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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

June 5, 2013

Laura asks…

How to tune a carb thats connected to a turbo ?

I have put a turbo on my motorbike engine , but it only runs when the choke is fully open , and stalls when I twist the throttle or turn the choke off , do I need to adjust the air fule mix screw ?

Administrator answers:

If the turbo is between the carb and the engine, it should run fairly normally and you would use normal setup procedures.

You may need a larger carb to get full benefit from the turbo.

If you have put the turbo before the carb, the inlet pressure will blow the fuel back from the carb into the fuel tank; you also need a suitable fuel pump that gives higher pressure than the maximum turbo boost, and a carb that’s designed for a pressurised fuel feed rather than gravity feed.

The air vents in the carb also need to be pressurised to equal the inlet pressure, else the turbo will vent back through them & take the fuel with it, away from the engine inlet..

As long as the fuel and air pressures are properly balanced, it should run pretty much the same as without the turbo.

(Don’t forget to take out a mortgage to pay your insurance – you have to notify the company of any modifications, or the policy is voided by any functional change..)

Sandra asks…

Just wanted to know the average cost of owning a Motorbike annually?

I have no prior knowledge on bikes. just did my CBT and am getting a yamaha ybr125cc. was wondering how much insurance costs, mot, servicing, and gear would all amount to. cheers for any help..

Administrator answers:

Not including initial purchase price (I bought my last bike outright), I spent ~$1500 last year: maintenance, insurance, gas, oil/filters, riding gear. This has been typical for me, but as soon as I find better paying work I am planning on treating myself to a new or newer bike and nicer gear, as well as some trips.

Using the HOV lane and laughing at the cagers: Priceless!

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