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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

May 16, 2013

Jenny asks…

Can I drive an imported Japanese motorbike in the UK, for 6 months, on Japanese number plates?

I’ve heard of rich Arabs driving Lamborghinis into lampposts, and not paying any fines because their registration plates contain Arab script, but I am wondering whether I could legally drive a Japanese motorcycle with Japanese plates, and a British license in the UK, as long as the documents state that I am the owner.

If you do some quick research on Wikipedia, a typical layout of a Japanese number plate, is about 6 symbols, in Japanese – containing the province and area the vehicle was registered in, and then 4 numbers.

Would I be allowed to drive the vehicle for 6 months on JP plates before registering the bike in the UK, and would I get away for speeding offences?

I would prefer an answer from someone in the DVLA, traffic police or motor vechicle owner with non-romanized letters (e.g Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Cyrillic)

Administrator answers:

No why because you will need an MOT to tax the bike and insure the bike else you will just get picked up with no insurance etc and this be noted as you will the registered owner.

By just saying you are the owner without registering the bike if you get pulled will mean the bike gets taken from you and you get into trouble.

When you import a vehicle from Japan you have to register and allow it to meet UK road standards for a first UK MOT.

Mary asks…

What is the bottom level of insurance?

I live in Sydney NSW Australia and I am wanting to get a motorbike just wondering what the basic leve of insurance is for a bike?

Administrator answers:

Here in the UK its Third Party only.

Charles asks…

What is the legal definition of “resident” in the UK for drivers license?

I’ve moved to UK 2.5 years ago for my studies and plan to spend at least another 2.5 to get to a qualification I want. I have a EU drivers license for car but would like to get motorcycle one. For that I need to apply for provisional license and amongst the requirements it has “must be UK resident”. I live here, study and work here. Do I count as one? Tried googling but after 2.5h of shifting through pages and reading various .gov definitions still am confused. Can anyone help?


Administrator answers:

Any licence from another EU country is considered a FULL UK licence
The licence will list what (EU wide) clases it is valid to cover.

Often it will also act as a provisional Motorcycle licence
(so it may already be one – check the classes)

Otherwise, resident is whereever you ‘normally’ and ‘habitually’ live
A student with a course over 6 months is considered resident
and any EEA/EU citizen with plans or who actually does, stay in an EU country for more than 90 days (and supporting themselves), is also a resident (EU law)

So if you need a provisional licence, then you may apply for a UK one.
You do not need to convert your EU one to a UK one. (only non-EEA/EU people must do that within 12 months).


See directive 91/439/EEC, the driving licences issued by any EU Member State are valid in any other EU state

Driving in Great Britain on a non-GB licence

Exchange a foreign driving licence

Catagories of licence

“…. If you already have a full licence covering groups B, C1, D1 or P (see under heading The type of vehicle the licence covers), you can use it automatically as a provisional licence for driving a motorbike.”

see later in that link for other restrictions on provisional licences – IN10
FYI: insurance is a legal MUST (major points and fines, and potential crush of vehicle if you are caught without it). Many insurance companies try to insist on a UK Licence – this is illegal under EU law. And you may need to remind them of the the EU directive.

Wgen googling, try to include the words “” or “DVLA” in your search,
as that gets to you to the UK Gov webpages and Driving and licencing Authority.

Classes equivelent across the EU

DVLA: – drivers

Lisa asks…

What is a good site for getting a quote for insurance on a moped, 50cc?

I need to insure a 50cc moped, does anyone no anywhere I can get some good quotes

Administrator answers:

Make sure you don’t just search for moped insurance companies… Motorcycle insurance companies also insure mopeds (they will insure any bike, regardless of CC).

When getting quotes, check all levels of cover (Fully Comp, TPFT and Third Party Only) as sometimes more cover costs less (strange but true).

Try Lexham Insurance – – they usually offer best prices over the phone.

The Bike Insurer is good – – it’s a price comparison site for motorcycle, moped and scooter insurance.

You could also try…


Good Luck!

John asks…

Confused! Why does my registration plate not match up to the vehicle?

I’ve been looking online for a renewal price for my insurance and when inputting my registration, the wrong vehicle comes up. It’s not even close to the actual make of the motorbike. I am SO confused. Any help or advice would be amazing. Thanks in advance (:
I’m also currently insured on this bike and i had to inform the company about the actual make and model of the bike, and they haven’t found it suspicious… Thanks for the help so far!

Administrator answers:

You can put your details in here it will show The vehicle details for *********** are:
Date of Liability 01 08 2012
Date of First Registration 28 04 2003
Year of Manufacture 2003
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 599cc
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type PETROL
Export Marker N
Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour SILVER
Vehicle Type Approval Not Available
Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle
6 Months Rate £29.15
12 Months Rate £53.00

also try mib all insured vehicles in uk have to be on here, its a check for insurance on your vehicle,

David asks…

How old do you have to be to take scooter lessons?

I am 14 and was wondering if I am able to take scooter lessons to get my licence when I’m 16? Simple answer with good information will be best answer :-) thank you.

