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July 1, 2013

John asks…

Insurance is ridiculous on a new car company why?

Basically i live in the UK and i want to buy from the uk dealer a £14k SUV by great wall cars from china, they have only been making commerical cars for like 4 years i think. i have been driving for 3 years with 3 years no claims.

I went to look at insurance and it shows up as £11K a year!? is this because its a newish company and they really dont want me to drive the car? or what?, i can get insured on a £40k car cheaper than that!!

Administrator answers:

Possibly non-UK spec (import), but most likely because they’re more or less unknown over here. The company I work for doesn’t insure these vehicles. If you had a claim there would be serious problems in getting the parts for these vehicles because they’re so few and far between, this is why they want to charge you a fortune.

Just like with motorbikes though, the Chinese would love to sell you a brand new bike, but would laugh at you when you ask them for spare parts or to service it.

EDIT: I work in insurance, I know what I’m talking about with this. An explanation for the thumbs down would be lovely, TA.

Lisa asks…

24 wanting a first bike, 125cc to start with. How much for a cheap one with insurance?

Wanting a motorbike, starting off slower though to get the hang of it before getting a bigger engine. Going to be using it for going around the dales on a weekend. Would 1000 pounds be enough for bike and insurance? Any models to look out for on my search too

Administrator answers:

Its a good idea to start off on a 125 Rather then jumping straight up to a 600+ like some people do.
Model wise, the yamaha YBR is a nice easy bike to learn on :) You can get one for under £1000 if you shop about abit :)
Such as here

Or the honda CG125 is around the same price :)
I personally like the looks of the new ZSX by lexmoto its only £1499 new (Im sure someone will comment saying its chinese crap) But its placed in the same league as the Yamaha YZF/Honda CBR by MCN :)

James asks…

What steps do I need to take to be legal to ride a 125cc motorbike on the roads?

Hey, so I know first up I need to have a UK provisional or full driver’s liscence and have done a CBT to ride a 125cc BUT my question is, if I were to purchase a brand new 125cc (a Huonaio 125)for £750 off how do I register this with the DVLA and get a numberplate and pay road tax? Also where can I find cheap basic insurance for it and how much will all this cost me?

Administrator answers:

Please, try and stay clear from those kind of makes. They are Chinese manufactured, and have a poor reputation. Many of them start falling apart within 3 months of use. It would be best to pick up a Japanese manufactured motorcycle instead. If your money can stretch further, then you can get something more stylish and reliable with better build quality. Just my opinion though, so it’s completely up to you. From reading the Direct GOV site, the dealer should sort out all the necessary paper work and documents for getting the bike registered. Usually, it requires a V5 form; from your local post office. Insurance prices can depend on alot of things, no one can give you a definite answer here. It’s best to use comparison websites to get a quote, such as go compare or compare the market.

William asks…

Whats the cheapest you think i can get a moped and everything i need for it like inscurance for?

because i dont want to spend a lot
and also, what is everything I need?

Administrator answers:

I’d say;

1. £180-£250 for insurance
2. £500/£600 for a decent, but cheap scooter
3. £100-£200 for kit and security bits
4. £50-£180 for a good helmet
5. £50 for provisional license
6. £100-£150 CBT (but should include hire of their bikes)

So that makes £1430 roughly

Here are some sites for lookin at;
1. Insurance;
2. Scooter;
3. Kit; OR
4. Helmet;
5. Online or a local post office
6. Local bike test centre (just google bike test centre in area, but use town name name)

Good luck, ride safe
–Mikey B–

George asks…

What would you say is better? A car or motorbike/moped?

I’m nearly 16 but was wondering which is better (price, insurance, running costs, etc) a motorbike/moped or a car, I know that if your young then insurance companies charge you a ton cause they think you’ll crash but i was just wondering how much would each be about? Also, how old do you have to be to take the tests for both?

Administrator answers:

In the UK at 16 the only choice you have is a moped that is under 50cc and can go 31mph flat out
No one bothers with moped tests as they never ride/have them long enough
If you pass a car test you get a moped licence included.
So 17 for the car and larger bikes
Moped £300 ish
Motorcycle at 17 up to 125cc on L plates – £600 to £1200
Car at 17 – £3000 and more
(all above are per year and subject to massive variations depending on circumstances that you have not and will not tell us)

Thomas asks…

How do I get a motorbike licence ?

I’m looking to get my motorbike licence I don’t want to ride a 125cc I want something Abit more powerful I’m 21 so I don’t honk there are any restrictions

Administrator answers:

Hi Kearon,

as a professional motorcycle instructor I can tell you twisted_ace is correct and Andy has come out with his usual rubbish. Please ignore Andy C’s ramblings he knows nothing of the law and even less about the motorcycle training industry.
Rant over.

To expand on Twisted_Ace’s answer.-

At 21 you can undertake the Direct Access scheme that will allow you to ride any size bike immediately on passing you tests.

You start, as all must, by obtaining a provisional motorcycle licence. If you have already got a car licence it will show on the green counterpart.

To ride on the road you must then take a Compulsory Basic Training course.
Follow the links within the link to find your nearest training body. -

With insurance and L plates you may then ride up to 125cc on the road as you practice for the test.
You do not at this stage need to have passed a theory test!

Before taking the Module 1 and Module 2 of the practical test you will have to pass a motorcycle theory test.

The motorcycle test is the same whether you do it on a 125cc or a ‘big’ bike.

A pass on a 125cc will give you a full category A motorcycle licence that is restricted for 2 years to 33 bhp. After 2 years any size bike.
You can of course practice on your own on the 125 as much as you like.

The DAS pass, on a bike bigger than 46.4bhp, will give you an unrestricted A licence immediately.
The down side to the DAS is that you may not practice on your own on the ‘big’ bike, you have to have a qualified instructor with you at all times and the instructor is in radio contact with you.

The A1 licence Andy confuses himself with ( and attempt to do the same to others) is quite frankly a bit of a red herring. If you take the test on a bike less than 120cc or unable to reach the power requirements (the DSA have a list) you will get an A1 licence. This allows you to ride up to 125cc without L plates and carry pillion passengers. Thats it. It does NOT become a full A after 2 years. See his own link, a standard bike does though.

You should be aware there is not a separate CBT for DAS. If you are up for it we can actually do the CBT on a ‘big’ bike but even if you took it on a moped its a CBT and that is the certificate you present when taking theory and practical tests.

Costs are obviously greater for the DAS as you cannot practice on your own and Twisteds figure of £800 is about right.

Please find your nearest Motorcycle Training centre and drop in for a chat. We are friendly people and my coffee pot is always on. We can discuss the best way forward for your particular needs.

One more thing, get it done sooner rather than later as there are many changes to the testing procedure in the pipe line.

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