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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

August 15, 2013

Helen asks…

How much could i expect to receive in compensation after an accident?

I was in a motorbike accident 2 years ago – and the insurance hearing has finally been given a date in December. The other driver has already pleaded guilty to the police. in the accident – i was hit by a van and broke my femur in 2 places – and now have a permanent IM nail running from my hip to knee. I was on sick leave from work for 4 months.

Administrator answers:

It depends entirely on what your costs were and what any loss of earnings etc was.

Could be anything from nothing to thousands.

James asks…

Does a mature 18 year deserve a motorbike?

An 18 year old who gets straight A’s and B’s. He wants to get from Pt. A to Pt. B, school, work, and home. He is certified in CPR, 1st Responder, WMD, FEMA ICS, and EMT. He is not reckless.

He knows how to repair a motorbike b/c he has taken a class. He also has a job. He plays piano and pickup hockey.

Should we worry about him?
He wants to become a nurse.

Administrator answers:

If you’re a parent, it is a part of the job description. If he is 18 (of legal age) and buys his own motorcycle, with money he’s earned, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it, except recommend he take a MSF course to learn how to ride properly. (which can be approached from the angle it will help come insurance time)

Chris asks…

on arrival at the port of tangier, how do you go about getting vehicle insurance?

there will be 6 motorbikes in our party.Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

If your insurance company does not cover Morocco, you have to get border insurance, or “assurance frontière” in French.

When you leave the ferry, you see a line of banks et cetera behind the terminal building on your right hand side. You can buy the insurance there. Customs officials will also help you find it.

It costs around US$80 for a month.

Daniel asks…

Are you allowed to ride an untaxed motorbike to an MOT test centre?

Some months ago i declared my motorbike SORN. I now want to tax it but i need an MOT first. Is it legal to ride an untaxed bike with no MOT to a test centre?
I have insurance.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can drive directly to and home from a pre-booked MOT but you must not park your vehicle on the public highway.

Carol asks…

How to make best use of no claims discount from motorbike.?

Hi, I have 5 years no claims discount for my motorbike but have only been a named driver on a car for the last few years, and now I want a car of my own and I’m only 21 and insurance is ridiculously expensive. I was wondering if there is anyway to make use of my bike no claims discount somehow.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Normally your motorbike discount will not work for a car. However you should shop around for the best price. While a lot of folks think of Allstate or State Farm, do not overlook an independent agent. They do business with a number of different companies and you may find your best deal with one of them. R

Betty asks…

Do you think i can do wheelie on Dirtbike or regular motocycle?

I have never tried to do wheelie on motorbikes but i can do it with mountain bike for 15 meters.

Administrator answers:

I am sure you will find out if you give it a go . Do you have health insurance.

Ruth asks…

can a kick start be installed in a scooter that doesnt have 1?

ok i have a yamaha maxter 125cc scooter and the battery is not reliable
and i was wondering can a kick start be installed in it? its automatic motorbike

Administrator answers:

Throw enough money at it and you can – it will not be economically viable though.

It will be cheaper to either buy a battery tender to keep the battery in good condition or to sell it and buy a scooter with a kickstart.

Btw for someone who failed their CBT last week, it would be very foolish to ride on the road without licence or insurance.

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