Administrator answers:

At 14 you can legally ride a 200W electic scooter ( with pedals) or an electric bike on the road, you do not need a license or mot or insurance ( though advisable) they do not need DVLA reg and you can legally ride them on cycle routes
Top speed is limited to 12 mph. But this is faster than the cars driving through central london

it has to be the 200W to be legal for a 14 year old in UK

Richard asks…

How to Get a full motorbike license in Scotland/UK ?

I am 21 years old..

1. Where can you get lesson’s from ?
2. Do you have to take your own bike to lessons and test ?
3. How much of a power full bike can i buy ?

Administrator answers:

1. You can take lessons from a local motorcycle training school, have a look on google for your nearest.
2. You do not have to have your own motorbike to learn or for your test. If you go to a training school they will provide you a bike for both.
3. You can ride any size bike your like once you have passed your full liesence, Just watch out for insurance :)

Michael asks…

how can i plan a route on a moyorcycle from london to hong kong?

i want to ride my motorbike from london to hong kong.i need a route that will avoid me getting shot at, robbed injured or imprisoned. can anybody assist. can i buy maps? also an estimate of time to complete the trip would be useful and maybe the time of the year to start

Administrator answers:

No can do I attempted it last year and wrote a book about it here:

The closest you can get is Vietnam (you can’t go through Cambodia either) and from then you need to ship the bike over via cargo ship from Ho Chi Min City. But you will have problems because India demands a Carnet. Which is an insurance bond which is expensive to get about $1200 which you get back $900 if you do not need it. This means two shipping legs (read cost = HIGH).

Slowmotion team in 2004 managed to smuggle the bikes in via Mongolia, essentially you hide the bike in the back of a truck and bury it under some rubble, it worked in 2004 once you get over the border they no longer care. And you can get all the way to Vietnam and laos but NOT Hong Kong SZ does not allow bikes anymore.

Also laws have tightened up in China since 2004 so you can’t go on motorways and many routes on bikes, and they will check.

I attempted to smuggle my bike in in 2009 under a pile of sand and two italians did so too in 2009 and were turned back at the border when the border guard stabbed the pile of sand and found a bike inside. (Mongolia border)

You can ride in China near the Turkmenistan border but it is unpleasant andyou are followed all the way and only allowed to stop when they tell you, it is only 400 miles and can be done in a day.

The northern route over Russia can get you as far as Korea (ferry at Vlad) and there is no way to smuggle the bike in via Tianjin or Tsingtao either.

You can always buy a bike in china and ride it down but you will be restricted from many roads on Chinese plates and need a Chinese driivng licence China did not sign the 1934 convention on IDP as PRC china didn’t exist till 1949.

The Amur river also prevents you from smugging the bike over via that border too (it is about 50 metres wide and 4 metres deep).

I ended up leaving Mongolia back into Russia to get to Vlad then Korea for shipping (ask for Wendy Choi) back to the UK where the bike was stolen on my return and I took a train to Hong Kong, it was the only way.

Wrong way home also started from Hong Kong and did not get permission instead having to airlift to Ho Chi Min to get back that way instead.

It took me 153 days to complete my trip but if you ride everyday all day you can cover vast distances the road from Kansk in Siberia to Irkutsk is now sealed (it was a 400 mile mud hell when I was there in 2009) and also the Amur highway is 100% sealed up now so you can cruise at an easy 90mph all day.

Countries to avoid: Ukraine EVERYBODY gets mugged by the cops there,
Western Russia (my mate had a gun held to his head by cops)
Azerbaijan I was robbed violently and had to use a hammer to fight off the thugs murdering me, Azerbaijan is HORRIBLE.
Turkmenistan is simply mental
Uzbekistan is mental and corrupt But the Pamir highway is worth seeing.
Sochi Russia again was nearly robbed.
Kazakhstan is particularly dodgy
Common trick is passport and demanding money to get it back.
Siberia / Mongolia is fine
Iran is easy going according to Russ (who is still out there)
Pakistan is good bar regular punctures (they put tacks on the road to give you punctures)
India is rip off central
SEA is fine.

Robert asks…

Which type of motorbike is the least expensive?

What age must you be to ride each type of bike and how do instructors actually teach you?

Administrator answers:

I am based in Belfast and the law is different in the rest of the UK

Basically I think you can ride a 50cc moped when you are 16 and a 125cc bike or moped when you turn 17. In both cases all you need are a provisional licence which you can get by applying. In order to tax the vehicle you need insurance and an MOT certificate if the bike is over 3 years old.

In terms of overall cost a 125 is probably the cheapest if you buy it used. You will probably see second hand 50cc mopeds advertised cheaper, but they are cheap because they are bought and thrashed for a year. They are very had to shift.

If you do decide to do your test, you must do it in a bike which is between 120 cc and 125 cc so a 50cc moped is useless.

Go for something like a Honda. They are normally good quality and easy to maintain.

Just be careful and check they did not once belong to a driving school.

The way you are taught in the riding school is that you book your lesson and then show up. They have all the gear and the bikes but you can bring your own if you want to. They put an earpiece in your helmet and a microphone in their so they can give you instructions. You normally drive in front of your instructor and they give you pointers and tell you what to do.

Hope this helps.

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