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August 9, 2013

Richard asks…

How much will it cost to have a denture with one front tooth made?

I need a denture made up with just one front tooth after a motorbike accident. I have no health insurance.

Does anyone know approx how much this will cost?

Administrator answers:

Not too sure

Jenny asks…

My dad has just bought a aston martin db9,are they easy to steal though?

My dad has just bought himself a db9,i think its a bit of a midlife crisis but he;s been through that motorbike stage lol.Anyhow he has to go to business meetings in some rough parts of England and i’ve heard about people being able to hack into cars via bluetooth on their laptops.Are they easy to steal?

Administrator answers:

If you own an Aston Martin chances are you have great insurance.

Mandy asks…

Can i get drive a car on bike insurance?

Hi, I’m looking for a motorbike insurance policy which will allow me to drive a car. I know with car insurance I can drive other cars with 3rd party insurance, but can I do that with bike insurance?
I have a full UK car and bike licence, a bike, and want to drive my partners car on the odd occasion.
Any thoughts????

Administrator answers:

“Any thoughts????”

You won’t find any, your only option is to be a named driver on her policy.

Betty asks…

will a bike licence bring down car insurance?

Ok, so I’m 18 and am looking to learn to drive. I know that insuring a car is going to cost a bomb anyway, but will the fact I have passed a full motorcycle test (A2) help to bring my insurance down? Or will the fact I will have access to two vehicles (car and motorbike) increase my insurance?
By the time I pass my car test I would have had my A2 licence for a year and have 3years no claims discount.
Also I am looking at getting a 1.1 Citroen Saxo. Will a two door be more expensive than the four door to insure or doesn’t it make much difference??


Administrator answers:

A bike licence won’t affect your car insurance in any way. (Unless you have any claims on it)
Bike NCB isn’t transferable to car insurance.
Car insurers are only interested in other cars at your disposal, having a bike makes no difference.
There shouldn’t be any difference between a 2 door and 4 door version of the same model spec of car, although in the case of a Saxo I can imagine more teenagers crash two door versions than 4 doors.

David asks…

If i enter personal information into the DVLA website,will i recieve letters about unpaid tax?

I have a motorbike that has not been taxed for a few years. I want to find out how much tax is owed on the bike to retax it. If i enter my vehicles information on the DVLA website will i suddenly recieve letters stating unpaid tax?? i dont want to suddenly have a debt collector on my doorstep.(i cant remember if i SORN the bike.

Administrator answers:

If you haven’t had letters from the DVLA concerning the SORN status of the vehicle then its no problem.

I forget the dtae, its a few years ago, but you have to either declares the vehicle SORN OR pay tax. The old days of leaving the bike i ashed and forgetting all about it are long gone.

So I suspect that the vehicle is either not registered in your name or is actually SORN. Of if its been in the shed for a long long time it may predate the SORN regime, and it may not be registered in your name.

If the DVLA aren’t already harrassing you, then applying for a tax disc isn’t going to make them retrospective claims for VED.

Thje pronble,k you are going to have is
1) you will need a valid MOT, and although you can drive/ride a vehilce to a test centre for a pre booked appointment you can’t if you dont’ have insurnace for that vehicle
2) you will need insurance to apply for tax
you will need the V5 to apply for tax, the DVLA are peculiar in as much as they demand a paper trial as opposed to just paying the licence fee.

Steven asks…

Motorbikes going stupid speeds up and down path out side my door where my son is?

I live on a street where its really long and theres lads speeding up and down curb all day long on motorbike. It scares me because my front door is only half a mtr from the path . Im scared to death that one day my sons going to walk out the door and get killed. I dont want to spoil there fun on the motorbikes but my sons safety comes first. It’s rediculus speeds they must be doing 60 at least. No insurance or anything. What can I do about this. I dont want to sound like a bore but ive had enough someones going to get seriously hurt from this. What shall I do?

Administrator answers:

The police will gladly come and seize illegal and uninsured bikes. Call them.

Your choice; spoil their ‘fun’ or see one of them or, worst still, your lad get killed.

Maria asks…

can i ride bigger than a 125 on a cbt with a fully licensed rider?

i know that in a car you can drive on ‘L’ plates providing a fully licensed driver is present and you have insurance on the vehicle, i was wondering if thats the same with bikes, for instance riding a 600cc bike on ‘L’s with a CBT if a fully licenced rider is riding pillion?


Administrator answers:

The ONLY way you can ride anything bigger than 125cc and 14.6bhp on L plates is as part of the DAS (direct access scheme) with a qualified DAS instructor. You must be over 21 to be eligible for this.

You cannot carry a pillion at any time when you are riding with L plates.

You must always ride with L plates if you have not passed your full motorbike test.

Linda asks…

Do you need to own the bike you take your motorbike test on?

i wrote of my bike but luckily am fully comp and i was wondering if its possible to pass my mod 1, 2 test on rented bike or a 125 that id have lessons on? and just buy a 250 when i pass instead of buying another bike and selling it in a few months and wasting money on insurance while its in my garage over winter?
i live near newcastle in the UK, and im insured to ride other peoples bikes.

Administrator answers:


Robert asks…

Good motorbike for direct access a2 license holders?

Planning on getting my a2 motorbike license via direct access when i’m 19… Was planning on saving up for a new ninja 300 or cbr500r which would be way more than adequate for me, for at least a good few years.

I’d treat the bike like my baby and respect it very highly :D however I get the impression from online forums and youtube etc; that it is inevitable that i’m going to drop my bike in my first couple of years, even if it’s when i’m parking it up.

So I was wanting to hear a few suggestions/opinions on what bike should I get as a first bike bearing in mind, I am indeed the stereotypical teenager who wants a sporty looking bike. Budget is up to about £5k, thanks in advance for anybody who answers!

Administrator answers:

VFR400, CBR400, GSXR400, FZR400. They are older bikes, and can be picked up for around £800-£2000 ranging from good condition to excellent condition. Cheaper on insurance then a 600cc sports bike, and they are quick for their engine size. If you’re looking for a half faired styled motorcycle, there’s the Suzuki Bandit 600 which is quite sporty. There’s also the Suzuki GS500 which makes for a good commuter and learner machine, and the Kawasaki ER-5. The sport styled bikes I have mentioned will need to be restricted, along with the Bandit. Not sure what power the GS and ER-5 make.

If you do alot of town riding and travelling to and from a work place etc, check out the Suzuki DRZ400. Dual-Sports are alot of fun, instant power from a single cylinder engine, and you wont need to get it restricted as they make less then the restriction mark. The SM (Supermoto) model has around 33BHP, while the S version with off-road tyres has around 40. The wheels are interchangeable from what I’ve read.

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