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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

May 25, 2013

Robert asks…

What is the average (Full) Motorbike ins. for a 21yr old on a 500-600cc?

I live in a private development, in a good area, with a private space, gated entry, clean car licence and am considering buying a motorbike.

Could someone just give me an average rate with a few examples of similar situations maybe with bikes ranging from 500-1200cc so that I get an idea of what I will be expected to pay. Thanks in advance.
I live in a private development, in a good area, with a private space, gated entry, clean car licence and am considering buying a motorbike.

Could someone just give me an average YEARLY rate with a few examples of similar situations maybe with bikes ranging from 500-1200cc so that I get an idea of what I will be expected to pay. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Im am in Midlands in Uk and have 6 yrs no claims. I ride a GSXR1000. Full comp insurance is still £540. When I passed my test at 21, I bought a new Fazer 600 and TPFT was over £800!! Only experience, time and being careful will reduce your premiums. Also consider very carefully what security you will have on the bike, when your birthday is, and consider haveing a multibike policy as these can help aswell.

Betty asks…

Would driving a motorbike for a few year reduce my car insurance when i get a car?

well would it?, im in the UK

Administrator answers:


If you look carefully, cars and motorcycles are very different vehicles. That’s why they have very different insurance rates.

Daniel asks…

How would I tax my New motorbike and what would i need to take with me? (UK)?

17 and never had a vehicle so did not know how to do it, would anyone mind telling me, thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

If it is a brand new one log book insurance. If it is over 3 years old then you need a mot as well you take it all to the post office done

Sandy asks…

How get full UK Bike licence. I have car licence for 2 years.?

Hello. Im thinking about getting full motorbike license in the UK. I have had my full car UK license without points for more then 2 years.
Could you please explain what shell i do in order to get one, step by step. And also all the costs involved.
Thank you very much.
Also Im looking for cheapest options aswell. Thank you:)
im 30 years old
im 30 years old

Administrator answers:

First of all take your CBT. This is training suitable for even those who have never even sat on a bike before. It will last a day, or more if needed. (£100 approx included bike hire, insurance etc).

Next get some lessons under your belt. These are around £50 a time for two hours again including bike hire and what not. (Number of lessons is down to the individual – some need 10, I took 15 lessons, others more, its difficult to put a number on these things).

Take your theory test (similar to car one) (£31)

Once you and your instructor feel ready you need to take the first part of the test – Module One which is £15.50 (This involves riding around an offroad pad/circuit in a set route performing different manuovers.

Once you’ve passed Mod one you can take Module 2 which is £75. This is an on the road test.

Because you are over 21 you will take what is called Direct Access (DAS). It is the same test as someone under 21 would take, but you will learn on a 500cc bike where as they learn on a 125.

Under 21 are restricted to 33bhp for two years. You, once you pass your both parts of the test will not be restricted and can ride whatever size bike you like.

Thomas asks…

How much would insurance be for a 125cc motorbike in the UK? Just a ball park figure.?

Administrator answers:

Ask the Meerkat … Or one of the dozens of insurance price comparison sites

Jenny asks…

Any tips on shipping motorbikes ?

I recently posted a forum concerning my world tour. I would also like to know how I would go by shipping my motorbike from Japan to Alaska and also from N.Y to the UK. If you have any knowledge on this matter,I would really appreciate your information.
Someone also mentioned about sponsors. What would be the best approach to sponsors?

Administrator answers:

The most important thing to consider is liability insurance from the carrier. Most carriers insure an item by virtue of weight only! For example, they may be liable for $.25/lb, so, if your motorcycle weighs 600 lbs. And it is totally destroyed, you would get $150. Make sure you take out additional insurance, it is not expensive and may save you a LOT of headache!

Contacting international shippers would be your next step. They can give you the details you seek.

Sponsorship would depend on what you will be able to offer the sponsor in return. Make sure you have a detailed presentation and “sell” yourself and your proposed feat with confidence and excitement! Don’t let one denial stop you, simply try harder the next time….you’ll get what you want.
Best wishes, I’d like to be going with you!!!

David asks…

What motorbike/scooter/moped can I get in the UK as a 16 year old?

Im 16 years old and am lookin to get somekind of motorbike/scooter/moped. What kind of lincens am i going to need? What are my limitations for engine size? etc. As much info as possible please. Also im living in the UK


Administrator answers:

You need a provisional licence to start with, then take your CBT, after which you can ride a 50cc bike with ‘L’ plates. You’ll need to take the test within 2 years or the CBT will expire and you’ll end up doing it all again. At 17 you can ride a 125.
Insurance is likely to be expensive but don’t be tempted to ride anything without it.
Go online to the DVLA website for all the info you need.


Nancy asks…

I’m training in the USA for 6 months next year. Can I take and ride my motorbike (uk reg) over there?

Do I have to take a test ? Will I be able to ride off my UK licence ? I intend to bring it back and therefore not sell it, can i assume I wouldn’t be charge VAT etc by customs ?

Administrator answers:

You would need a license from when you’re going to be at. You would have to re register the motorbike also , would need proof of insurance also

William asks…

How much would a decent 125cc bike cost? Looking for 1st bike?

I don’t know a lot about bikes. I just know that because I’m 17 I can do a CBT and get a 125cc bike.
How much do you think a used bike decent enough for a first bike would cost?
Or do you have any recommendations for first time bikes?
Would kinda like one that actually looks like a motorbike rather than a ped. But beggars can’t be choosers lol.

Also I’m in uk so would like answers in £££

Administrator answers:

I did my CBT this year on my 17th birthday.

Here’s what it’s cost me to get on the road in all:
1. Provisional Licence – £50
2. CBT – £110 (with bike hire)
3. Insurance – £164 TPO (on a CG125)
4. My bike cost £580 2nd hand. It was a 1997 Honda CG125. I absolutely loved it! It was practically bullet-proof, was so easy to do your test manouvures on, getting parts was cheap and very easy, it never went wrong, I got 65mph out of it (73mph on the clock ;) ahaha) and I used to get 120mpg easily! I wouldn’t recommend any of the sporty 125s as they’re damn expensive to buy, expensive to insure and are very expensive if you were to drop them. Also, for the extra money they command, they really aren’t worth it – I used to be able to out-corner my friend and he had a Hyosung GTR125 (without a doubt, a better handling and faster 125 than my CG was ever going to be!). You’d be better off buying a cheap, old 125 like I did and getting your test doen ad putting the money you’ve saved towards a 33bhp big bike, that will ultimately be faster, more powerful and much better looking
5. Around £250 in safety kit and security

Good luck and ride safe
–MIkey B–

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