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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

July 24, 2013

Laura asks…

Could I get a motorcycle to ride on the sidewalk and bike routes to school without insurance? Read details.?

I don’t want to pay $2,000 a year for insurance; that’s absurd. I plan to ride it on sidewalks and bike routes (in other words, not on the actual roadway and highway for cars) on my way to school, is this legal? If so, what kinds of motorcycles are legal?
I am 17 years of age.
I live in Texas
“Polar Bear”, Shut the fuck up, seriously.
So many haters! Screw y’all.

Administrator answers:

It depends on the state you live in. Often the motorbike will need to have a maximum speed that is below a certain threshold in order to be classified as a vehicle that does not require a license. An electric or motorized bicycle might be your best option.

John asks…

What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet Around?

I am 21, live in Bromley, Kent (Greater London), have a full drivers licence (with Pass Plus), have passed my CBT and am doing my DAC in the next couple of weeks. I’m looking to get a 500-600cc Honda (CBR preferably but insurance so I’m told is high so probs a Hornet).

Couple of questions…

What motorbike helmet do you reccomend? The two shopkeepers I’ve spoken too have said top of the range Shoei are the best for safety but £500 seems a lot of money to spend. I want to be safe and of course would be prepared to spend that money but I dont want to spend £500 on a helmet that is no better then a £200 one.

Could someone also shed some light on what I’d expect to pay for insurance. I understand there are many issues involved when it comes to insurance but I’m just looking for a rough estimate. Maybe someone who is / has been in the same position?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Administrator answers:

The best motorcyle helmet around is one that fits you like a glove.
Arai’s Shoeis and the rest are next to useless if the internal shape is wrong for your own head shape. Lightness too is a factor and most expensive helmets do tend to be lighter, but comfort is your number 1 concern.

In a crash where shell integrity is a major issue, then your brain would not survive the G forces generated anyway. Having said that I would not buy a £20 full face helmet and feel comfortable with it on a bike capable of over 30mph.

Luckily my head is Arai shaped, but the tight cheek pieces make me look like a chinaman.
Best value for money, hands down was a Shark Tempest I owned back in the 90s. Comfy, Quiet and relatively lightweight kevlar shell.

Daniel asks…

I can no longer work, how do I budget my disability income?

I hate to give up my home telephone and “cut the cable” My dad gave me a older car. But the gas, good insurance and maintenance ads up. I hate to loose that even more. Time and your money flies
I have to push doctors it seems to do more, but maybe they are afraid to say it. I write every down b ut budgeting just seems imposible I get dizzy trying to use coupons. I need to find some ways to save money with feeling in the dumps.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately you need to drop some things in order to manage, so if you need to drop your insurance level to the basic.

Write down what you get from Social security or wages at the top of a piece of paper, and then write down every bill you have coming in order of importance e.g
Rent – you need some where to live so rent or house payments are always on the top of the list.

Utilities – gas, electricity, phone – set a side a small amount for these each fortnight so when they come you either have enough to cover most or all of the bill when it comes in, some companies may let you pay a co-payment each fortnight (I do this, so my bills are nearly always paid in full when it comes in)

Medical needs – prescriptions & doctor bills – look at what scripts or doctor appointments you have and make sure you leave enough to cover them. Some pharmacies might let you set up an account, but it means you must pay this as soon as the bill comes in.

Food – write up a shopping list of what you need each week or fortnight, and stick to it, DON’T go shopping hungry, you will always spend more if your hungry. Avoid buy junk foods, but do allow yourself one small treat. Try to keep a well stocked pantry of the essentials e.g flour, sugar, tea, coffee, spices, rice, pasta, sauces, oil, spreads such as jam, vegemite and eggs, butter/margarine, cheese, so the weeks you have a few bills to pay you have enough food to tide you over. Also it helps if you have a preplanned menu set out for the week or so, and you buy what you need according to your menu.

