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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

June 11, 2013

Robert asks…

Will be in Pattaya for 30 days, can I drive a car using my UK driving license ?

Or do I need to get an International license?

Administrator answers:

Uk license is pretty much useless. Yes, you need a international driving permit. However this should be carried alongside your home license and passport. Its a requirement to always carry your passport remember. Pain in the butt i know. I just keep mine locked in my motorbike all the time.
For the first 10 months here i thought buying the IDP was a complete waste of $40. After all thai isn’t even one of the languages inside it. I didn’t get pulled up at all in that 10 months.
However i have been pulled up 3 times in the last week and each time they asked for this and as soon as they see it you are on your way again. It’s worth having for this reason and also it may assist you for insurance purposes as well.

Linda asks…

What transport can a 14 year old go on?

Not like your moms car or the bus something like what can I buy like a motorbike or moped. What is a cool transport like that (I’m in the uk) what is the youngest age you can get something like that?
Also what kind of transport can u ride without a liscense

What cool transport can I get to school :)

Is there such thing?


Administrator answers:

Under UK law you can use the following on the public road:

Electrically assisted bicycle weighing less than 40kg without the rider, with a power output of no more than 200W and a motor which stops assisting over 15mph.

Electrically assisted tricycle or tandem bicycle weighing less than 60kg without the driver, with a power output of no more than 250W and a motor which stops assisting over 15mph. (For example a Sinclair C5)

That’s it for powered vehicles, other than that you’re limited to thing like bicycles, roller skates, space hoppers, pogo sticks, etc.

To ride a moped you need to be 16, to ride a motorbike or drive a car you must be 17, 18 for a truck under 7.5 tonnes, 21 for a bus or truck over 7.5 tonnes.

On private land you can drive anything you like at any age and without a license/tax/MOT/insurance so long as you have the landowner’s permission, even if that means driving a tank.

Helen asks…

What can i drive with a provisional license in the UK?

im turning 17 soon and i want to apply for my provisional, once i get that what can i do with it, and also how do i get my prrovisional, do i have to do some sort of test and after that can i drive what ever car i want without anyone next to me??

Administrator answers:

You can apply for a provisional licence with or without motorcycle entitlement.

Assuming you choose “without motorcycle”, you can drive whatever car you are insured to drive, with the permission of the owner (you may legally own it yourself but that would make the price of insurance insanely high).

Until you pass your driving test, you must be accompanied by a fully-licensed driver at all times, who must have held a licence for at least 3 years. The vehicle must display “L” plates when you are driving it.

You obtain the provisional licence by filling in a form and sending it to the DVLA in Swansea, with photo and money. You do not need to pass a test to get the provisional licence.

You may not drive alone at any time until after you have passed your driving test and become a full licence holder.

If you choose “with motorcycle”, you can also ride a 125cc motorcycle solo and alone, after completing a CBT course (“Compulsory Basic Training”). You must display “L” plates on the motorcycle.

Once you pass any driving test and hold a full licence in any category at all (car, motorbike, even a tank) then it is automatically a provisional licence in all other categories, but it does not give you any more rights in those other categories than a plain beginner’s provisional licence would.

Susan asks…

will a motorbike restrictor damage the engine?

i might get a cbr or something in a year. il be 17 so i could only drive a 125cc. could i get like a 600cc and have a restrictor on it and still be legal to ride it on the road? will it damage the engine?

Administrator answers:

I assume you live in the Uk.

You will have to wait until you pass your full motorcycle test before you can get a bike and restrict it and then it needs to be restricted in a garage and a dyno run taken to verify that it is restricted to 33 bhp. You need that certificate for the insurance

You can ride any sort of bike with a restrictor and it should not damage the engine. I am riding a Honda CB400 with a restrictor that has been on it for 4 years at least and not had any problems. I know a guy that has a 700c sports bike and he restricted it with and it was running fine.

Take my advice though and if you want to get a bike and restrict it, make sure it is a light bike. My 400cc bike would have 60% more power without the restrictor (once I find the damn thing it is coming off) which is a lot of power for an engine to loose. The guy with the 700cc says he did not notice the difference before and after the restrictor was fitted but I suspect he did not push it hard as he just drove it to the garage.If you get a heavy bike, then you may find that the engine will struggle, but generally on motorbikes they have far more power than you can ever use on the road.

Laura asks…

Do you have to have a CBT to ride a 50cc moped in the UK at the age of 18?

Hey , Do you have to have a CBT to ride a 50cc moped on the road in the UK even if your 18 the moped has Tax MOT and insurance?

Administrator answers:

Yes you do, at 18, 19, even 65!

The law states that unless you passed you car test before 2001, then you MUST have a valid CBT before you can ride any moped/motorbike on the road.

In fact, the law also states that at:
16+ with a provisional and CBT = you can ride a moped (upto 31mph, upto 50cc)
17+ with a provisional and CBT = you can ride any motorbike (upto 14.6bhp and no bigger than 125cc)

My advice to you would be go out and buy a 125cc, geared bike and then get your bike test done whilst you can before they make a mess of it and change it massively in the next couple of years. That way you’ll have your motorcycle licence for literally your whole life. Trust me, you’ll bore of a 50cc very quickly when you know that you can have something that’s much faster, such as a 125cc ;)

Don’t forget that you’ll need a helmet and correctly sized L-plates front and rear. Failure to display/failure to display a correctly sized front and rear L-plate can land you with a punishment of 3 points and £60 fine PER L-plate that is wrong/not displayed.

–Mikey B–

Michael asks…

How to derestrict a Aprilia RS125 2002 motorbike?

Ive just worn the new engine in by doing 1000 miles, i took it back to the garage today to have the auto-lube turned down and the power vaulve fitted, heres the problem

I have been looking at getting the bike derestircted, if u was to just follow the instuctions on breaking the cdi, would i have to change the powervaulve or anything? is it just a case of following the instuctions to breaking the CDI under the pillion seat?

Administrator answers:

I had a 99′ RS and that was a yellow and green wire under the seat. Just snipped it and then put bullet connectors on it so I could sell it as 12 bhp rather then 33.

Just be carfull, if you are still on L plates, you will be breaking the law, your insurance will be invalid and you could risk 9 points on a license you dont yet have. If you are in the UK that is.

Joseph asks…

Can I bring my Harley to the UK from Canada?

I am coming to England to work for a year or two (unsure of duration) and would like to bring my Harley Ultra Classic to use while I’m there. Can anyone give me an idea of the requirements and costs that I would be faced with?

Administrator answers:


Not worth it. Your Canadian Insurance wouldn’t cover you for that long.
You could only use your Canadian Full licence for 1 year. Before your 1st year is finished you can surrender your Canadian Full licence for a U.K one. (You will have to) If you stay more than 1 year at which point you would have to apply for a U.K Provisional licence, Pass your MotorBike Based Theory Test and A1 MotorBike Driving Test which will not cover you for your HD. You would then have to Pass your A2 MotorBike Driving Test to get the Full Licence that would cover your HD.
You can ride on your Canadian Plate for the 1st year only at which point you would have to get it registered here in the U.K. (They would give you an age related Registration Number or if more than 3 years old a Q Plate to denote Import (Import Tax Exempt). And if more than 3 years old it would have to be MOT tested before it is allowed on the road.

Andy C

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