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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance Uk

February 26, 2013

Carol asks…

Can I ride a motorbike with a provisional license?

I’m almost 20 and I have my provisional but can’t afford the silly insurance on a car so I can’t see much point in spending money on lessons that I won’t find useful for years.
I’m looking at buying a 125cc bike because I was told I could ride that after I do my CBT test, is that information right?

Administrator answers:

UK law….Yes that would be right as you are 20.

Richard asks…

If I get my full UK driving licence, would I need special training to ride a motorbike?

I now have a provisional one and about to take my test in October to get the full license. Once I get that, will I need to do any extra training to be able to ride a motobike (not a moped)?

PS: My provisional license has car and a motorbike images on it
LOL – I’m not 17… I’m over 18 but new to the country

I am over 21

Administrator answers:

If your driving licence shows provisional Category A (motorcycle), then you are entitled to ride any motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc, but only after you have completed a C.B.T. Course. You must also display ‘L’ plates front and rear, have the appropriate insurance, M.O.T., tax disc and wear a crash helmet at all times.

If you wish to ride a motorcycle or scooter large than 125cc, you will need to pass the motorcycle driving test.

Daniel asks…

How can I drive a motorbike legally in the UK?

I am almost 17, have never driven a motor vehicle in my entire life, and have finally decided to get a 125cc bike instead of a car. I do not want a scooter, but either a crosser or a sport-style bike. Bearing in mind that I do not have any qualifications yet to drive one of these, what steps would I need to take?

Administrator answers:

First of all you need to apply for your provisional licence which currently costs £50… Http://

Once you have your provisional licence, you then need to do your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) which is basically a days course where they teach you the basics. A CBT costs between £80-£140 depending on the motorcycle training company you use. They can supply the bike, helmet etc. Or you can use your own. Once you have done your CBT, you are allowed to ride a 125cc motorcycle but you must display L plates and you can’t carry passengers or go on motorways until you take your full bike test (theory and practical). A CBT is valid for 2 years, so you will need to take another in two years time if you want to continue riding, unless you have passed your motorcycle test by then.

You can apply for your provisional licence now but it will only be valid for mopeds (50cc) until you turn 17, when it will become valid for motorcycles up to 125cc and cars.

I think you’ve made a wise choice going for a bike instead of a car. It will work out a lot cheaper! You should still try to do your car test ASAP (the on road experience you get from riding the bike will help a lot) so when/if you do eventually get a car your insurance won’t be as expensive as you won’t be classed as such a new driver.

Happy Riding!

George asks…

How much is insurance on a xr 125?

Hi im 16 with a provisional motorbike license and was wondering how much the insurance would cost me on a honda xr125 worth 2500
Im in ireland and have a provisional License and can ride a 125cc on this license….the bike is a 2004 has 8k miles garaged in the country side outside carlow, ireland.

Administrator answers:

If you are in the UK you cannot ride it until you are 17. However you can get “garage insurance” which will insure the bike until you can ride it.

The cost depends on how old the bike is, how old you are and your type of license, where the bike is kept, where you live and how much it would cost to repair/ is it a thief magnet etc.

Best thing to do is to shop online for a quote using companies like ebike, Bennett’s etc.

Linda asks…

Where can i get some good life insurance.I just started riding a motorcycle and i need it.?

Is there any cathes to life insurance that i should know about?

Administrator answers:

I would check out:

they have many articles and helpful suggestions on what kind of Life Insurance is appropriate.
On a side note, since you do have a new motorcycle, it is also important to consider whether or not you have the proper cover for that as well. This website also has information on auto/motorcycle insurance and helps to educate on what might be best for the individual consumer.

Best of luck, and stay safe!

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