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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

March 8, 2013

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know the cheapest way of shipping for a house move from Perth, Australia to the United Kingdom?

I am thinking of sending a motorbike, 15 tea chests etc. What and who are the cheapest – is it worth hiring a mini container?

Administrator answers:

You’ll end up paying for a mini-container anyway as that’s how they ship. When I shipped from the US to Sydney, I pretty much filled a mini with most of what was in my 2 bedroom apartment in NYC. I used Kent movers but also Crown is competitive – they both have international agents in the US and UK. It wasn’t cheap – almost A$15k with insurance…good luck

William asks…

How old to start motorbike 1000cc license in the uk?

I’m in to Harley’s and how old do I have to be to get a license?
Also, how long did it take you?

Administrator answers:

17 years old, must be restricted to 33bhp for 2years.

Theory & 2 practical tests required, must pass CBT aswell.

Must have provisional licence, tax, MOT, insurance.

Donna asks…

How much does it cost to start riding a motorbike in the UK?

I understand all the CBT cost and such but its more the cost of protection and the bike I cant get a good value on. Can anyone offer any advice on how much it will cost? I’m 18 and plan to pay for it with money from a part time job.
And as a side note, do the more experienced riders have any advice that could prove helpful or improve safety?
Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

For the bike I would suggest you look at older bikes and go for makes that are well known and proven – ie not Chinese as, though they are getting better, they are cheaply built and spares can be a bit tricky for some of them. Get an unfaired bike as the plastics are pricey to replace if you drop it ( and you probably will if only while turning it round on the drive – few of us have never at least overbalanced while we were learning ! ). Also ‘race rep’ bikes tend to get ragged to death and insurance for basic bikes is usually cheaper.
As for gear get as much second hand or if friends / parent’s friends are bikers see what you can beg or borrow to get started then ask for better stuff at birthday and Christmas. DON’T go for a second hand helmet though as they can look OK but be internally damaged and so fail in a crash.

As an example of cost a mate’s son got on the road last year. Lent him £350 for an old MZ with long tax and test – no rocket ship but a reliable old beast and simple to fix when it does need it. Helmet was about £100 for a half decent new one, leathers, gloves and boots were scrounged together from me and a couple of mates from our surplus / less liked gear, not cool or trendy but did the job when he fell off a few weeks ago ( diesel patch in the wet ! ) and only the helmet needed replacing ( treated himself to a better one at £130), also since it is an old simple bike fixing the small amount of damage was easy. Insurance is about £40 a month.
He has managed to pay off the bike, keep it on the road and upgrade some of his gear on a part time wage whilst studying at college.

As for safety on the road, keep the bike maintained – look after it and it will look after you. Presume all other road users have not seen you and may well pull out of a junction in front of you – the classic ‘sorry mate didn’t see you’ scenario. Finally don’t ride faster than you feel comfortable doing, if it is wet then no one with a brain will judge you for taking it steady as diesel spills, mud and puddles can all be disastrous and that L plate should be hint to them that you are in the early stages of riding !
Oh and always expect the unexpected round the next corner – e.g tractors doing 20mph in the country and taxis / vans stopped in odd places in town.

Good luck and have fun :-)

Sandy asks…

Can I ride on a UK motorbike license in Illinois?

I’m moving to Chicago for 12 months in January, and am intending to use a motorbike as my main mode of transport (aside from trains). If I have a full UK motorbike license, can I buy and insure a motorbike in Illinois for the year?

Administrator answers:

Yes, your licence will be valid. If you have the newer photocard type, you do not need an IDP. If you have the old paper kind, you should update it before coming.

However, insurance companies have a tendency to charge extra to people with foreign licenses, so it might be a good idea to get an Illinois license. You can see about that once you get here.

John asks…

is it possible to register and insure a motorbike in ireland and uk,if your not a resident?

i want to buy a motobike and travel round europe,starting in ireland.i assume i will have to have proof of address.i have an australian license aswell as getting an international one.

Administrator answers:

You need international insurance, look for a company that does that in your country

Chris asks…

How do I find out what the book value of my motorbike is (UK)?

I have an immaculate L reg 1993 ZZR6 with 26,000 miles on the clock. My insurers say that if it was stolen or written off they would pay me the book value. How do I find out how much that is?
I did know about KBB but you don’t have a ZZR in the states (or it isn’t listed) and surely the UK insurers must use a source that is not subject to exchange rate fluctuations?

Administrator answers:

Your insurance company should be able to tell you. After all, it is the amount they are willing to pay.

Susan asks…

How old to you have to be to Drive a Motorbike in the UK?

Im wondering seeing i love bikes and i was on my Dad’s at Ace Cafe in london today o_o’.
I wanna learn how to ride a bike.
What type of Licenses are there and when can i learn to ride?

Administrator answers:

At 14 you can ride an electrically propelled pedal cycle, these can actually look like a scooter No L plate No licence.
At 16 you can ride 49cc restricted to 30mph Moped this also includes the 49cc motorvehicles like the piaggio ape and the Q-pod or geared bikes like the malaguti Drakon Aprilia RS
At 17 you can ride 125cc restricted to 12 BHP

You need a CBT and a provisional licence as well as insurance and a helmet to ride a moped or a motorbike

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