there a way to get around paying them

Administrator answers:

You are apparently in the UK and I am not very familiar with how things work there but I would never do business with a company who charges an “administrative fee” to do business with them. They should be paying YOU a fee for the pleasure of your business. Fee or not, you do need to be sure any and all vehicles that you drive are insured. I would do some serious insurance comparison shopping, if I were you.

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