Car & petrol – fill the car up with fuel once a week or fortnight and only use when you need to (we fill car & motorbike once a fortnight, thankfully the car is gas not petrol)

Insurance – reduce you insurance level to the basics, and see if you can make monthly or quarterly payments. (our car & house insurance is paid monthly)

Some weeks you might have a little extra money, try to put half of it aside, so if your invited out you have a little to at lest go have a coffee, or go to a movie, this way you wont feel like your missing out.

Add up all your bills for the month and deduct the amount from your Social security or wages for the month and then look at what you need to cut back on. As I said the most important stuff at the top of the list, write everything you spend, even if you buy a paper, coffee, parking fee or a raffle ticket write it down, its these little things that we forget that makes us scratch our head thinking where did the $10 go.

The other thing when shopping think before you buy anything that is not essential, do you really need it, is it something that you will use often or occasionally, can you afford it, if you have can’t afford it or its something you wont use regularly then don’t buy it.

We don’t smoke and rarely drink, but once a week we treat ourselves a coffee with friends and if we have a little extra, we buy something to eat, to share even meals. We don’t have food coupons here, so I have to try and stick to shopping list, and if I can’t afford it, then I don’t get it.

When my daughter and her fiance moved out of home I set them a fairly ridged budget, including a co-payment for the utilities each fortnight, and only twice have they asked for help, and were able to pay us back fairly quickly. Their currently saving for their wedding, and we will help them were we can.

Joseph asks…

What do i need to drive a 125cc motor bike?

Hi basically i am 17 and my brother (21 years old) just bought a 125cc motorbike, and i was thinking what legal things do i need to ride it.

Administrator answers:

First you need a provisional driving licence. Then you need to pass a compulsory basic training. The you need to have insurance in your name and Learner plates

Charles asks…

I am the registered keeper/owner of a motorbike can my Dad insure me under his name on his policy?

I am the registered keeper/owner of a motorbike can my Dad insure me under his name?

Adding me as another rider on his policy?

Administrator answers:

He should be able to figure that out go to ur insurance company and ask them thats the best way to find out

Donald asks…

Can my insurance change the contract midway through?

My partners son who is 17, took out insurance on his 125 motorbike, 3 months on the company have called him and said that they do not like his bike, and are increasing the cost. The bike has not been altered or modified in any way. Can they do this?

Administrator answers:

Yes, they can. You in turn can go with another company and once coverage is in place, drop your current company based on you not liking them.

David asks…

is it illegal to push a road moterbike on the pavement?

is it illegal to push a road moterbike on the pavement while having no licence and insurance?

Administrator answers:

It is illegal to have any form of wheeled transport on a pavement. Whether that be a motorbike, a bicycle or even a babies pushchair or pram.

However, the police tend to overlook this law as far as bicycles and prams are concerned.

They would probably rather you pushed your motorbike on the road. Unfortunately that is deemed to be the public highway and as you are moving a motor vehicle on it, you have to have sufficient insurance for the vehicle. You should also hold at least a provisional licence to drive/ride said vehicle. Tax is not necessary as you could be taking it to get MOT’d. Just make sure you have an appointment first (and can prove it).

The fact that you are touching the vehicle by pushing it means that you are in control of the vehicle and are therefore responsible for it. You therefore have to have insurance.

Its similar to people getting done for drink driving whilst pushing a car. I’ve heard stories of people on their way home from the pub, see someone who’s broken down and offer to give them a push. As soon as they lay hands on the car they are seen in the eyes of the law to be “in control” of the vehicle and can therefore be charged with drunk in charge of a vehicle.

As long as you are pushing your bike, you are in control of it and therefore must have valid insurance and licence etc.

The fact you are pushing it on a pavement is another offence on top of everything else!

James asks…

Will third party fire and theft cover someone hitting my car or does it come out of there insurance?

I got hit by a car yesterday (I’m on a motorbike) he admitted fault and the police have taken his details will his insurance cover the damage to my bike or will i be out of a bike for years to come?

Administrator answers:


Contact your Insurance Company as you are claiming on the other persons Insurance as they were at fault. If your Policy comes up for renewal before the repairs are done to your bike you may lose any NCB until they have been done, Then they will be reinstated and any monies owed refunded to you after that it will have no bearing on future Insurance.

Andy C

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