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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

July 7, 2013

Paul asks…

Do i need to SORN my motorbike which is in my garden if its taxed but with no insurence?

I am looking to sell my bike, but my insurance is coming up which I don’t want to renew, its off a public road, but with Tax do I still need to SORN it if I still have just tax to make it legal, or not?

Administrator answers:

Yes, as if it is Taxed it MUST be insured so instead of buying insurance it is cheaper to declare it SORN.

Ken asks…

How can we get anti-social idiots evicted from a property rented off a private landlord?

These morons 2 familys of 3 ( no Dads arounds) steal , damage property, cars etc – Are making people in our neighbourhood really mad. They don’t care for their rented property, throw litter into the street, ride motorbikes in the dark with no lights on on the paths – grass etc.

They were housed under a good behaviour agreement!

Have contacted the letting agency who are useless and do nothing about this.

Advice welcome!




Administrator answers:

You need to contact your local council, enviromental department or contact your local police, you and your neighbours can keep a diary of events, this can lead to an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) and if it continues after this they can face eviction.
The police can also contact the letting agency as they are failing in their duty to provide a service.
A proper tenancy agreement will have a condtion for the tenant which reads somthing like the following

Not to use or permit the use of the premises in such a manner as to
cause a nuisance to the owners or occupiers of neighbouring land or
premises or of any building of which the premises form part or so as to
avoid or make avoidable or increase the rate of premium payable in
respect of any policy of insurance of the Landlord in respect of the

Therefore they are in breach of their agreement, a tenancy agreement is a legal binding document so the letting agents must act on this

Susan asks…

how can i get my insurance money before i turn 18?

im 16 and i have had a motorbike accident when i was 12/13 (i was riding passenger.) and i have to wait till im 18 before i can spend it but i need it early. apparently you can write to someone to get it. if anyone could help me find out what i need to do that would be a big help. thankyou.

Administrator answers:

You are minor. Therefore, that money is held by a trustee – likely your parent or guardian. That party controls the money.

Donald asks…

what do i need to legally transport broken down motorbikes?

I am starting work for an insurance firm and will need to pickup and transport non-runner and damaged motorbikes. What licenses, etc, do I need to be legally allowed to do this?

Administrator answers:

If you are just picking them up and taking to a location in your state and the truck, trailer and load are under 26,000 pounds then a regular non restricted license will work, if over 26,001 pounds then you will need a CDL license plus carry higher insurance limits for either license for your protection…

Lisa asks…

Can I register a newly bought motorbike at the dealership or do i have to go to dmv? Can i ride the bike home?

Ok, when i buy a motorbike at a dealership, does it need to be delivered to my house or can i ride it home? well, cant ride the bike unless it is registered and insured right? so, can i complete the registration and insurance process right at the dealership, and then ride home legally with a license plate on the bike? Or can I ride home without registering and then register it later by going to the DMV? Or do I need to keep the bike virgin until I register it at the DMV?

Administrator answers:

If bought at Dealer they do all state paperwork as per law.

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